Randall Cunningham Would Love to See Marcus Mariota with the Eagles

Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of people who would like to see Marcus Mariota be the Eagles’ quarterback. In fact, if you remove the context of what you’d have to give up to get him, most of you would probably want him here next year. Yes, that context is important, but it’s not what Randall Cunningham has in mind when he’s talking about Mariota, it’s how good he’d be for the Eagles.

Cunningham swung by Comcast SportsNet’s Philly Sports Talk to hype up his memorabilia auction, but he also talked Mariota and how he’d fit with the Eagles.

“Nothing against Sanchez and the quarterbacks there, but if they team back together somehow, some way, Chip gets his boy with him there,” Cunningham said. “Whether through trade or whatever it takes, and they protect that kid, he is the kind of leader you want in Philadelphia.”

Sure. Eagles fans want a little bit of talk though, but they’d happily trade it for success on the field. Randall’s right on the money here.

“When you look up in the stadium and you see his parents, they’re not drinking beers and acting crazy,” Cunningham continues. “They’re respectable people.”

Okay, Randall. First of all, having a beer and “acting crazy” because your kid is playing football on a grand stage right in front of you doesn’t exclude you from being a respectable person. Secondly, if people knew Mariota’s parents would be in the stands drinking Bud Lights and going nuts with the fans around them, they’d demand a trade for him tomorrow.

That trade is unlikely to happen (or if you find Sal Pal on the right day, very likely and is being hammered out right now), but that isn’t going to stop anyone and everyone from talking about it until the draft.


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  1. whatever happened to Randall Cunningham’s son that was suppose to be a great QB???

  2. Randall, Rodney Peete, McChoke…….NO CHAMPIONSHIPS…why??? What do they all have in common???
    47 1/2-1 1/2

    Shut your hole Randall.

  3. don’t tell me we need a post every time someone mentions Mariota and the Eagles.

  4. “If we get Mariota, I will blow Chip….AGAIN”–Gay Jeffy

    Gold Standard–go fuck yourself.

  5. Why can’t smokeshow Natalie take Rhea’s place on the morning show. Rhea brings NOTHING to the table and has the look of a drunk Roxborough chick that gets smacked around by her boyfriend.

    What happened to joseph anyway

    1. I think they divorced. Being an annoying, unfunny loudmouth takes its toll on a marriage. Natalie is far from a smokeshow. She is yet another 6 hyped up by Angelo to a 10. Sorta like every white trash wingette they trot out for the drunken slobs who show up at White Trash Fest aka Wing Bowl.

  6. pretty subtle shot to Foles by Cunningham mentioning “Nothing against Sanchez and THOSE OTHER quarterbacks” guess we know he doesnt believe in Folds.

  7. Who’s with me in thinking Chip Kelly will use the 20th pick on UCLA qb Brett Hundley?

    I know it’s a reach taking Hundley at 20,but with Chip being in total control with no other voices in the war room to challenge him,look for Chip to settle on Hundley because he’s so worried that he won’t be there in the 2nd rd for Eagles at pick #52.

  8. Does anyone else click the comments link under the heading every time instead of the link to the story?

  9. If I have to hear Mariota’s name 100 more friggin times I’m gonna put a bullet in my head. This stuff has become insufferable.

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