Photo Credit: Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need a quarterback. They have the first overall draft pick. And according to Sal Paolantonio and the rest of Western Civilization, that pick will be used on Marcus Mariota, whom Chip Kelly probably desperately wants.

“In my opinion, it is virtually impossible to draft Marcus Mariota where the Eagles draft,” Sal Pal said while talking to Tim McManus on Mike Missanelli’s 97.5 The Fanatic™. “I can’t see a solution to this problem other than making your team so weak that you mortgage the future.”

Kelly likely wants Mariota to be his quarterback next year, but moving up from 20 to 1 is nearly unheard of, and to convince the Bucs — a team in desperate need of a quarterback — that it’s a good idea would be a tough task. But that’s not to say Chip won’t coach Mariota at some point. It just might not happen in Philly… if you believe Sal’s continued slinging of shit onto a blank space that’s unfortunately not the one Taylor Swift speaks of in her hit single.

“[The Bucs] will go out and find a coach who can [coach Mariota],” Sal Pal continued. “Chip Kelly has two more years on his deal, they won’t leave him hanging on a lame duck year in the third year. Chip probably said to himself ‘I can wait it out here for two years… then go coach Mariota.'”

Thanks a lot, Sal. We just got done with all of that “Chip Kelly is leaving” stuff, and then he gets a promotion, and now we’re right back into that “Chip Kelly is leaving” stuff again. Really, great job, thanks so much.

The audio of Sal Pal’s entire call can be heard here.