The Philadelphia Police Department Had One of the Best Facebook Posts of All-time Today

Voila_Capture 2015-01-18_12-30-20_PM

Absolutely brilliant. Spot-on, too– it’s a slick mess out there. If only there were a couple of car dealers and a check cashing place in this screenshot, then it really would’ve been hard to tell that Mario wasn’t driving through the Northeast.

via Reddit


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  1. Throw in a guy with a wife beater, chinstrap & tacky tattoo also then it would look even more like the Blvd.

    1. When 18-24 year old black males start taking responsibility for their own actions an contributing positively to society, that’s when their lives will matter

        1. Haha, I will be down to cop when I need something for a party. You will be there selling, until one day you get into a “beef” with another person in your crew, or a rival dealer. You will be shot in the head and will die. No one will miss you, or care much that you are gone, because your life is cheap and you are disposable. The next day, someone will replace you and life will go on, pretty much like you never existed.

          All in the game yo…..

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