The Cowboys Won and a Fat Man Was There to Celebrate

I’d call him “transparent” if he weren’t so goddamned fat.

Oh, and none of these were penalties:

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64 Responses

    1. On to Green Bay hater,and enjoy that long Eagles off-season as your squad celebrates 55 years without winning the big one!

      Cowboys 5 Super Bowls Wins
      NY Giants 4 Super Bowl wins
      Redskins 3 Super Bowl wins
      Philthadelphia Pigeons 0 Super Bowl wins.

      But look at the bright side,you guys will be having a parade down Broad st for winning the salary cap bowl(LOL).

      1. They just had their parade down Broad Street. A bunch of drunk, cross-dressing fools called the Mummers!

        At least it was warm out today. Hopefully the Eagles were able to play some golf in between the rain….That is, unless ya boi Shady wasn’t too busy leaving shitty tips for some poor college kid. HAHAHAHAHAHAH





        1. Now you can see why most of us are Cowboy ‘fans’. We log on and start posting stupid crap. We are just losers that need attention. Negative attention is better than no attention.

          1. Seems like a reasonable explanation. Anyone who watched that play knew there wasn’t PI. People whine and complain about that call all year long and how the NFL won’t let them play, blah blah blah, but the SECOND it isn’t called against the Cowboys the irrational, fly by their seat haters are out in full force. Get over it clowns.

  1. Is that photoshopped or a real picture? If it is real, is Christie ever going to take that sweater off? I am so pissed off at Detroit for not coming through. Also if that fat fuck calls the morning show tomorrow, they better not let him on air – it will not go over too well.

  2. I hope he rolls over on Jones and suffocates his frozen face in the middle of the night.

  3. I’m gonna celebrate tomorrow by shutting down the Fort Lee Bridge.

    And then eat waffles. Lots and lots of waffles.

  4. Wait a cotton-pickin’ minute here……I’m the Republican Guv-Na of the great state of Texas…..what’s ChristieTits doin’ in my seat!?!?!?

  5. Hey, at least they HAD a playoff game.


    Life just hasn’t been the same since they took Vaughn Hebron off the air……

  6. Seriously Kyle, how does Nova lose to a shit squad like Seton Hall? They have round of 32 written all over them . Leave college basketball to the powerhouse programs which Nova is nowhere near.

    1. KKKYYYLLLEEE What ??? No Vilenova basketball banner ?? Thats outrageous. After blowing out Seton Hall and staying undefeated !!!!

  7. You forgot to include how many “pick up the shield” shirts were sold in your 2014 stats

  8. Who gives a fuck??????

    I ain’t a Lions fan, I sure as fuck ain’t a Cowboy fan, and I don’t live in Jersey. Why should fucks be given from me on this?

  9. Christie’s flop sweat and fromunda cheese is going to freeze next week if all he wears is that red sweater to Lambeau. I hope Rodgers throws 40 touchdowns on them.

  10. Wow, Philly Eagles Fans twitter needs a life. Our team is out of it, so let’s root against the Cowboys to give us a post-season purpose. Let’s tweet screenshots of every violation against Dallas that wasn’t called. I got news for you: the Lions ran into the punter just like the Cowboys did, but only the Cowboys one was called. A Cowboys DL was tackled in the backfield on the Stafford scramble for 1st down deep in Lions territory, no call. There could be a hold called on just about every passing play both ways. Stop begging for calls and whining about the bad ones, they all even out in the end. There was no single call that turned the game. The Cowboys won, the Lions lost, the Eagles did not play. Get over it.

  11. This is the same governor that refuses to contribute to the NJ state pension system and has not given
    NJ state employees a raise in 6 years. Nice that he can fly off every weekend to Dallas and celebrate in the owners box.

    1. Those workers are free to look elsewhere for jobs if they don’t like it. The fuck is this? Charity?

        1. Sounds like a shitty contract. I stand by my previous statement. Don’t like the job? Go elsewhere. You are entitled to exactly jack shit.

  12. Look at it this way Eagles fans, you saved a lot of money on playoff tickets this year!



    1. Dont you have to be at work at Wawa soon? Are you still on the late shift or did they switch you? I Have not seen you lately when i come in to get my coffee before i go to work.

      Frankly I would have fired your ass because your always hanging out front while the line builds up at the register and the deli worker always has to come around and handle that. People can’t leave their cars running because they think your waiting out there to steal them. I kind of miss the chaos in the morning…

    2. Dude you are really really funny man. We should chill some time. I mean really, that there was such a clever quip you just conjured up, I can’t even believe it.

  13. Honestly the games this weekend mean nothing. No way in hell the Seahawks or Packers don’t win the NFC and same with the Pats and Broncos in the AFC. All the teams playing this weekend are just teasing the fans.

  14. Any chance the Cowboys can pay off the refs in Green Bay next week?? I would be shocked if the commish does not look into some sort of fix in this game. Some really strange shit by the refs. Argue all you want, the fix was in.

  15. That fat fucking motherfucker Chris Christie. Good god what a glorious fucktard of fat goo and lard.

    Sean Brace sucks.

  16. I forgot. How much is Bitchanelli jerking himself silly over this? 95% of the people who call his show are uneducated blacks and Cowboys fans. That geezer is going to have to dye his hair a darker shade of black to offset all the cum he’s going to get stuck in there (His own cum).

    1. Your handle would be slightly (very, very slightly) funnier if you tried to create a name that phonetically sounds like what your handle says. To wit: my handle.

      1. Actually, what is REALLY funny is how many people think sports is real.

        It is STUNNING how many people think refs blow endless calls – even with instant replay.

        Wake up folks. You have been had.

        Go take a walk in the park.

        Get reacquainted with your family again.

        Bake some cookies.

        Just say no to sports.

        I hope Mr. Jebbie does not delete this.

  17. I would worry a lot more about the clowns who fucked up the Eagles 2014 draft and cost the team the playoffs than Governor Christie.

    1. You’re 100% correct but unfortunately ass-kissing green kool-aid drinking Chip Kelly lapdog Eagles fans need someone to blame for their team s’ epic late season collapse.

      And that clown you’re referring to who ruined the Eagles 2014 nfl draft is none other than Mr. No Neck himself Chip Kelly.


      1. Now that I don’t have a show, can you call my personal cell so I can jerk of to your grating voice?

  18. He just wants to cheese Mikey off. Now Mike is getting really torqued. He’s so upset that he broke his Arcade Fire record in half.

  19. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood afternoooooooooooooooooon everybody.

    Man it’s great to be off the air, isn’t it? Nobody wants to hear my fake South Philly tough guy guido act anymore.

  20. Was it me, or did anyone else actually see Christie blowing Jerry and the other men in the booth? WTF? That Phat Phuck prolly charged the taxpayers for plane ride there!!!!

  21. You retards would vote for an ardvark for POTUS if it had an Eagles sticker on its back

  22. Since I fucked two old fat broads in Delco.

    Don’t ask.

    One kinda resembled Chuck Bednarik. That should give you some idea.

  23. Hey, all you out there that are ticked off that Jerry Jones is my new best friend, shut up and sit down. And stop the questions as to whether New Jersey taxpayers paid for this little pleasure trip to Dallas. You should be ticked I wasted millions in taxpayers costs building that white elephant in Atlantic City that is the Revel Casino.

  24. The Black Sox Scandal 1919

    Turning back to 1919 and the World Series fix, it was Rothstein that paid the majority of the money that the players received. Rothstein, himself, bet over $250,000 on the series. He bet the entire amount, not on each game, but that the White Sox would lose the World Series to Cincinnati. The eighth game of the series was so very critical to Rothstein. He became more than annoyed that the White Sox won games six and seven; and Rothstein perceived that the fix was off.

    When Rothstein learned that Williams was to pitch game eight, he put into motion the most important event that brought about a World Series win for Cincinnati; that is, the threatening phone call to Lefty Williams the night before game eight. If Lefty Williams had any reasonable insight as to Rothstein’s connection with the fix, Williams would have certainly known of Rothstein’s ability to carry out a murder threat against him and perhaps his wife. Williams helped to lose game eight and Rothstein collected the rewards of his bet.

    Power wears out those who do not have it.

  25. Most of the Republicans on this comments section will vote for Christie if he wins the primaries anyway so quit acting like you care.

    1. I’m Reupublican and wouldn’t vote for this fat ass clown in a primary or the general. It’s not going to matter because he won’t win the primaries anyway

  26. Our fanbase obsessing about Chris Christie being in Jerry Jones Box is getting ridiculous and makes us look like petty idiots. I am no fan of Christie as my Governor of NJ, but I could care less what teams he roots for. I’m more worried about the dysfunctional power structure in the Eagles front office along with who was responsible for picking Marcus Smith last year in the 1st round despite playing 1 game? Come on fellow Eagles fans stop obsessing about the bad call in the Cowboys game last night, and whether Christie is sitting with Jerry Jones, and worry about more pressing issues that there is utter turmoil going on in our front office, and Lurie tried to play it down Friday night like there was nothing wrong.

  27. Early in game I’m looking at Stafford as the kind of qb I wish the Eagles had. What an arm! Then he made some of the most ridiculous throws that I thought he had been possessed by Mark Sanchez. As bad as ‘the non-call’ was, Detroit lost the game on their own.

  28. “He’s cute, ain’t he? Only problem is, he’s got a little bit of Mississippi leg hound in him. If the mood catches him right, he’ll grab your leg, and just go to town. You don’t want him around if you’re wearing short pants if you know what I mean. A word of warning though: If he does lay into you, it’s best to just let him finish.”

    Cousin Eddie talking about “Snots” or Gov Christie?!?

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