Reuben Frank and T.O. Argued Over T.O.’s Legacy on Twitter

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Last night on Twitter, Reuben Frank and T.O. got into it a little bit on Twitter. It makes sense. Neither man is really too busy during these cold winter months, but Roob still seems like he got a little too fired up (I can just hear him yelling “It could have been you, TO. It should have been you” with tears in his eyes). T.O. just laughs it off, but Roob doesn’t let that slide. He probably just looked at how long it’s been since anything of importance has happend with the Eagles and decided “No, T.O., this is not okay.” Really, they’re both just being dumb.

And this has been TV personalities get in pointless Twitter fights with retired athletes.


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  1. Since 1973 Mike Quick is the best receiver to ever play in Eagles green. Take it from me, I know

  2. Does everyone forget Fred Barnett??? Greatest receiver in Eagles history!!! 2nd greatest receiver, Calvin Williams!!

    Roob the Boob probably is correct. sad days indeed

  3. Should have paid him. T. O. Is obviously a far superior talent than Mike Quick could even dream to be. He wasn’t in Philadelphia long enough for him to be the Eagles greatest WR.

  4. T.O. and what appears to be mental illness ran himself out the city way too early to be the greatest anything in Philly. Well unless the question is “Who was the most foolish WR in Eagles history”. He wins that one hands down.

  5. I remember TO actually did own the city for that first season, then Mcnabb got paranoid and sensitive and told management not to give him an extension. Owens didn’t help the situation either

  6. roob is a weirdo. he unfriended me on facebook because i made fun of his finding the crossword puzzle in the tv guide challenging. and then one time i heard him go off on one of the elderly callers on the radio. the guy was an idiot, but no moreso than any of the other elderly callers, but you would have thought the guy called roob’s mom a whore. and he’s the very definition of the hipster music snob too.

    1. Hey leave the guy alone, he ain’t no goof nor an idiot. Bababoey Bababoey Howard Stern’s penis Bababoey.

  7. Reuben Frank is one miserable individual.
    He yells and screams and then hangs up on callers who don’t agree with him and now mr triple gut is twitter-beefing with T.O(loser).

    1. Poor Roob thinks he’s cool enough to pull S. Baicker. He’s all over her on social media.

  8. This guy for real? Twitter beefing with a former wide receiver who was run out/ helped run himself out of town. ? Does he also like to fistfite infants.? Embarrassing for him.

  9. Roob definitely is a music snob. I called him out on it one time and he blocked me on twitter. Him and Mikey Miss need to realize their age.

  10. I enjoy his Twitter takes. He has really good insight into the team. As crazy as TO is he’s going to walk into the NFL Hall of Fame. Owens problem is every team he was on he eventually lit a match to.

  11. was tell the truth about Uncle Tom McNabb. that choke artist cut his own throat when he ran TO outta town. McPuke had never played better before or since. if he was smart, he would’ve given TO his own money to keep him in town.

  12. Both being dumb? Roob is the best. And he’s spot on with this one. He’s just telling it like it is, and obviously TO can’t deny it because all he’s got is “That’s funny” and “That’s funnier”.

    Rueben Frank is a great guy. And as for TO, the truth hurts. He could have been one of the most loved players in Eagles history if he hadn’t decided after just 1 year that he couldn’t go any longer without being a douche.

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