Roy Halladay is Just The Best at Twitter

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I get it. Sometimes you’re so enthralled by looking at a roller coaster, you don’t realize Roy Halladay is right behind you. It happens. But when you’re wearing a Roy Halladay shirsey, and Roy takes notes and snaps a pic with you, and you don’t know it? That’s rough. But I guess you should just be honored to be around Twitter-greatness.


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  1. Halladay is the second best pitcher the Phillies ever had in my lifetime. Carlton of course is #1.

    1. Carlton
    2. Halladay
    3. Schilling
    4. Lee
    5. Hamels

  2. “But when you’re wearing a Roy Halladay shirsey, ”

    Shirsey? I had to google that word. Never heard of it. From the “Urban Dictionary”:

    A shirsey is a combination of a T-shirt and jersey. Preferred in the past by dirtbags and asshats, the shirsey has made a comeback as an affordable, yet acceptable form of sports apparrel.

    Jim, I am now convinced by the people on this board that you are an elitist asshole. The guy/kid in that picture is wearing an unofficial shirt of the Phillies, but he didn’t spend $140 on an “official” Phillies jersey and you make fun of him? Fuck you. You really must be a piece of shit. What the fuck is wrong with you?

      1. saying that he got the halladay shirsey @ goodwill and that he wouldn’t know roy if he bumped into him, and the latter at least appears to be the case

    1. Bob, you are the angriest person on this board.

      Calm down man, life isn’t all the bad (at least I hope not).

      Why do you get so angry at posts and waste your time commenting all the time?

      You have to be a Republican.

      1. Hint: I don’t.

        For real though….”Shirsey” is the accepted term for one of those things. Has been for a long time, as far as i know. I don’t like it, but he’s not making fun of him at all and it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with Jim’s supposed elitism. I demand you apologize or not apologize.

  3. A poignant quote comes to mind reminiscent of Steve Carlton, “He never learned to say, “hello” until it was time to say, “goodbye.”

  4. He didn’t recognize him because all white people look alike to black people.

  5. First of all, if you’re too dumb to figure out what a Shirsey is when it’s pointed out to you in a picture then I’m shocked you can even read.

    Second of all I want to bear the children of Roy Halladay in my dried up and atrophied uterus. If at all possible.

  6. This was so awesome it almost HAD to be staged. But, c’mon, Roy…you couldn’t throw the guy a bone and stand next to him and make some inane, innocuous comment about the roller coaster to see if he’d at least look? The reaction would surely be priceless. “Yeah, that is a pretty good….OH MY GOD!!!!!”

  7. Have we really gone 72 hours with discussing the only hot topic in Philly sports right now!?

    RADIO WARS!!!!

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