RADIO WARS: Things Got Weird Today


Twitter lit up a bit this afternoon because things got weird on WIP when a caller forced Josh Innes to again bring up the fact that he and Anthony Gargano didn’t like each other (confirmed– Gargano hated him). But Josh reiterated that he didn’t push Cuz out and shouldn’t be faulted for gunning for his Afternoon spot. It’s all the more awkward because Innes was co-hosting with Rob Ellis, Anthony’s partner and the guy whom Innes pretty much campaigned against with this Tweet:


Ellis can’t possibly be happy about joining Innes on the air, where the pair has all the chemistry of Harry Kalas and Chris Wheeler sitting together at a wedding. This combo isn’t going to work.

At one point during the show, a caller expressed his desire for Innes and Bruno to be a longterm partnership, to which Ellis responded, “Thanks!” Before that, someone called in imitating Gargano (not well). Another caller requested to speak to Rob only and asked if Anthony would be coming back.

But all of that was nothing compared to Innes’ closing monologue, punctuated with assorted “yep”s and “true”s from Ellis, acknowledging the awkwardness:

“That wasn’t too much of a train wreck today. Aside from that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln? And we can acknowledge this, because listen, we talked about it earlier. Obviously things were awkward today. Whatever. I mean, you got to be honest with people. And there’s no ill will towards you. I don’t know if you have any ill will towards me– I don’t think so. You would have a right to, I’m kind of an A-hole, and I understand that. Today started out normal, but then the guy sets me off and it sets off this barrage of people calling me telling me I’m a scumbag or this would be a better show […]. When somebody leaves, it’s awkward. When Glen left, I imagine it was pretty awkward for you (Rob: “Absolutely”). What people need to understand is, I have no idea and you have no idea what the hell’s gonna happen, and that’s the god’s honest truth. I don’t know what’s going to happen with this show, this daypart. Whatever. I don’t know what’s gonna happen (Rob: “Nor do I”). So when people call [and say they miss the Cuz], I respect that. You like the guy, or whatever. Listen, like I’m not trying to be your dad, but maybe in time you learn to respect me as a father figure, as I’ve been told by a stepdad before. It’s like being a stepdad, you know?”

Here’s some audio of the aforementioned exchanges:

Ellis is getting caught in the crossfire here through no fault of his own– he’s a good dude who knows his stuff, and this whole thing would be settled if they just put him on Middays in place of either Michael Barkann or Ike Reese. Quite frankly, it’s amazing to me that Glen Macnow, Anthony Gargano, and now seemingly Rob Ellis, are getting the shaft while Mike and Ike are still, like, a thing. LUDA!

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157 Responses

  1. Midday WIP- Screaming…talking with mouth full (are they always eating?) …saying frigging nothing at great length

  2. Two things must go:

    1) Innes – awful. Makes me want to park on the bridge and jump off. So, instead I’ve just stopped listening altogether to WIP. I come to this “blog” (said loosely) to get updates on when I can turn the station back on and get local sports radio again. Based on this post, I still can’t.

    2) Kyle’s Game of Thrones intro. Douche

  3. Rob Ellis is done with the afternoon/evening show after this week. No question. This is Innes’ show and station, as it should be. He is the talent of WIP and no one is even close. Now that Innes owns the afternoons on WIP, it’s time to clean out the other garbage. Ike Reese and Barkann should be next to go.

    1. And you will be his only listener. He is absolutely terrible. I’m assuming I’m talking to Josh himself here cause Noone in Philadelphia would come to this conclusion. Nice try Josh, you fucking wet noodle.

      1. @ Brian I agree with you 100% Josh Innes is brutal,and that paranoid douchebag is so sensitive to people ripping him that he stalks crossing broad under assumed names and posts favorable comments,as if people in this town supports that blowhard.

        I just hope someone gives him the Nancy Kerrigan treatment if you catch my drift(wink wink).

        1. I agree with Bob. Ellis and Gargano were a joke. Bunch of clowns over there get rid of the whole morning and midday crew. Would rather listen to Missanelli then any of those fucking assholes. Nobody is honest except for Eskin and Innes which is why they get so much shit. wake the fuck up scumbags.

        2. Stoogie, provincial Philly sport douche. Innes is awesome. Best thing to happen to this town since Gargano left the station.

    2. Innes is fucking awesome. Truly. The people that dislike him are the ones that cannot stop listening, calling or tweeting. When someone publicly states they hate Innes, (which on my twitter feed, there are 4 people who follow every.single.word. he says), it just tells me exactly that they are falling into the trap.

      Innes is brutally honest and sorry Philly can’t stand it. I find it refreshing. Plus, considering the alternative is that vomit Missanelli (a misogynist pig who disrespects women), I’m all for Innes.

      Was it Missanelli that put that Rollins billboard up telling him to run? Fucking asshole.

        1. You can say I’m in Josh’s family too.. wrong.
          I like the guy and I grew up in south philly (28th and McKean).
          Cuz was good but it was time for a change. How long can you listen to the same thing over and over. Ellis is good but too vanilla. I like Innes and Bruno.

      1. I don’t hate Innes, but seriously this is the same shit Howard Stern fans used to write about him 20 years ago. “The more you hate, the more you listen! Polls show that Howard Stern haters listen more than Howard Stern lovers!” Yeah, and ‘fuck’ is actually an acronym and Tupac faked his death.

        1. Wow. X-Pac might be the perfect comparison.

          He is really annoying. He tries to go out of his way to get people to react to him. Hall and Nash never had any problem drawing heat. Just a few select weirdos are tuning in for X-Pac. And most people would not miss him if he went away. Most people wouldn’t even notice.

          It would just like 6 months from now people would say, “Hey, I noticed X-Pac/ Josh innees has not been on the broadcast for a few weeks. Did something happen?”

    3. @Bob Josh Innes has to go. Philadelphia is not the Market or place for Stern-Like Sports. Nah I’ll keep it 97.5 until either Andy Bloom is fired or they bring intellectuals back to the air

      1. Intellectuals like Glen Smacknob? That guy is such a fake, whiny loser that he makes me want to throw my radio out of the car. What a knob.

      2. Ok, what IS Philadelphia sports talk the market for? Hamburger competitions? General Knowledge Wednesday? Mafia Movie Monday? Giving jerkoffs like Avalon Brian, or Mitchy Tools a forum.

        This city does not know what good sports talk is, because we have never had it.

  4. It was really awkward. long periods of silence from ellis. but it least it wasn’t radio ambien like rob and rube. i nearly fell asleep behind the wheel listening to those two.

  5. Did anybody see Dawn Timmeney’s rack on tv yesterday. Hottest cougar ever. Those sweater puppies have to be large C’s.

    1. What about that Alex Holley chick on the Fox Morning show? Hottest black chick in town, fuck that, hottest chick in town.

  6. Tony Bruno knows nothing about sports, and Josh Innes is the future and the next Fabulous Sports Babe!!

    1. Love the people who say Bruno knows nothing about Sports. Remember him starting ESPN radio and Fox Radio. Guess building 2 sports networks can be done with no sports knowledge?

    2. Not Babe Ruth, or Babe the pig from that movie who’s title I forget right now… Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Miss Robin got her huge head stuck in the doorway again and I had to break out the tub of Country Crock. Not Ted Crock or crock pot. Beautiful man.

  7. I dont get the hate towards Ike. Hes the one guy on that station who straight up tells it like it is without frothing at the mouth or sucking the asshole of whoever is frothing at the mouth. Hes also the only athlete on the air outside of the morning show. I like rob ellis, but he doesnt have the personality ike does. It would be atrocious if they dump Ike. I also like Rob and hope they don’t jettison him either. Put him on with Ike. Barkann has too much of the Tom McCarthy “Im a corny goody twoshoes old guy pretending to be young and cool” vibe.

    1. Ike sucks on every level. Tells it like it is? He is a mouthpiece for athletes and is cringeworthy. Brace and Ike should never be allowed to do radio again.

    1. I sure hope so. I sure hope so.


      It’s Friday night! I’m gonna get into a fight!

        1. Aww man! Scottie and Alex.

          Man, I have not heard that name since their show started and they said, “Hi! We’re Scottie and Alex!” And then I listened to 5 minutes of the show and never listened to it again.

          It was like listening to two guys who had been hit in the head with a surfboard.

        2. Scotty and Alex hands down. As funny as it was, if Kidd Chris never did that Lady Gash Schwoogies song, he would probably still be here and WIP would still be on AM only. Which would have been better for everyone because Kidd Chris killed here, and now WIP FM is getting killed by WMMR and WMGK

  8. The worst part about this whole thing is I actually think Ellis and Innes sound okay together. Bruno is cool but he wears on people after a month.

    1. I agree. I thought they sounded pretty good together, especially under such awkward circumstances. I’m not anti-Bruno, but I think he with Josh would be two over-the-top personalities. I’m a fan of Ellis and I think his laid back style would balance out the show better. I think they would eventually find a nice groove together.

        1. So you’d rather have two loudmouths shouting over each other for 5 hrs w Bruno and Innes? You need a little balance you dope.

  9. What happened with Arthur (the idiot raspy voice from up the turnpike) and Mikey Miss?

    The other day Arthur called and Martinez was like “we have Arthur on the line…” and Mike Miss was like “i don’t want to speak with him today. things have been brought to my attention and i don’t want to deal with that guy.” (ok not quote for quote but you get the idea).

    What did Arthur do to Mike Miss?

  10. Spike Eskin has no damn clue what he’s doing other than keeping his dad off the air. They got rid of Glen, and now they’re gonna can Rob. To me, those guys were the most intelligent, even-keeled and non-obnoxious hosts they’ve had. I couldn’t stand Gargano, can’t stand Innes, and would never EVER listen to the morons in the morning. Give me Rob and Glen any day. Ugh…

    1. Glenn Macnow? Hahahahaha. Jesus. Rob Ellis and Glenn Mcnow are like watching your fingernails grow. WTF! You need to move to Iowa

    2. I like Rob and Glenn, too. When Cuz didn’t agree with you, the insults would start flying. At least Ellis and Macnow use reason and logic to try to turn the person’s point of view around. I’m glad Gargano’s gone. I was sick of him.

  11. Innes is great. Hated him when he first came on, but this guy has great talent to always keep things fresh. I loved ellis and gargano, but when I would turn them on, I would always know what I was going to get, and that grew a lil old. With Innes, you never know what is going to happen on his show. He is great. Such a change of pace and breathe of fresh air on WIP. Replace barkann with ellis and all will be good. Put bruno on with Innes and you got gold.

  12. Whatever this show was, and I listened to all of it, it was better than Jon and Sean (as is water boarding). And definitely better than Bitchanelli.

    I hate Innes, lord knows he’s a lunatic and a mental case, but whatever can be done to end Missanelli’s time and crush his ego I am for.

  13. I now find myself listening almost exclusively to Mike Missanelli and when he goes to commercial I switch to 660am/wfan for New York sports talk radio or 610am for national sports talk,I’m sorry but Josh Innes is not my cup of tea for Philly sports talk radio.

    Too bad Rob Ellis is caught in the middle of this nonsense,he should have his own show and not be paired with the Howard Stern wannabe.

    1. Lol, so I can’t help but notice that you cant hear Missanelli you switch to the other stations for “sports talk”. Hilarious, because Missanelli isn’t sports talk at all.

  14. Hey guys! I am just introducing myself around here. I recently moved to the Philadelphia area. You can find me on WIP in the afternoons! I’m enjoying the place.

    I really hoped you like when I was talking about boobs and stuff. Like on the weather girls. No wait, that is offensive! Ohh i mean weather “BABES” HAHAAHA YOU See that. I switched it to weather “BABES!” You thought I was going to say like “women” or “people.” That is what we call a misdirection! BABES!

    NOPE! I switched it to BABES! That is just how funny I am! When you guys zig, I zag!


    1. You really are hysterical Josh. I never heard these clever, witty lines before, everything is so edgy, now and up to date. What a breath of fresh air you are!

  15. Josh Innes does a great job and is the breathe of fresh-air that WIP needed. I now have a reason to check out WIP in the afternoon.The “cuzs'” act has been old for a couple of years now. I’m sure he has plenty of time now to talk to “Spags” and Howie and text “Shady.” It was time for a change.

    1. Josh Innes is a breath of fresh air if you had been breathing in chili farts and now you are breathing in curry farts.

    2. Josh you fat motherfucker,you can post under as many assumed names as you like but it won’t work around here.

      What you’re doing here fatboy is the equivalent of a professional athlete constantly voting for himself in the all-star ballot.

      1. Is that you cuz??

        In all honesty, I haven’t listened to 94.1 as much as I have in the last few months since discovering innes. The cuz was brutal and turned me away. Morganti and jones are the only ones with entertainment in the AM.

        Now.. I don’t miss a show. Josh is killing it and the only people who are so butt hurt about this change are the cuz lovers. The people that need their Philadelphia sports fan ego stroked on a daily basis and be told how special and unique they are. It’s pathetic actually. Just read some of these comments

        1. Been listening to WIP for years, but recently migrated to 97.5 in the past 2 years. BUT, Innes is such a breath of fresh air I try not to miss his show. By the way I am in the 40yo demographic.

    3. Breathe of fresh air? Mostly stale air from 25 years ago – at least that is when his material was fresh. No wonder Gargano hated him – probably knew he was going to stab anyone he could in the back to get a primetime slot.

  16. Innes said that he was going to make Missanelli his bitch and that he was probably home dying his hair.

    I despise Innes and his fat loudmouth fat look at me fat Howard Stern fat lack of sports knowledge fat make the conversation about me fat act. But god damn I hate Missanelli.

  17. He doesn’t know the strengths and weaknesses of players. He probably can’t explain what type of offense of defense a team is running or the advantages of 3/4 over a 4/3. He can have a TMZ discussion with a caller over Ray Rice hitting his girlfriend or a controversy. He’s basically a Morning Zoo guy doing sports. When the NFL draft is approaching and callers start asking about a player from a particular school he will be lost. Say what you want about a Gargano but he has been an author, a sports writer and followed all sports extensively.

    I will say this. I didn’t listen to the show today but what Innes did on the radio never happens. When someone leaves or gets fired it never gets discussed. When your paired with a guy your going to replace it’s beyond awkward. Attacking the opposition’s station or hosts also never happens when it comes to sports shows. Howard Stern did it when he was trying beat other Morning Zoo’s. I think Innes’s novelty will wear off once he takes over the afternoon shift. I really don’t think he will make a dent in 97.5.

    1. Agreed he’s(Josh Innes) a shock jock who’s only concern is the ratings not with connecting with the fans and as far as Innes breaking down the intricacies of a Flyers game and how they can improve forget about it he knows nothing about hockey as a matter of fact he hates hockey but you dopes still support this out of town clown.

    2. Did you ever read anything Gargano wrote? He was not a good writer. His sports knowledge was not as vast as you think it was. His shtick was I’m a man of the people.

      None of the sports radio guys know that much about X’s and Os. They are supposed to be entertaining.

      1. Really true. That Inside NFL thing that he wrote was a mess. Can’t write, uses words he doesn’t understand.

        He couldn’t work at newspapers anymore. Most of the copy editors are gone.

    3. Did you even listen to the fucking showing dickhead. Callers were bringing it up asking to speak with other hosts asking about contracts and all the other details that is going on the situation. Not talking about it would be worse you dumb fuck.

    4. You don’t like Innes and that’s fine, but don’t sit here and tell me Gargano knew anything. For the past five years at least he did nothing but spout off catch phrases, slobber over the few athletes he could get on the air, and stroke his goomba callers. Fuck Gargano, and fuck you. None of the motherfuckers on either station know shit about sports, except Ray Didinger.

  18. I’ll tell you right now, if Innes gets the midday show I’ll never lister to WIP again, that’s how much I hate that guy

    1. Did you know the whole FHRITP stuff was fake? The guy came out with a video the other day showing how the whole stunt was fake with actors as reporters etc.

  19. The call-screener lets these yahoos get on the air.
    One guy in favor of cuz gets through its an accident. But all of them?
    Makes me think it was planned and not by Innes/Ellis.

  20. Wip seems to have a lot of in house hate- charry Ellis innes etc. seems they are trying to get younger so will be interesting to see what happens. they have to make the move and sign bruno, don’t know if putting him with innes or midday would be best, but interesting to see what happens. 97.5 really missed the ball with not giving bruno a 6-10 am morning show. Station would be hands down number 1

    1. Cataldi is over 60, Ricky Ricardo is close to 100. Steve Trevelise voted for Eisenhower. Rob Charry spent the Summer of Love in San Francisco in 1968. Jody McDonald celebrated the Miracle Mets championship in 1969 in a sports bar in New York. Ray Didinger was at Shibe park in 1948 when the Eagles beat the Chicago Cardinals for the title.

  21. I was listening to Josh and, boy, he really had this funny bit where he was playing a stripper’s butt as bongos. It was radio gold. Then someone called in and yelled “BABABOOEY.”

    Then he said something about a Gargano puppet, but I didn’t hear it all because I totally drove off the side of the road from laughing so hard!

    We are entering a groundbreaking era of Philly sports talk radio, guys.


    Hi Josh.

  22. I dislike missanelli more than Innes, at this point. All I really want to see is misanelli, and 975 in general, get beat, and it’d be great if Bruno was a part of that.

  23. The people crying about Innes and claiming that no one likes him aren’t thinking logically. He wouldn’t be getting the afternoon spot if everyone hated listening to him. I listen to him because he’s a douchebag and douchebags are hilarious to me.

    You guys must be the same nearly incomprehensible dumbasses that call his show to say something like “You don’t GET us Philly fans. Us Philly fans are _________ .” Please consider shutting the fuck up before those words come out of your mouth next time. No one elected you to represent Philly, and there’s a very good chance the next thing you say will make us look bad.

    I feel bad for Rob because he is getting shafted, but he belongs in the 6-10 spot. I liked listening to him there. His show with Gargano was horrible and Gargano is horrible. This whole thing kind of reminds me of how everyone hates on this site but then spends all day supplying it a wealth of page views while clicking on all of Jim’s horrible articles.

    1. I have no idea how many people like him or dislike him. I only care about my own opinion and I listened enough to know he sucks. Also he reminds me of a typical hick who covers his insecurities by being self-deprecating and thinking he sounds hip when in fact, he is thin-skinned and freaks out when anyone criticizes him. I would love to have Rob Ellis back in the 6-10 slot; not home in the afternoon so I don’t care if Innes is on there. I miss my 6-10 time and would like to get it back.

  24. Sadly, I will be avoiding Philly sports talk radio in the afternoon these days. Missanelli is a pompous douche who is no different then Cataldi or Eskin as their whole schtick is getting fans in a tizzy to call in.

    Innes is terrible as I gave him a chance, so I just listen to music on my way home from work. WIP & 97.5 seem to be going the route of hiring more people like Innes in the future, so I think may finally give in a get satellite radio.

  25. Kyle Scott is the only blogger in Philly to analyze the media on a consistent basis. As he wrote in his analysis of the ratings awhile back, Missanelli murders all competition. For good reason. He combines a knowledge of sports with rational thought and humor. Every team he was apart of at WIP was legendary, especially with Gargano. Now he is single handedly burning WIP to the ground. And WIP’ s hope for the future is…. Josh Innes? Dude couldn’t carry the laundry basket that holds Missanelli’ s dirty undies. Instead of a respectful sports station, WIP has devolved into a shock jock sludge factory in a desperate attempt to combat Missanelli. Saying your a fan of Innes is like saying your a fan of Nickelback.

    1. Actually if I remember that post with the ratings, the sports talk stations were no better than sixth in the ratings at any time slot. I could show it to you but for unknown reasons Kyle too the full ratings down and only gave out the ratings of the two sports talk shows

  26. ” this whole thing would be settled if they just put him on Middays in place of either Michael Barkann or Ike Reese.”

    Either? Those two assholes should have 16 combined weeks per year on the radio (all by Reese, before Eagles games). Barkann’s opinions have been embarrassing Philadelphia since he started having them in the wake of the Superbowl disaster 10 years ago. Ike is the perfect stereotype of an athlete who tried to make the jump to media but wasn’t insightful enough. He can talk football and that’s it.

    I’ve started to come around to people who think Josh Innes sucks. He may be the best thing WIP has going for it, but by making him the drive-time guy, WIP is basically conceding any chance of ever driving Missanelli off the air. Josh’s 90s shock jock shtick is better than anything on Philadelphia radio, but he’s never going to get even a sliver of the old white dagos and polacks in this town who make up the bulk of people who still listen to the fucking radio.

    Also, people who want to hear about sports will have no choice but to listen to Missanelli because Innes doesn’t like to talk about them; understandably because he doesn’t know shit about Philadelphia sports. He’ll keep WIP relevant but they have no shot now to “finish” MM because the audiences will be so different.

  27. I also fault the producer for setting those calls up. They screen the calls first and set them up on the board. Total set up to get Josh there.

  28. God bless Innes even though I don’t particularly like listening to him so far.. He’s the troll that Philadelphia sports fans don’t know they need.. Having traveled over the country I can say without a doubt no fan base comes close to the defensive, head stuck in the sand, obsessive fans in this area.. Including Boston and New York.I don’t know how anyone could have listened to the comedy of bleating whiners that called today and in the past just to yell at Innes and think a change to the general Philadelphia outlook isn’t sorely needed. If you can’t stand to have one non-Philadelphian on both stations give you an outsiders perspective of what Philadelphia sports is, congratulations you’re part of the problem. I’ll take his annoying, juvenile but brutally honest schtick over that arrogant, fake, condescending, recycled jackass he’s trying to go up against.. Really anyone but him and his minions.

    1. @ You know I’m right

      Then you don’t understand us. I’d like to compare it to this. I may talk about my Tramp of a daughter but you’d better keep your mouth shut. We (Philadelphia) Don’t do outsiders.

    2. You are right. I totally agree, the sports talk hacks on this town have convinced their lemmings, I mean listeners, that it’s so fucking cool to be so parochial.

  29. And to clarify, maybe I’m judging to generally based off of radio callers (even though my friends and coworkers aren’t much better). But that’s the stereotype you get stuck with when you have these radio clown DJs suck up to the fan base and utterly refuse to sprinkle in any objective analysis amongst the expected hometown slant.. They breed these callers that end up incredibly ignorant because they refuse to listen to any perspective outside their comfort zone, and attack anyone who isn’t a local or doesn’t bow to the Philly group think.. How childish is that? It’s like saying someone who just watches one news channel is well informed.

    1. Are you serious? This past summer everyone was raking the Phillies and its GM over the coals and Chip Kelly has a lot of non-admirers too. Philadelphians boo their teams plenty when they are not performing well. Maybe you are confusing us with the St. Louis fans who think the Cardinals walk on water no matter what. Also there is a huge difference between just telling the truth about teams and just showing general disdain for the fanbase and Philly sports.

  30. People keep begging for Innes and Bruno on together- show isn’t big enough for both of them… Just a matter of time before they endlessly talk over one another and start hating each other. Maybe put Innes on with the wammer jammer Jody Mac. He’d be like Ed McMahon and let Innes do all the talking.
    Ellis on solo at 6pm wasn’t bad… He’s better on his own.

  31. What is it with all the people on this blog with hard-ons for this Tony Bruno guy? I’d never heard of him until he apparently hit rock-bottom and got in bed with Kyle and his “it’s new media but it’s exactly like the old media” podcasts. What is the deal with this Bruno guy and his generic sports announcer voice?

    1. I’ve seen Bruno on ESPN every week for a long time with Keith Olbermann. Saw his videos this week hosting ESPN college football and other shows with Stu Scott in the 90’s. What has Mike Missanelli done other than beat up a producer, fail on 2 different morning shows in Philly and New York, celebrate Victor Cruz getting injured, gay bash a guy repeatedly on e-mail. Oh, that’s right. He finally beat no competition and is so paranoid about getting his assed kick.

  32. Innes is always welcome on my radio. Gargano was so tired and fake. Missanelli tries too hard to prove he is smart and not Bristol trash…he will always be average, p,aim and common. Ellis should be at night. Cataldi is cartoon. Morganti is tired. Mike and Ike are lame. The two screaming boys on 97.5 are unlistenable. At least Innes is entertaining. All these people saying ‘talk sports’ barely know sports. Most of the calls are just repeated conversations or just stupid trade proposals. Innes likes messing with slow people like most of the people posting here. Most of you don’t get the joke. He is appealing to people that like to laugh at dopes. If you don’t get it, you are the people we are laughing at. So hate him all you want. You help his ratings and he/we are enjoying listening to you try to figure out what is going on.

    1. Thanks for saying exactly what I was thinking. The only ones that like Josh are the ones that ‘get’ him. I’ve been listening since he started, the only show I go out of my way to listen to.

    2. Oh I understand exactly what he is doing, it does not take a genius to figure that out. He is just not very good at it.

  33. These two are the brightest of the bunch and their 12-2 shift is a radio gem. You don’t know what your missing by not tuning in. They have a huge following which allows Mike to get the huge ratings in his 2-6pm shift.

    1. This is a joke right? They do not even beat wip in that time slot. It has been suggested they BRING DOWN missanellis ratings as people click off after mayes.

  34. ANYTHING is better than Jon and Sean! Glad to see Gargano is off the air. Couldn’t take one more minute of his fake laugh or hearing about little Ant.

  35. Pretty simple… If you are sick of the lowest common denominator sports talk in this town then flip on the espn radio stream. Much more entertaining than the bs beat to death topics Wip and the Fanatic are spewing. “I AGREE MIKE”, – Martinez

    Brace sucks, fire barkann

  36. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooood Afternooooooooooooooooon evvvvvvvvveerrrrrrrrryyyyyybody!!!

    Innes is the king of violayshuns! Fuggetabadit! I mean, bro, he’s from Houston. He’s not from South Philly. He’s never played stickball on *grabs map* on Shunk, or Carnac, or Warnock. He’s from Texas. For all we know he’s a Cowboys fan! Doncha hate Cowboys fans?

    Aw, I mean, this Innes guy, remember the episode of the Sopranos where Ton’ & Paulie & Sil take Big Pussy out on the boat and they get all quiet like and Puss knows he’s been found out as the traitor and before they whack him he says “not in the face?” Well, this Innes guy deserves it in the face.

    I mean, what’s he going to do at the Primos’ remotes? He’s the type of guy who would order a ham sandwich on Wonder Bread. Total violayshun! You need artisan breads! Old world cheeses! A little GABBA GOOL!!!!!!

  37. Andy Bloom has about as much control over his radio hosts and the mess that he created as Jeff Lurie does of his front office.

  38. Martinez pisses sitting down. This is someone actually on the radio waves in one of the biggest cities in the country. How is this possible? Fuck ratings I want to see salaries and what these clowns make. Kyle get on that.

    1. Cataldi makes seven figures, Missanelli is probably in the mid six figures. Everyone else, and I mean all of them make no more than $60k. Big Daddy Graham likely works for free because he gets to plug his beat-off Wildwood music shit, and comedy act that would never play outside of a 50 mile radius of Philadelphia.

  39. I was the caller that expressed that i’d like Innes and Bruno to be a real thing on the air. Apparently Rob didn’t like that too much and I got hung up on. No disrespect to Rob but the whole reason him and the cuz didn’t work well in that time slot is because they are a complete snooze fest on air. At least Bruno and Innes take themselves a little less seriously and can give great sports talk.

  40. I turned innes on yesterday and the show started with the exact same rant that every host has , about how everything sucks and Philadelphia deserves better. He was even quoting the old Network bit . how is this shit any different than anything else?

  41. Don’t mind me, now …as the Cuz’s conscience, I’m out of the p.m. radio slot. But Andy Bloom’s game plan for J. Innes to revolutionize WIP sports radio is destined for failure. First and foremost, Innes doesn’t really want to focus on sports topics; he prefers silly pop culture trivia. During his 6-10 p.m. time slot, Innes would start talking sports, but after about 90 minutes of his show, he would shift the focus to his own silly cartoonish conversations. When reminded by radio listeners that they’d like sports talk, Innes always became defensive, insisting that his shows are “mostly” sports. Me thinks Josh doth protest too much. His initial problems becoming comfortable with the Philly Sports radio scene have not improved over the past year — he is still unable to sustain a sports-talk focused radio show, without reverting to his past issues of quickly slipping off message with his penchant for pop culture talk, talk, talk.

  42. How does Barkann and Reese have a job? These guys are terrible.

    Macnow and Ellis after Angelo
    Innes and Bruno afternoons

    Win win for everyone

  43. I honestly cannot believe anyone on here is defending or expressing their support of that piece of human garbage Missanelli. The guy is the most unlikable, smarmiest, insecure sack of dogshit on the radio.

    1. Anyone who knows anything about Philly radio history knows Mike Bitchanelli is a narcissistic, delusional, psychopathic douche bag who is hated by anyone who ever grew up or worked with him. Asshat is obviously a horrible team-mate and seems content to have the only show with ratings, while the rest of his steaming pile of dog dung lineup grovels at his feet. Would love to see him wiped off the face of the earth and eventually implode when Bruno and Innes are on and his real self emerges. Have you every seen this jackalope in public? He hates people outside of his country club, lawyer scum pals on the main line. How does he have this power? Luck! Eskin was bored and Bitchanelli did a more upbeat version of Howie and WIP had no one good enough to put on in afternoons and just threw Antney onto a show he had no business hosting, with a bunch of different co-hosts whom he hated. Don’t know either of these guys personally, but I do know MM is a total fraud who needs to be smacked down to size.

  44. I don’t understand the hate around Josh honestly…. I’m 28 and I’ve been listening to sports radio in Philly since I was a kid. Every host is the same. That bland, old-school style broadcast, ‘i know everything about sports’ attitude.

    Now i’m sure we all have our tastes, but honestly Josh Innes has been the freshest thing I’ve heard in sports radio in a LONG time. His “i dont give a f*ck” attitude and HIGHLY opinion based show is phenomenal. I honestly look forward to listening to Josh because I never know what to expect. From callers flipping out on him, to him flipping out on callers, to just an honestly funny show.

    For those of you who think his ‘style doesnt work in Philly radio’, gtfo. You’re in the past. Radio is changing. It’s all about shock factor… and if you cant handle it, go back to listening to AM radio.

      1. It is a sports talk station. Shock is not part of that unless the Eagles win a Super Bowl. You are referring to radio shows like Morning Zoos and some music stations. You are the one that does not have a clue as to what content goes with what type of station.

        1. Fucking Cataldi does the same fucking shit as Innes, only at about a billion decibels higher, which makes him a billion times more fucking annoying.

          If you are going to bitch about Innes, you had better bitch about Cataldi too.

  45. The radio in this town is just all around bad, not that other cities don’t have pompous windbags or awful sports radio hosts.

  46. You got Ellis & Macnow yesterday afternoon, how exciting. Ellis needs to go back to 6-10 and Ray Diddy can continue to carry Macnow on the weekends. Ellis & Macnow five days a week, nap time.

  47. 97.5 will compete with the WIP moves with the same brillance they used with these actions; Maye’s to midnight, Bruno leaving, Marks & Brace have a show. Etc,etc. So, the new 97.5 lineup:
    6 to 10. Mike & Mike
    10 to 2. Replay of 6 to 10 Mike & Mike
    2 to 6 Mike Miss (with highlights of Mike & Mike)
    That should jet them to the top.

  48. Funny listing to Mikey Miss the other day talk about his jock lifestyle at PSU, with the athletes’ dining halls, etc. The jerkoff is listed as having been on the PSU baseball roster for exactly one year. Who knows if this is even legit, or something a donation to the program bought him. At best, he milks a few months as a walk on at the end of the NL bench, before getting cut presumably and banished to intramural or club ball, into a whole persona as a “former college athlete”.

    He is a very sad and pathetic man.

  49. How nuts would Mikey Miss become if WIP did put Bruno and Innes on opposite him? WIP is giving away SB tickets, has the Eagles and Phillies. 97.5 is giving away t-shirts and Sixers tickets and has the 2 teams no one listens to as their top properties and they think they can win with 1 crappy, tired show? Buh Bye Bitchanelli. Watching you Melt Down is going to be the highlite of 2015. Getcha popcorn and hair dye ready!

  50. I am a little older than most commenters, so, for your review:

    Andy Bloom is not a sports guy. he is a talk radio guy. He could give a shit about sports. he cares about ratings. Unfortunately, he seems to think he can recreate the 1990’s version of WYSP on 94WIP.

    6-10 Stern
    10-2 Don and Mike
    2-6 Opie and Anthony
    6-10 Greaseman….then Kidd Kris

    For those years, 94 played NO music..only talk/entertainment. It worked….for a while. Stern went to Sirrius; Don and Mike sucked; O&A got fired; back to music.

    Let’s look at 94WIP:
    6-10: Cataldi: Morning Zoo shtick with a little sports
    10-1: Mike & Ike: Suck
    1-6: If it winds up being Bruno and Innes, they will peak for a bit, then crash and burn. Bruno does know sports, but knows his shtick (pop culture, soundboard, etc.) gets a bigger draw. Innes knows shit about sports, and it is an insult to Stern to even say he is ripping him off.

    The only things saving 94 right now are:
    -Mike and Mike in the Morning: National doesn’t play here….and they suck
    -Mayes is OK
    -Miss has a horrible rep with a sizable portion of the listening base….on par with Eskin.

    Bottom Line: If Bloom thinks pairing Innes with anybody is going to save the WIP brand, he is sadly mistaken.

    1. The Stern, Don & Mike, O & A, and Kidd Chris lineup was the last time I remember listening to a station all day ,every day, without even entertaining the idea of changing the station.

      I am 34, for the past 10 years I have been unable to listen to sport talk radio for more than a few minutes at a time. The combination of dim-witted callers with unrealistic scenarios (Mariota being the soup du jour), and host actually pandering to them, is too much to take. I wish they would bring back the talk.

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