Sal Pal Slings More Ish at the Wall, Says the Buccaneers Will Draft Mariota and Maybe Make Future Moves for Chip Kelly

Photo Credit: Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need a quarterback. They have the first overall draft pick. And according to Sal Paolantonio and the rest of Western Civilization, that pick will be used on Marcus Mariota, whom Chip Kelly probably desperately wants.

“In my opinion, it is virtually impossible to draft Marcus Mariota where the Eagles draft,” Sal Pal said while talking to Tim McManus on Mike Missanelli’s 97.5 The Fanatic™. “I can’t see a solution to this problem other than making your team so weak that you mortgage the future.”

Kelly likely wants Mariota to be his quarterback next year, but moving up from 20 to 1 is nearly unheard of, and to convince the Bucs — a team in desperate need of a quarterback — that it’s a good idea would be a tough task. But that’s not to say Chip won’t coach Mariota at some point. It just might not happen in Philly… if you believe Sal’s continued slinging of shit onto a blank space that’s unfortunately not the one Taylor Swift speaks of in her hit single.

“[The Bucs] will go out and find a coach who can [coach Mariota],” Sal Pal continued. “Chip Kelly has two more years on his deal, they won’t leave him hanging on a lame duck year in the third year. Chip probably said to himself ‘I can wait it out here for two years… then go coach Mariota.'”

Thanks a lot, Sal. We just got done with all of that “Chip Kelly is leaving” stuff, and then he gets a promotion, and now we’re right back into that “Chip Kelly is leaving” stuff again. Really, great job, thanks so much.

The audio of Sal Pal’s entire call can be heard here.


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  1. This is why I don’t listen to douchebags on the radio who think they know the sports they spew shit about. It’s really pathetic the choice of so many idiots on our airwaves with nobody with a brain in sight. Just making shit up and saying it does not make it true. At least Howard Eskin plays the odds when he throws his shit at the wall.

  2. Are we really sure that Kelly wants Mariota, like “has to have” him? Chip is nothing if not a realist, and that philosophy acknowledges that “you cant always get what you want.” I am thinking he goes defense first round and then makes a move up to grab Brett Hundley early in the second. The Chip/Mariota marriage is great for headlines and press, but its not happening. Chip wants to win, and you can’t win by giving up huge real estate in the draft/future drafts on a risky QB prospect. If the Bucs would take Foles, Shady, our first and a 2014 fourth, maybe? But they would never do that…

  3. Didn’t Chip Kelly desperately want Johnny Manziel last year? You guys are falling for it again.

  4. Given the recent track record of 1st round QBs not named Cam Newton or Andrew Luck (Locker, Gabbert, Ponder, Griffin, Tannehill, Weeden, Manuel, Bortles, Manziel, Bridgewater), the odds are that Mariota won’t be in the league in 2 years anyway when Chip would theoretically be looking to go to Tampa according to Sal.

  5. In FACT. You know this reminds ME of the time when Bill Walsh believed Phil Simms was the only college quarterback who could run HIS system. The Giants grabbed him, he drafted Joe Montana, then two years later split and headed over to the Giants to coach HIS guy. We ALL know how that turned out, AMIRITE, Mikey Miss?!

    Jaws and I talk about this all the time on Inside the NFL. This really started this trend we see now of coaches building offensive systems around only one QB.

  6. Also: fuck the Fanatic. Will never listen to that station after they dropped Bruno. I like Matt Lombardo, but the rest of that cast is no bueno.

  7. Sal Pal in January of 2009 said whover won the Eagles Giant playoff game would win the Super Bowl as they were, per Sal, the best two teams. WRONG. Giants lost and Eagles lost to Arizona. Sal Pal also reported Lurie and Jimmy Johnson in a restaurant around 1994 discussing Eagles’ coaching gig when Kotite was still coach. WRONG AGAIN!

    1. Sal Pal is an idiot. But did he report in 1994 Laurie and Johnson were discussing the head coaching position or that Johnson was going to GET the job? Because I think everyone pretty much knows Johnson was offered the job.

  8. it’s funny how MM went on a two year binge about Kaepernick being the be all end all of “mobile” QB’s, and now that that ship has sailed, he is on to Mariota!!!

    and Sal just like to hear himself talk….never gives any info ever! Just like Eskin……just keep throwing crap against the wall, and maybe once a year, something sticks…..

    I agree with the earlier post regarding the kid from UCLA…..

    1. So does Ray Rhodes. Yet neither were given complete control over the team.

        1. The first ten of which were way better than the five year shit show that has come since.

          1. I know. Although the same amount of Super Bowls were won in both time frames so there’s that…

  9. I thought reporters were supposed to report on what is happening or at least likely to happen, not what might, possibly, potentially, hypothetically happen. Mariota to Tampa is likely, but Chip to Tampa? Serious speculation, Sal bro.

  10. Draft the FSU qb Winston. Drop him off at Cosby’s house . To learn how to treat a lady. Watch superbowls pile up.

    1. He already knows how to treat a lady Cosby style. Plus, there’s no way on Earth we can get up to draft Winston either.

  11. Since Chip is “totally in charge” of player personnel—and don’t believe that for a second– offer the Bucs 3 Firsts, 2 Second and Foles for the Number One pick. What the fuck does Saint Chip care since he’s going to be outta here in two years anyway?
    Fuck off Jeffy…….and Rosekiller….

  12. With the 20th pick in the 2015 nfl draft,the Philadelphia Eagles select Brett Hundley.

  13. This is the same jack ass who said, on Espn radio that the Eagles would beat the Seahawks this year. His reasoning? 6 years prior Oregon rolled Carroll’s USC team. You know , a team without Cam Chancellor or Earl Thomas amongst others. Can’t imagine how anyone would take this fool seriously, he almost has less credibility than Bitchanellli.
    Also, if Tampa Bay wanted a guy to coach Mariota, why wouldn’t they make an offer to Oregon’s current coach? He’s coached him as much as the genius has, and at least Helfich has actually won a playoff game

  14. Sal Pal, a monkey with a mic who does 1 minute wrap up post game side line drivel for ESPN from different stadiums, but has the authority to make up crap on douche-nozzle Mikey Miss show as some sort of insider. Ass clown just takes a paycheck from whichever desperate radio station feels he contributes. Love the 975 billboards with all of the “paid” WHITE, ESPN analysts hired to prop grand pop up elitist fraud Mikey Miss as the “football” station. None of these guys would piss on Missanelli if he was on fire without a paycheck.

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