The Eagles Got a Fourth Round Pick from Buffalo Because Bryce Brown and Stevie Johnson Both Stunk

Photo Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

During last year’s NFL draft, the Eagles sent running back Bryce Brown packing to Buffalo in return for a conditional draft pick. In a separate deal, Buffalo sent wide receiver Stevie Johnson to the 49ers. They both failed to meet the statistical conditions of the deal, so that conditional pick is coming through for the Eagles in the fourth round of this year’s draft.

In the wording of the deal, according to Bleeding Green Nation, the Eagles would get a third round pick in 2016 if both players hit their goals, a fourth round pick in 2016 if only Stevie Johnson did, and:

The Bills will send a 2015 fourth-round selection to Philadelphia if:
– Stevie Johnson does not meet production-based conditions in San Francisco in 2014.
– Bryce Brown does not meet production-based conditions in Buffalo in 2014.

Because they both failed to meet their production-based conditions — Brown rushed for 126 yards and Johnson caught 35 passes for 435 yards — the Eagles will receive the Bills’ fourth round selection in this year’s draft. The Eagles turned a seventh round pick they barely used (and didn’t need) into a fourth round pick. That’s some Sam Hinkie stuff, and it’s a nice little (begrudgingly) parting gift from Howie.


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  1. If howie wasn’t such a pussy he should have gave up a precious 4th pick last year to move up & draft ha ha or cooks. Just chucked the 1st rd pick & Drafted that loser Marcus smith makes no sense

    1. I’m more upset that Chip Kelly passed on hard hitting,sure tackling strong safety Deone Bucannon.

      Deone Bucannon is the 2nd coming of Wes Hopkins ,unfortunately it’ll be as a Arizona Cardinals player.

  2. 2003 15 Jerome McDougle DE Miami [p] – BUST
    2004 16 Shawn Andrews T Arkansas [q] – BUST
    2005 31 Mike Patterson DT Southern California – MEDIOCRE (NOT A FIRST ROUND PICK)
    2006 14 Brodrick Bunkley DT Florida State MEDIOCRE (NOT A FIRST ROUND PICK)
    2007 No pick [r]
    2008 No pick [s]
    2009 19 Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri [t] – ALRIGHT
    2010 13 Brandon Graham DE Michigan [u] – MEDIOCRE (NOT A FIRST ROUND PICK)
    2011 21 Danny Watkins OG Baylor [u] – BUST
    2012 12 Fletcher Cox DT Mississippi State – LEGIT FIRST ROUND TALENT
    2013 4 Lane Johnson OT Oklahoma – ALRIGHT
    2014 26 Marcus Smith DE Louisville – BUST TO MEDIOCRE (TOO EARLY TO TELL)

    Look at this garbage…..we are lucky to be 10-6

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