The Potential Papelbon Deal with the Brewers is Dead

Just a few days ago, Phillies fans awoke with a flutter of joy in their chests because we all thought Jonathan Papelbon might be traded. Oh what a joy it would have been, to send away a clubhouse cancer and all-around douchebag to clear a spot for Ken Giles to step into the closer role. But just yesterday, we talked about how hard it will be to move Papelbon because of Ruben Amaro’s ridiculous, vesting option-laden contracts, and it looks like the Brewers caught on.

According to Matt Lombardo, Milwaukee GM Doug Melvin thinks the deal dead. “It doesn’t appear there’s any momentum to it right now,” Melvin said. “It could be revived later, I guess, but right now there’s nothing happening. Whatever traction there was seems to have dissipated.”

Ken Rosenthal’s piece on Papelbon’s contract mentioned that Paps might find a more interested suitor if it becomes apparent that his 2016 vesting option won’t activate, but that would likely require him to wear the Phillies’ red pinstripes for at least a few more months. We’re already going to have to deal with bad baseball, and that’s okay, but more Paps? Get him out of here. Please?

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12 Responses

  1. look at the bright side…the phillies won’t ever need a closer because they’ll never be winning so we won’t have to even see pap smear and his ugly face.

    1. all those idiots who tried to say that this was a “baseball town” during the last 6-7 years are exactly that. people only GAF about the phillies when they’re winning.

  2. Who cares if it is a football town, baseball town, 4 for 4 or whatever the fuck. I’m only worried about what I root for. That’s the problem with people, they are too Concerned about what others are doing.

  3. are the Phillies smoking? Ruben Amaro keeps proving to be inept at most things GM related. FIRE HIS ASS before it’s too late!!! Actually he has pushed this club so far backwards that it’s probably too late already.

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