The Penguins Placed “Sindey Crosby” on Their Official Progam

And, well, that’s perfect.

H/T to all-star reader (@Banditmax), and (@DylanR_CC)


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  1. Who do you think will be on the cover of the Manchester Monarchs program Friday night?

    1. Impostor posted this four hours after original post which alone refutes his “joke” and also posted at 4:29 AM on a Wednesday morning which means he is a loveless, out of work alcoholic.

      Fuck Crosby. And Fuck Monarch Mike Richards.

  2. Wow….this kind of criticism from CB, which regularly publishes content filled with typos and misspellings.

    Enjoying the view from that glass house fellas?

    With that said, fuck Sidney Crosby…that whining pussy.

  3. Oh yeah, we got him bad. Chalk this one up as a win for the Flyers.

    Hey, we can’t win a Cup but we can make like 5th grade jokes about the Stanley Cup Winning Penguins spelling their best player’s name wrong.

    Last time I checked, the Nashville Predators are better than the Flyers.

    This post is childish man. I’d take wins over this garbage any day. You’re at all time lows Kyle, really reaching for straws now.

    – A Flyers Fan tired of the Flyers “BRO” Culture.

  4. Kyle, check your sources. It has been confirmed that the cover you posted is fake (photoshopped).

  5. Perfect. It’s as if a Non-Penns fan works for someone involved with printing these. It’s not that far of a stretch to say this was done on purpose by a rival hockey fan.

    Where is AlTru when you need a good conspriracy theory thunked over?

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