Report: Sam Hinkie Trades Basically Nothing for Basically Nothing

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Updated flowchart to come.

The Clippers have reportedly traded Jared Cunningham — whose contract was just about to become guaranteed for the rest of the year — to the Sixers, along with cash, in return for reportedly no one (likely a protected pick, or Tony Wroten I guess somehow). Cunningham will reportedly be waived immediately, and Sam Hinkie once again pulls off a deal no one saw coming or cared to even imagine, because why would you?

UPDATE: Even the Clippers didn’t really care that much.

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UPDATE 2: According to CSN’s John Gonzalez, the Sixers and Clippers are discussing a possible second deal that would include Tony Wroten.

UPDATE 3: The trade, officially, is this: The Clippers trade Jared Cunningham (immediately waived), the draft rights to Cenk Akyol and cash considerations to the Philadelphia 76ers in exchange for the draft rights to Serhiy Lishchuk (whose rights came here in the Shved deal).


5 Responses

  1. Great trade one of the guys that can actually play and is young enough to be on this team and contribute when they become good.

  2. I’ve tried to be on board the Hinkie plan but there would be no defending a Wroten trade. I’m sure the analytics nerds will find a reason though.

  3. Wroten is on the block because he was a big factor in leading the 76ers to their first home win. Can’t have that kind of attitude around here.

  4. And we bitch about Chip Kelly having too much power,Sam Hinkie has zero individuals in the Sixers organization that will stop him from giving away a very talented 21 point guard in Tony Wroten,for a breakfast burrito(smdh).

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