RADIO WARS: The War Drums Are Beating

Of course, Innes is hosting with Rob Ellis – not Tony Bruno – this week. So while it’s an absolute possibility, it’s not a foregone conclusion that Innes-Bruno will be a long-term thing.

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86 Responses

  1. I enjoy Innes but I would not listen to him over Missanelli. Innes benefits from no competition at night.

    1. Don’t like Innes. Twitter comment typical. Not a Philly guy who has to really bring something. Stern neverbe.

      1. Oh, he’s not “a Philly guy” huh? Neither are:

        Keith Jones
        Ike Reese
        Michael Barkan
        Glen Macnow
        Jody MacDonald

        And that’s just off of the top of my head. Stop with the parochial bullshit.

  2. I tried listening to the duo but Bruno is just as annoying as Da Cuz. Innes is better than he was and certainly better than Barkann but that isn’t saying much. Maybe he’ll work better with Ellis, who thankfully doesn’t constantly yell and spout ESPNisms.

  3. I’m reasonably sure Ellis hates Innes so this might actually be worth listening to just to see if they can make it through the week together without a Kelly-Roseman Power Struggle resulting in them both getting promotions where Innes takes over the timeslot and Ellis goes back to being just a producer but he gets to oversee the janitorial staff now.

    1. Josh Innes has been pretty obnoxious about wanting other WIP hosts jobs and being disrespectful of current WIP hosts. Im sure he’s despised at the station and definitely by Rob Ellis.

      If I were program director at WIP Id put Tony Bruno 10-1.Give him a sidekick/straight man.Maybe Glen or Morganti.

      1-5 I would bring in John Kincade. He would unseat Missanelli.

    1. he made me his profile picture because despite how horrible I am, I still get work.

    2. It’s because he’s a wacky radio host! The photo is funny in an ironic way, because Nickelback is so bad! Ha ha!

      1. Someone called him the Nickelback of sports talk on Twitter, so he went with it I guess.

  4. I’ve always liked Tony Bruno and I hope he gets another gig, but I really don’t listen to either station enough to care about this “war”.

  5. Innes wastes my time trying to be funny and glib. He belongs on Top 40 doing “radio stunts” like having his “crazy sidekick” see how many soft pretzels he can jam in his mouth at once. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Bring back Eskin. His shredding of the dopey, nitwit, 2 pack-a-day, frog voiced, hoagie-mouth Schmittys from the North East and beyond was real entertainment.

    1. Eskin is 15 years past his prime, he’s basically what Bill Campbell was at the beginning of WIP.

      1. Incorrect. Eskin is the ONLY one on WIP who doesn’t pander to the callers just to be likable. Who gives a crap how long he’s been around. He’s still the best at cutting down and shredding the dopey, nitwit, moron callers.

        1. Lester I an surprised they have wifi in the nursing home because only people 55+ like eskin.

        2. Agreed, Eskin is the best that station has, and is the best in town. Ironic. The same people who can’t stand Eskin are the same people who don’t care for Innes because he’s not a “Philly guy”, yet Eskin is one of the few hosts in town actually born here.

  6. Innes is horrible. A fat-ass, Rush Limbaugh wannabe trying to appeal to the conservative, frightened, tightass frauds in the suburbs. A punk bitch with a delusional feeling of self importance and self worth who is not funny at all. I don’t want people to think he represents my city.

    1. conservatives are the only ones with at least two brain cells to rub together anymore. I’m guess you’re an obama sycophant.

  7. Yeah, good. I like it. Who cares if Anus is a fat no-talent slob from out of town. Stick him with Bruno, and it’ll make for good radio on both sides. They can push Mikeymiss’s fragile buttons and he can have another epic meltdown before our eyes. Every time his pathetic ego feels even slightly threatened, He transforms into the spoiled brat who throws a temper tantrum when he gets his toys taken away. Fucking mental patient

  8. No one likes 97.5. We all know the people posting are bitchinelli, coach camille(the jersey shore wannabe), and Matt Nahigan. Douche, douchier, and douchiest. 97.5 is going down the tubes and all three won’t have a job within a year. Cheap bastards

  9. I was at Pitcher’s Pub last night and Brace wasn’t DJing. What the hell is he going to do for money after 97.5 realizes they can replace his show with static and get better ratings?

    1. exactamento mediaman. Brace higher on the pile than Innes only because he was last out of the dung hole.

    2. Yo Chief, you can do dat!!

      I’m just that awesome.

      I had the big show bro.

  10. Love how the 97.5 dickbags r running this thread again……innes and Bruno are the best tandem in Philly. Missanelli is a piece of shit, like Kyle

  11. Bitchanelli.

    It doesn’t really rhyme with Missanelli.

    But at this point, who gives a fuck? Philadelphia sports is scraping the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Have fun trying to talk about a Phillies team that will be 10 games out by mid-May. That’s yeoman’s work.

    1. The Phillies are going to be terrible, but it’s fucking SPORTS TALK RADIO. I would rather hear something related to sports instead of dumb fucking eating bits, non stop mafia movie references (from 25 years ago), and Seinfeld shit (also from 25 years ago now).

      I’m not saying the national guys are all great, but how come people like Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd, or even Mike Francesa never have to resort to “bits” like the guys here do?

      It’s because sports talk in this city SUCKS.

  12. I’ll stick to Dan Patrick in the morning and Dan LeBatard on the ride home neither are great IMO but both take a shit on anything 97.5 or 94.1 has ever put out. Shell out the money if you know what’s good for you. Otherwise god bless and good luck with the shit air stream.

    1. Or just keep signing up for “used car purchase” 2 month trials with a new email address every 60 days like most satellite listeners.

  13. If Tony Bruno was worth anything, he’d still be on over at 97.5.

    If Josh Innes was worth anything, he’d already be in a real timeslot that’s not 6 to who-gives-a-shit.

    If those two (Bruno/Innes) get a show together, it’ll be interesting the first week only because it’s a new thing to check out. People will listen out of curiosity to see if there’s anything to this hack radio war barking from Innes. Once the dust settles, it’s just another boring sports radio show. Their ratings won’t be great and they’ll bitch and moan about management holding them back from doing the “real” show they want to do, which is why they can’t beat Mike Miss.

    This hack radio war book has been written a million times already. It’s boring and predictable.

    Hi Josh.

  14. With me out the door, I hope some other show’s host takes care of my childhood friend, Bob Marino. BTW, Primos’ is overpriced.

  15. Hahahahaha. You 0-49 LOSERS!!!!! My main man Josh is the best thing you people ever had but you’re too stupid to realize it. Keep shaking your Pom Poms with Glen Macknow and ‘duh cuzzzz’. You FINALLY have real sports analysis and you’re too stupid to realize it.

    1. My stalker is at it again. Sitting in his Kensington basement (he calls it his man cave) with his face painted green and his calf tattoo of the Eagles symbol waiting for a playoff game that will never come.

      Give us a big E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!! chant you sorry loser.

        1. Do you realize the irony of your insult? As a no life handle stealer you must really despise yourself. I wish you well in the New Year. You have my pity. Now give us a big EAGLES cheer!

          Also let me thank you for confirming that I really hurt you with my insults. Your handle stealing confirms my victory. I control you.

          1. Dude logged back on at 10 on a Saturday night to get the last word in. Forget that he spends every day posting on blogs of teams he doesn’t like…….somehow he says other people don’t have a life.

            What a sorry little puss.

          2. Again the irony as you logged in this morning to get the last word in yet declare someone else a loser for doing so. Are you really this fucking stupid or is it an act?

            Dance my little chimp.

  16. Tony Bruno needs to be on Philly radio!. John & Sean seem like nice guys, but they know nothing more than me. Can’t stand Gargano’s act. Very knowledgeable, but too much other stuff he does or says irritates. Why is Eskin off the air for the most part, but Cataldi is still on? They’re the same age. He’s negative about everything & knowledgeable about nothing. I’d like John Kinkaid on Philly radio somewhere. What was wrong with Jody Mac? I miss him.

  17. Gotta love the tough guy behind the computer who lives in the big bad city-thinking people who live in the suburbs are republican and soft. Exactly what’s wrong with society-a complete ignorant idiot making generalizations based on nothing.

  18. Hope everyone realizes that this “bitchanelli” bullshit is nothing more than a weak & contrived effort by WIP to remain relevant while they figure out what to do with the time slot.

    They got caught with their pants down when “the cuz” wouldn’t go with what they wanted.

    It’s a pretty weak, pussy, & bad business to slander someone’s name for your gain…so typical of the social media driven society. Let’s see Innes call him bitchanelli when they walk passed each other in the press box. I think there is precedence to believe that Miss would clock him. How about you do a good show and people will listen instead of making a really poor and unclever nickname for your competition.

    That said. 97.5 pretty much sucks. Brace is that guy you know who always tries too hard. Mike Miss….get rid to general knowledge Wednesday or ask harder questions than what color is the sky just so someone can “qualify” for the hat and keychain prize pack. The weekend lineup is absolutely unlistenable. Joe fucking Stesak? Phil? Barrett Brooks? Little talent/big egos.

  19. Everyone seems pretty dissatisfied, but you all seem to have a lot of knowledge about the stations’ shows. So, you listen, then bitch?? Stop listening if you don’t like it. Missanelli’s show is the only programming that is close to intelligent, sports related and comedic. I won’t bash so I will not make specific comments about other shows on either station. Bruno makes interesting radio, although completely irrelevant to philadelphia sports — get him a sound board and some jokes and it fills a couple hours.

    1. This is, or used to be anyway, a sports related website. Of course in this population you will have a high concentration of………wait fooooor it……..sports fans. If you look at the overall rating, which Kyle posted and the mysteriously removed, the music stations in town kick the sports talk stations’ ASS. So there are plenty of people NOT listening.

    1. Well he doesn’t actually have to go too far to accomplish that. I agree with whoever said he is probably totally disliked at the station. I think they probably just dismiss him since he is pretty irrelevant and has to carry on to get attention.

  20. Ya Seton Hall is good this year, just beat two top 25 teams in a row. Nova had a bad game, don’t soil your diapers

    1. Nova, Seton Hall, it doesn’t really matter. Duke and Kentucky are the only 2 teams this season that cannot be beaten by anyone but each other. Nova can do their laundry after the championship.

  21. Actually is the Bruno, Innes, and Miss Robin show.

    Right, she is always a 3rd wheel?

  22. In other radio news whose rod did Phil from Mt. Airy blow to get on the air he’s atrocious and the only reason that middle aged turd is on the air is 97.5’s obsession in trying to stay relevant in the black community when in all actuality Phil is viewed as a step n fetched Amos n Andy Uncle Tom who would sell his own soul to Satan to prove to whitey his deep level of self-hateed.

    1. lol. I am sitting here in bed reading this and I just woke up my gf from laughing so hard.

      1. It’s true man that’s why the African-American community ran Phil from Mt. Airy off the only black radio station in Philadelphia(900amwurd) in favor of a man in Solomon Jones who they felt had their best interest at heart,instead of Phil Allen aka “The Uncle Ruckus” of African-American radio,who never met a Caucasian’s butt he wouldn’t kiss for financial gain at the expense of his own people of course.

  23. So proud of my son for getting the lil snupe award…..Kyle could you repost my Facebook reaction after my son died for the whole world to see again . I know as a journalist it was essential for you to use me grieving as validating evidence. I forget what I said again. Thanks!

  24. No matter how much you want Nova to matter this year, they are at best a round of 32 team (lost to Seton Hall?!?!). If some miracle happens and they make it further, do you really think they can hang with Kentucky or Duke? Nova players would not make either’s starting 5 and only the starters could be bench players for Duke. Simply a fact of life if you know anything about sports.

  25. I thought they were a good pairing. It would be smart on WIP’s part if they made this permanent. People bitch about Innes, but he really was ok with Bruno. Maybe he needs that other person. At the very least he makes it interesting. I like that he goes after other radio hosts. There are too many people out there who are timid and just want to say do your own show and let the best man win. Before Howard Stern was neutered, he did this schtick for years in every new market he went into. If anyone deserves to be taken down a few notches it is Missanelli. Not sure why anyone would not want to see it.

  26. Innes goes against Mikey M….where are we setting the line at the inevitable meltdown / implosion …+ /- two weeks??

    1. By Innes or Bruno? I doubt Bruno can do 4 hours of radio a day and remain barely coherent. And I feel like Innes is honestly a comment away from being fired by CBS management. To be honest, I’m thinking he’ll make a racist comment at some point and that will be it.

      Plus lets be honest, Innes is a desperate attempt by WIP to change their voice and skew to a younger crowd. And, while I’m sure in some ways that’s worked, it’s alienated the audience they had remaining. Doesn’t exactly seem best for business. If they had some thought, they would have done what it takes to get Kincade from Atlanta. A guy who gets Philly and is entertaining enough to probably give Mikey Miss a run for his money.

  27. Mentioning Stern and Josh Innes in the same sentence is idiotic. Stern was/is an innovator and an original. Innes is just your standard-issue fat tubby ‘radio geek/nerd’ guy who is interchangeable with every other weasel calling themselves a radio DJ (which today, is like the equivalent of being a fax machine operator). These schlubs just read their whacky radio DJ blogs ands “DJ Prep” sites and copy one-another. What a fucking bore….

  28. Couldn’t care less whether Innes beats Missanelli in ratings. All I want is a viable alternative to the biggest asshole in sports radio today. This dude adds nothing to this city. He doesn’t let you formulate your own opinion and if you try he hangs up. The point of sports radio is for fans to voice their opinions and Missanelli doesnt let you. That’s why he has the same 10-15 callers every day. They are the only ones left who care enough to call. Enough with the violation talk too. Missanelli is a walking violation for his poor dye job and grandma glasses. He tries to be cool by going to concerts that teenagers go to. Just creepy. Innes isn’t all that great but him and Bruno together would be a breath of fresh air.

  29. How the hell do they lose to Seton Hall Kyle? And don’t say that program is worth a damn, they aren’t.

  30. Josh innes is a lil daddy’s boy bitch who never paid his own bills in his life , opposite of what philly is . …. Can’t wait for this mini win for him turns into his demise . He’s a clown eagles hater . Suck it Josh you have low testosterone and one friend in the world in Andy Bloom . I’m 26 and everyone I know in my demographic thinks he is a bitch .

    1. Opposite of what Philly is? You know how many doped up union guys I know who have been to rehab multiple times and keep their job and bennies because daddy’s been in the Union for 30 years and they cover for them? How the fuck is that different from Innes?

      1. ^^^ This guy’s got a point here. Tons of lazy doped-up shit bricks in my local. I should score 100 kilos and just sell them to the skanks I got working for me. And whatever’s left over I can sell on 2-Street at the end of the Mummers Parade.

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