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The Phillies are sending follow-up emails to people who didn’t take advantage of their birthday “gift” four months ago.

Email from reader Michael:


My birthday is in October.  I guess since these Phillies don’t play in that month, they are offering this absurd deal as an apology.

Email from reader Daniel:


My Birthday was last October..

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This is like texting a friend and asking them why they haven’t personally thanked you for or liked the birthday wishes they put on your Facebook wall.* Don’t be that person, Phillies.**

*It is 100% acceptable to do a blanket post thanking people for all the wishes, and it’s OK to do it late the night of your birthday or the next day. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a needy addict who probably sends you invites to buy a tractor on their fake farm and you should unfriend them immediately. 

**You know, earlier I joked about what the Phillies would’ve sent that sad Flyers kid had they been in that position…

… and right on cue, they embarrass themselves.