The Padres Really Want Cole Hamels, Maybe

Photo Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we detailed a couple of the reasons why it may be so hard to find a trading partner for Ryan Howard. Ruben Amaro should have no such problem with Cole Hamels. Yet, Hamels is still here. Rumors have swirled around the Red Sox, Cubs and Cardinals (among others) this offseason so far, and now it seems like it’s the Padres’ turn.

According to Jon Heyman, the Padres are interested in possibly, potentially, maybe making a deal for Hamels. How tangential is all of this? “One executive with another team suggested the Padres may be more likely than others to land Hamels, based on their decent prospect list and obvious resolve to contend in 2015.” That’s where we are now. But it’s not all new information. This fun meme from last year’s trade deadline has resurfaced:

Yet another rival exec suggested the Phillies are looking for a “huge” package in return for Hamels, to the point where that exec questioned whether Philly is committed to trading Hamels.

The report continues, saying that outfielder Hunter Renfroe, pitcher Matt Wisler and catcher Austin Hedges — San Diego’s top three prospects — would likely be the Phillies’ targets.

Common sense dictates that the longer Hamels stays on the Phillies roster, the smaller his return will be, but if the Padres (or Cubs or Red Sox or Cardinals) decide they need to have him, Ruben may actually find himself in an impossible to screw-up position which he will surely screw up, and don’t call him Shirley.

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24 Responses

  1. itd be fucking fantastic if the phillies signed some washed up old hitters this offseason, instead of just signing washed up old pitchers

  2. “Common sense dictates that the longer Hamels stays on the Phillies roster, the smaller his return will be”

    This is one of the dumbest statements I have ever read on this site pertaining to an actual sports opinion. Jim, you must really know little about how the baseball off-season works. The 2 top free agent pitchers on the market, Max Scherzer and James Shields remain unsigned. No team interested in Hamels that can afford his contract is going to part with their prospects until Scherzer and Shields destinations are decided. But, you probably know this and have to take the obligatory shot at Ruben Amaro anyways because that’s what you are paid to do. Predictable.

    1. Hamels is owed around 22m per for 3 more seasons.

      John Lester just signed a 155M 6 year deal including a 30 M signing bonus. He is nowhere near Cole Hamels

      Sherzer isnt taking less than that. Scott Boras + the market on pitchers= mo money. Scherzer will require more money than most teams can afford. I’m thinking around 200M

      Shields is almost as good as Hamels and 2 years older plus will bring a larger annual contract than Hamels currently has.

      In other words, Hamels is the best deal for a team flush with prospects making a run for the WS. Owners like prospects dude, but they love their money.

      1. “Owners like prospects dude, but they love their money.”

        Simplistic statement. Not in 2015, when top prospects who are under control for 6 years after making a MLB club and produce on the cheap. Regardless of what Hamels makes, no team will trade for him until the outcomes of Max Scherzer and James Shields are determined. Amaro will wait this out and he is wise to do so. It’s called leverage.

        1. So he has more leverage once there are 2 less teams looking for an ace?

          I don’t agree. But that’s ok isn’t it Son? This reminds me of the time you said you drove on a long yellow bus to school, but it was really the short one.

          1. Son? I’m in my 40’s, so if I’m a son, you must be 60+.

            No. You really don’t know how the offseason of baseball works, kid. Teams don’t just trade for aces until the free agent pitchers are signed. You mention 2 teams. Well, they might be a big market team that falls out of the Scherzer/Shields sweepstakes and decide to throw the kitchen sink to get Hamels. Patience, kid.

  3. Having a lame duck GM negotiating these deals isn’t helping matters either. Rival clubs are expecting Amaro to sell low in a bid to save his job.

    1. “Rival clubs are expecting Amaro to sell low in a bid to save his job.”

      You must be a Mensa member. If Amaro wants to save his job, why would he sell low (gain the least prospects in a trade)? Unbelievable stupidity. Amaro doesn’t have a gun to his head to trade Hamels and won’t unless another team gives up a great return of prospects. If those teams refuse, he won’t be traded. You don’t take mediocre prospects for an ace and Amaro won’t do it unless it helps the Phillies.

      1. Because getting something is often perceived as being better than getting nothing. If Amaro can get a few writers to proclaim it a fair deal, it might be enough to save his job. If he sits on Hamels for the duration of his contract, he does nothing to help his case. You don’t have to be a member of MENSA to think, “genius.”

        1. Now the media perception of Amaro is the reason that he should trade Hamels right away regardless of the return to the Phillies?

          You are a joke.

  4. You need to send Hamels and Howard somewhere in a package deal. Look what the Red Sox did a few years ago. Package bad contracts with good players and start over! They ended up winning another WS.

    1. I agree with that. If you want Hamels, you have to take Howard too. If course we will be picking up 90% of his tab.

      1. Yes, you will have to send some cash, but you will save a ton of money long term. Maybe a 50/50 split on the contract vs 100% of nothing. I think the Sox ended up sending $11m of the $250m in contracts that they had. Get back a few prospects and rebuild.

  5. Since we all know Cole Hamels will be traded to my Dodgers by the trade deadline,this is pretty much a nonstory.


  6. The longer Hamels stays on the roster, the less chance I have of going 4-15 as the fifth starter this year.

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