RADIO WARS: It Looks like Tony Bruno and Josh Innes Will Be Your New WIP Afternoon Show


From the department of worst-kept local media secrets: Multiple sources say that WIP will announce the hiring of Tony Bruno sometime on Friday. Fans of his might consider this justice a gift on my daughter’s wedding Wing Bowl day. As expected, Bruno will be teamed with Josh Innes from 1-6 in the afternoons.

A source told me that Tony verbally agreed to WIP’s (CBS’) offer and an announcement will be made at some point during or after the Wing Bowl. My money is on during.

It’s unclear how they’ll make the announcement, because Tony is in Arizona for the Super Bowl right now, looking a lot like Walter White. I asked him about joining WIP and if he planned on being at Wing Bowl, but despite our working relationship, he politely declined to comment. He mostly wanted to talk about interviewing Ines Sainz, and quite frankly, I don’t blame him:

Voila_Capture 2015-01-28_01-52-35_PMVoila_Capture 2015-01-28_01-52-42_PM

Tony says he plans on continuing to do his podcast (which, as you may have read, can be heard at

In other not-yet-news: I’m told Anthony Gargano joining 97.5, perhaps as part of a local morning show, is still very much a possibility. Gargano, who is believed to have a standard 90-day non-compete clause, likely wouldn’t show up on the air until April at the earliest.

So what it looks like we have here is a couple of paisans switching familial ties. You know, two local radio stations going to the mattresses. HIT ME WITH THAT ISH:


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    1. Tony Bruno great addition to WIP but hate the chemistry with Josh Innes. Didnt work.

      Duh Cuz coming back? Buzz kill but if he was coming back disappointed it wasnt at the time slot to ax dippy and lippy. Duh Cuz and dippy and lippy on the same station. Woof.

    2. Omg omg omg omfg Jesus christ baby!!!!
      Wing bowl going be epic when they announce this pairing to the crowd. All the tities be flashing Friday . fuck can’t wait

    3. Upon hearing the news of Josh Innes taking over the afternoon show with Tony Bruno,the following old guys will kick the bucket:

      Chuck from Drexel Hill
      Murray from Mayfair
      Gus from Allentown
      South Philly Santa
      Jon from the Northeast


      1. you know 5 minutes before doing that he said he was going to show you what it’s like to “troll” as the kids call it

        (aka do the Glenn Beck method of saying something crazy just to get callers)

      1. You crazy bro. JM+SB=#1. Greater Media should replace those hacks at MMR with my boyz.

  1. Josh is Horrible, got what he wanted the afternoon gig. The Cuz, his act is so Old, the Over Done Fake-Ass Philly accent. He acts like he knows everything that goes on behind every team and is mostly WRONG! Bur messed up WIP let Josh Innes push out a Philly guy. Word is they fought non-stop.
    All the Sports Talk shows in Philly need an OverHaul. They are all Old n Tired.

    1. So all shows need an overhaul and then they do it and then the overhaul is horrible?

      And then you bitch about Cuz’s fake Philly accent and in the next sentence call him a Philly guy…………

      1. Yes, He is right. They need to Overhaul all the shows. Putting Bruno on from 1-6 is a start, but he is still with that Fat Idiot Josh. And the WIP morning show is useless. Need new talent in Sports Talk in Philly. And the Cuz does Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy over due his accent. Sounds like he has bread stuffed in his mouth.

    2. Tony Bruno needs to be the main guy which will never happen with motormouth Josh Innes. I dont dislike Innes but this is just a bad mix.

      The poor decision making of sports radio management in this city boggles the mind.

      When you bring Tony aboard you let him do his thing, you dont partner him with Innes.

      1. over under (months) that it takes for Bruno to push Innes out: 6

        Harry Mays and Tony were a good combo, Mays at least knows Bruno’s shtick and is likable

      1. That station doesn’t talk about the nba ever. You wanna hear Mariotta trades for 16 straight hours or angelo creep on strippers? Take your pick. I’d be thankful for an hour of sixers talk a week.

  2. Is Bruno wearing a denim shirt and jeans in that picture??? I’m no fashion expert but that ain’t right.

    Ines Sainz is soooo hot. Want to touch the hiney.

  3. Uh I thought I should have been the afternoon guy but in the same sense i understand them putting innes here but in the same sense I think me and Rob charry could have done well but in the same sense I don’t know because I just repeat everything he says and have no original thoughts but in the same sense innes is an overrated shock jock.

    1. While it wouldn’t fly on a weekday, Angry Rob and Hollis is a part of a very strong weekend lineup by WIP. Certainly better than Phil from Mt. Airy and the other clowns that 97.5 puts out there.

      1. Phil from Mt Airy is currently giving a bj to 97.5’s program director,which probably explains why he currently has a job at 97.5.

        1. Phil from Mt. Airy has a job on radio because he’s the best sports talk host in Philly. 97.5 should put him on weeknights 6-10 so the listeners jumping off the Mikey Miss ship for Josh and Tony can have a reason (other than Flyers games) not to delete their 97.5 presets.

  4. What is going to happen to Rob Ellis? I kinda like him and he seems to be getting disrespected b WIP.

    1. I also like both Rob and Glen Macnow, both of whom have been screwed by WIP’s idiocracy. I’d love to see both of them get the afternoon slot. Bruno is fine, but Innes is a hack who plays to the lowest common denominator.

      1. Its all about ratings. Macnow and Ellis dont move the needle hence they are ,have been in Macnows case,getting demoted.

        Im here Bitchanelli. You’ll be run out of town in no time you old,yesterday news schmuck.

      2. Rob Ellis and Glen MacNow are two whiniest wimpiest white old men trying so hard to be “manly” and “Philly” they are embarrassing to listen to. MacNow will always be around because he just refuses to leave. Doesn’t matter how many times they cut his pay or his air shifts, he refuses to leave.

  5. I will never understand you pussies c0ck-gagging Bruno. What is the big deal about this washed up loser? No one gives a shit about Philly sports talk radio outside of your little bubble.

    1. Your name renders the value of your words as worthless.

    2. No one gives a shit about any local sports radio outside their market. Yeah I’ll turn on the Seattle show to hear about the Mariners. Awesome idea.

    3. What bubble is that? The bubble of Philadelphia sports radio listeners? I wouldn’t expect people outside of them to care.

      1. So WIP has Mike and Ike then Bruno and Inness, the worst lineup ever.97.5 u now have me as a listener.

    4. You appear to be even dumber than Mumia which is pretty damn hard considering he killed a cop and thinks he’ll get leniency.

      1. he’s avoided his death sentence and kept on living. that doesn’t make him any less guilty though.

  6. Good for WIP. They dominate in all the other aspects of the day. Taking over the afternoon slot from Missanelli shouldnt be that hard. How many people jumped off 97.5 when Bruno left. Now that hes back on the radio in this city, even more people will flock over to WIP. Itll be refreshing to hear sports radio that doesnt talk about the same topics over and over again.

    1. Yeah, I hate when sportsradio hosts talk about the same topics people are talking about at the water cooler. I’d much rather have Innes play “free association shock jock” and tell me about his trip to the bathroom during the break. Great radio, can’t wait!

      1. i’d rather hear about innes going to the bathroom than the never ending marcus mariota hypotheticals on 975.

    2. if bruno had any sort of audience, 97.5 would have kept him. they know they can’t beat cataldi, so they take the $ from ESPN to play mike and mike and put low-priced space-filler talent in ’til missanelli takes over drive time.

  7. Tony is the man. But Josh is a fucking tool shed. I honestly don’t know how long I’ll be able to listen with his stupid 5th grade comments. Dude talks like he has never played a sport in his entire life. If it was just Tony, It would get triple the ratings.

    1. too bad its not tony and harry they would toast missanelli alone. josh innes can pack a fucking bag with his whining about philly fans all the time. go back to missouri so you can wait for rush limbaugh to croak so you can take over for him and do all his pills too. FAT FUCKING ASSHOLE

      By the way i own so i plan on making money off you mr innes.

  8. Also does that mean 97.5 has to stop stealing the Bruno drops from their shows? I guess they can keep proclaiming themselves Philadelphia’s Football station though while everyone listens to 94.1 for Eagles games

    1. Is giving away Rush tickets as prize and Mike is upset the brothers won’t like with it. Mikey Mainline is down with the brothers taking his “White Bread” vacation to Florida to golf at private country clubs where the only black on the course is a groundskeeper. What a fraud.

  9. Both Stations Suck. WIP just sucks a little less. 97.5 is a waste of air space. They get The Idiot Cuz it will be worse.

  10. Can’t wait to hear my boy Anthony “The Cuz” Gargano again!!!! I NEED to hear about what Lil Ant and Massimo are up to! It’s drivin me crazy br! Gargano is “DA BESSSSSSSTTTT” (as Gargano would say ahahahaha)

    Josh and Bruno are cool too, I’d let them both double team my dumper and fill up my belly with baby batter if they wanted to! #WIP #BIRDGANG

    1. Sports Radio in Philly is almost as bad as the Flyers organization in regards to rehashing personnel. Wouldnt shock me to see Rob “beadie eyes” Ellis make it over to 97.5..

      Why wont one of these stations take a chance on hiring some much needed outside talent.

      1. When I see a pic of Ellis, his eyes aren’t so much beady as lifeless. Reminds me of the scene in Jaws where Quint is describing a shark: Sometimes that shark, he looks right into you. Right into your eyes. You know the thing about a shark, he’s got… lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eye. When he comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be livin’.

  11. His melon is GIGANTOROUS – holy Jesus you could land a plane on that head!!!

    And Kyle – really? You have a good working relationship with someone in the bizz? REALLLY

  12. Mike Miss,
    You may want to start investigating other avenues of employment. Your ratings are about to take a major hit and 97.5 will no longer be able to justify your salary.
    In other words, good bye!!!

  13. Josh Innes is brutal. The most annoying guy on radio. His act is transparent. WIP is ruined. The Cuz and Robbie E were the best guys on the station. They actually talked sports. #FIREANDYBLOOM

      1. I love hearing about Little Ant and Massimo, bro! Who doesn’t love hearing about Anthony Gargano’s kids? I think it’s great. #JoePa #PSU4LIFE #AB

    1. The cuz is a know it all jock sniffer. Whenever that phony would bring up how is friends with spags and charlie manuel, my blood would boil.

    2. What are you talking about? we’re gonna be treated to hardcore LSU college football talk from now on!

      __________ __________________________ _____ __
      / ____/ __ \ /_ __/ _/ ____/ ____/ __ \/ ___// /
      / / __/ / / / / / / // / __/ __/ / /_/ /\__ \/ /
      / /_/ / /_/ / / / _/ // /_/ / /___/ _, _/___/ /_/
      \____/\____/ /_/ /___/\____/_____/_/ |_|/____(_)

  14. I told you I was coming for you Bitchanelli. Your ass is grass old man. And I get to do it without carrying that load Rob Ellis.

  15. I got no place else to go. I think this is a bad move. I wouldn’t have minded if Bruno took over the shift without Innes but that is not going to be the case. Sooner or later Bruno and Innes will hate each others guts and then the fun will begin. Each will try to plot to get their partner fired. It will be a bloody divorce and Joe Cordell will be nowhere to be found.

    1. I guess Rob Ellis will get the Fredo Corleone treatment.


  16. Don’t they realize starting the show at 1 will put them in direct competition with the 2 best broadcasters in sports radio history, Jon Marks and Sean Brace?


    So the 2nd house of that sh!t show will now get basically zero listeners, and Mike “White Guilt” Missanelli and Jason “Professionall Missanelli @ss Kisser” Myrtestus’ ratings are about to take a huge dive. Love it.

    Hey WIP, as Martinez would say, that’s good work outta you!

  17. Innes is a tool. he sucks.

    And Bruno is a washed up hack.

    Missanelli has his faults, but what exactly is he supposed to be afraid of here??

    Gragano also blows.

    That is all.

    1. Meet you at Cheerleaders after? Start tailgating at Chickie and Petes parking lot around 2 am?

  18. Thank god. Change was needed. Innes is good. He did what he had to do. He made fans and pissed people off. He got ratings at night and nobody before him did that Bruno needs a strong personality with him. He is a side kick. He gets old very quickly if he runs the show. This will be the best afternoon radio since Kid Kris. Great move, Bloom. At least we will have some entertainment and not listen to sel important people trying to turn sports into a larger than life event.

    If you don’t like Inness, you probably don’t realize he is making fun of dopes like you. It is funny to the rest of us.

    Screw Missanelli. He sucks.

    1. Innes can barely contain his seething hatred for all things Philadelphia. He was trying to hide it at first but now he just constantly rips the fans and teams. It will be funny when the next championship is won and he’s bitching about it – instead of celebrating like every other host. His sarcastic 6th grade attitude has gotten old quick too. Use him to take down missanelli hard then he’ll be run out of town on a rail. He’s the next rush limbaugh/glenn beck – he’s not cut out for sports long term. i guarantee the second he gets a sniff of a bigger paycheck elsewhere hes gone, and tony will be saying fuck that clown.

      1. WAHHHHH!!!! He hurt my feelings! I like hosts that coddle my feelings and tell me how much that hate Dallas!!

  19. 610-632-0975, and today is a wacky, wild, wet willy, Wednesday. And so Tom Brady says he likes deflated balls (cue the Tiger Woods drop “yesterday I did pull out”, and i have to wonder what kind of balls Gisele likes. hahahehehehahah, 610-632-0975, and this weekend is the super bowl, not smoking a bowl, not a salad bowl, not bowling, which i like to do on occasion, which also involves balls, hahhahehehah, 610-632-0975….

  20. Missanelli just ripped WIP calling them desperate and that “chalk lines have been drawn outside their building.”

    hes scared already. Tony Bruno will destroy him in the ratings. Dont really understand why people hate on Innes. Hes a breath of fresh air in this city. He actually makes sports radio entertaining instead of 97.5 who just jams the same topics and nonsense down our throats every day

    1. you and bruno will a quicker death than eskin and reese. bruno’s best contribution to 97.5 was missanelli constantly making fun of how unoriginal and hacky his show was.

  21. Guys, Ladies, what about Josh’s current side kick Farzetta? WTF is going on with this station!?!?!?! I hope Bruno destroys josh everyday, take him to school Heisenberg!

  22. Oh my god nooo!! Bruno and Innes are gonna smoke my father, I mean boyfriend, in the ratings. I hope daddy can still make a living and I can still go to his shore house in the summer by just blowing him. Please don’t let anything happen to Mikey.

  23. Every morning

    “Rhea look at her breast. They’re beautiful.”

    “Oh your such a pig.”

    “You my dear are a wingette. You are perfect, vulumptious. Your a goddess.”

    1. Angelo is a fat piece of shit with voice so annoying it makes me want to punch a baby in the throat!! I’m guessing he jerks off DURING Wing Bowl to whatever walks by. If I were Rhea, I would take a full-sized chicken and shove it up his ass … sideways. And we know it will fit because he talks so much out if it!!!

      1. Angelos voice is so scratchy he should be a costumed freak at a haunted hayride instead of on radio for gods sake. i dont know whos worse him or whiny sniveling mike greenberg. these are the last two assholes on earth i want to hear in the morning. if there were a third option id be all over it lol.

    2. I love Wing Bowl and all the creepy stuff my ex does with woman that are skanky and lacking any respect. He makes money selling this schtick to white trash (C’mon, 95% of Wing Bowl devotees fit this moniker) and it keeps the alimony checks comming in.

  24. OMG….Two completely clueless blowhards.

    Missanelli will sound good by comparison. He’s only one clueless blowhard.

  25. I am so torn.

    On one hand I despise Bitchanelli and want him to rot, rot, rot in the ground. Hair dye and all.

    On the other hand, Innes is a fat waste of space and an utter insult to the city of Philadelphia. Bruno is harmless, but a washed up hack who couldn’t beat Mike & Ike in the ratings. Is it really better if they beat Missanelli? Is it?

    Yea I guess, I don’t know.

  26. I for one am thrilled since I am not home between 1-6; I am hoping Rob Ellis or someone else, Marc Farzetta maybe takes over the 6-10 pm shift. Anyone but Innes.

  27. So glad to hear Bruno is back on local radio where he belongs as a true legenday figure in radio history. How many of the local hacks think they are anything but low paid, ego driven stooges has always amazed me. Bruno so far outclasses these clowns its almost frightening! Having followed his career for decades, I dont know how he would even associate with any of the nobodies filling time on our airwaves. Guess thats why petty punks like Mikey Miss and his country club pals are so jealous of his success at the national level. There isnt one guy I’ve ever heard who has the respect of so many legit talents, athletes and coaches who come on his shows.
    Don’t know Missy, but from all I can gather by his schtick, attitude and arrogance, he’s a total douche and a hated cancer, not just to other radio stations – but probably by his 2nd rate coworkers and coward bosses who fear his psychotic past and anger issues. They obviously placate him because of ratings against dismal competition in the afternoon, but certainly know he’s a toxic and dangerous ticking time bomb who could implode at any moment. I for one, look forward to his next incident and final demise.

  28. HEY









  29. Hi Josh.

    Since I know you’re reading, I’d like to know how long it’s going to take you to beat Mike Miss.

    You’re so crazy talented, it should only take you about one ratings book, right?

    Will you have a hack radio-funeral for Mike Miss after you beat him in the ratings? Mike’s actual funeral doesn’t count. You’re so totally awesome, it shouldn’t take you that long, right?

    I’ve been to Baton Rouge. You should have stayed there and gotten a ditch digger job so you can sweat off all your fat.

    Good luck, football tits.

  30. It takes a special breed of asshole to create a segment to troll the audience (who are too old to know what trolling is) and then cry about it the next day

  31. I’m disappointed that the loss of Anthony meant the death of Sixers talk on that station. I can’t do Eagles for the next 9 months straight. I don’t hate Innes because hes dumb and unoriginal, I hate him because he has no insight to the Philadelphia fan base and can’t empathize with me after a loss or big win. As a Philly fan in DC, WIP was a fantastic connection back home and now its dead.

  32. Josh will get fired soon enough …he can’t say the stuff he says at 9pm in front of Tony at 1pm and still be respected by him . That will cause jealousy and out landish attention grabbing prima Donna comments that make him look like the bitch he is . He fucks his dog in a bathtub while listening to nickel back and watching his dad’s old voice over career highlights . Hope his girlfriend fucks me again . Aids boner sucking Josh can suck a boner in a different town . Leave your gf Josh , I fucked her better in the first five minutes then you did in the last five years combined .

      1. Josh have you ever watched a Sixers game? You’re going to have to talk about them eventually. Better get started

  33. No one other than the Josh Innes apologists want to hear Josh in the afternoons on WIP. Pairing him with the absolutely brutal Tony Bruno creates a 5 hour death slot on WIP in the afternoon.

    The best move for 97.5 might be to just punt the morning and let WIP have control over it. Have Gargano and Harry Mays on from 10-2 leading into Mike Missanelli and then just rule the 10-6 slots on the radio dial. That seems like a better combination for them

  34. Josh let’s be friends …so I can have easier acces to the manayunk bedroom where I make your girl scream mikey miss when she actually feels a man boner . Even behind the mic of protection you sound like a pussy . I can’t imagine in real life . Can you talk tonight about if you ever got in a fight before and what happened ? I can’t wait to hear the story of you crying to daddy ! Daddy daddy daddy just like what silly lil jilly who loves my dilly was saying . I LOVE MANAYUNK HOES!

  35. Don’t hate the playa hate the game Josh and you suck at the game ….she says you have a lot to learn … funny that you can’t even see your dick . Poor joshy maybe ask your dad for dick implants just like all the other daddy’s lil girls who get fake tits .

  36. Josh knows how to get ratings. People call him a shock jock, which is a old name that people should stop using. It’s not shocking to hear a guy on the radio talk about subjects that everyone talks about. The only people that are shocked are the people that shouldn’t be listening to a radio talk show. If you were among friends and someone brought up an actual real racial issue, would you stop being friends with them? JOSH is telling jokes, that’s what he gets paid to do. If what he talked about was so horrible why is he being promoted? He talks about sports and other subjects that young people want to hear about. It’s always a small group of stuck up killjoys that want to ruin everyone else’s fun. Josh is entertaining, GET OVER IT.

  37. Gargano and Macnow are the most boring people on radio! Time for Macnow to retire he might have been interesting in the 70’s but now. Gargano’s act is old and lame now. It sounds so pathetic…

  38. Sad to see Ellis and Gargano leave mid-days, but hope they both wind up over at 97.5. Innes is really annoying.

  39. Innes and Bruno absolutely the worst thing I’ve heard on radio. I am now an ex WIP listener.

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