The NY Daily News’ Cover Is Perfect, Just like Tom Brady’s Balls

Voila_Capture 2015-01-23_08-44-23_AM

I’ve been giggling nonstop for 15-straight hours. Might take me through the weekend, maybe a little into next week, too.


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  1. Practically every male under 90 has turned into a 10 year old again because of “balls”. Marshawn Lynch only had gold on his shoes – not enough material

  2. Brewers in serious talks involving Papelbon. Hell trade him for nothing. Or eat a chunk of money for a lower prospect. A 70 win team can’t afford the luxury of a 13 mil closer. Get that dickhead out of here.

    1. Every bullpen pitcher loves him and says he is an incredible mentor. And though he is a dick, he is a helluva a closer so having him as a mentor for pitching can’t be too bad.

      I wouldn’t mind trading him, but I’d want something in return.

  3. I sold him those balls…skimmed a little off the top for myself and then had a perc party with John Bolaris and some dirty russian whores!!!

  4. Nothing makes laskowski giddier than male genetalia. His own genetalia has been supplying laughs to women for decades.

  5. Just another reason to hate the fuckin’ Patriots! This Super Bowl really sucks because I hate the fuckin’ Seahawks too! Maybe I’ll see if I can bail out Tolly and go to the bar and shoot some pool. If I’m lucky he’ll turn me on to his dealer!

  6. I was really hoping for more coverage on this story than what’s been posted. Disappointing!

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