The Saddest Chart You May Ever See

I don't know what I'm doing!
I don’t know what I’m doing!

SB Nation baseball writer Grant Brisbee uses little actual math and science when he compiles his annual win-now, win-later baseball windows graph. It’s subjective, but telling nonetheless. [Last year he did have both World Series participants, the Royals and Giants, on his should contend side of things, though they were closer to the middle of the pack than hindsight would like.] And this year, like last year, the Phillies are in literally the worst spot on the age of talentshould contend scale:

Voila_Capture 2015-01-15_09-49-01_AM
via SB Nation

The Phils hanging off the side of the page isn’t a cropping issue– they were placed there, ostensibly because their chances of contending this year may have dipped into the negative. In fact, Brisbee even refers to that undesirable upper-left quadrant as Phillies. Here’s some of what he had to say:

It’s really, really hard to be in this quadrant. You have to try. That, or be in denial. Teams that aren’t on the should-contend side of the spectrum look around and say, “OK, who isn’t going to be here when we do contend?” Then they ship those players off for prospects, or at least make room for younger players to see what sort of part they might play in the future. The Phillies declined to do any of that. They declined with extreme prejudice. And now they’re kinda old and definitely abysmal. The younger players they have aren’t thrilling.

– sad face –

H/T to (@jason_kantor)

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61 Responses

  1. Hey Brace,

    No need to come in this weekend. We found a retarded homeless man with more talent than you. Good luck keeping your job when 97.5 hires Mush Mouth Gargano.

    1. Dude, nobody cares about baseball. It’s a dying sport. The NHL playoffs had triple the TV audience that the World Series had…. Hockey gets better ratings than baseball in America !!! It’s true, look it up. People in philly only go the Phillies games when thePhillies are really really good.
      5-Villanova basketball
      6-temple basketball
      7- Phillies

      1. “The NHL playoffs had triple the TV audience that the World Series had”

        Bullshit. I just looked it up. The 2014 World Series averaged 15 million viewers. The 2014 Stanley cup finals had 5 million viewers. You are a Flyers fan that beats off to his Ron Hextall jersey. Hockey will never come close to baseball in this country. It’s a Canadian sport. Always has been. Half of the teams need to be contracted.

        1. Bra… You looked at the wrong website. You need to look at the Nielsen ratings bra. Baseball does not do well on tv outside of nyc and St. Louis bra. NHL playoffs score higher ratings than the World Series every year that the red socks Yankees and Dodgers are not in it bra. 2009 was the highest rated World Series since the red socks won their 1st bra. Not to mention that the super bowl get nearly 400 million viewers world wide bra. Baseball is the 5th most popular TV sport in the US bra. Sorry bra. Your gay bra. Baseball is gay bra. Deal with it bra. Peace out bra.

          1. Bob this dude is right bro. Phillies ain’t in the top 5 and college hoops get way more love than the Phils bro. Sorry dude I got to agree with Boner on this one. I’m Guna mention this when I call Mikey miss today.

          2. On the World Series in 2014: “According to Nielsen, Game 7 saw 3.7/23 with 23.5 million viewers, +69% in rating and +76% in audience compared to Game 6 (8.1, 13.4 million), and +88% in rating and +91% in audience compared to the average of Games 1-6 (7.3, 12.3 million).”

            On the Stanley Cup Finals 2014: “2014 Stanley Cup Final Is Only Fifth Final Since 1994 to Average 5 Million Viewers”- Neilsen

            Yo bra, may want to check you facts.

          1. yeaaaahhhhhh…..

            2014 Stanley Cup – Avg = 3.9 million viewers
            2014 World Series – Avg = 13.8 million viewers

            I think you may be late for your statistics class over at Devry…

        1. BOB,

          Dude. Did you really just say that “maybe football is more popular than baseball”???

          I know your still pissed that u got cut from ur HS football team, and ur still pissed that the football players would pick on u in the cafeteria. And ur still pissed that the girl you were in love with was banging all the football players. But get real. Baseball is boring, gay, lame, and not at all entertaining. Check ur ratings again. Why do you think nbc , cbs, and abc all turned down mlb contracts??!

      2. I love this old tired pile of shit which is spewed every single year about how baseball is dead because of ratings. Let your football team play 162 games per season and see where their avg audience is then. The fact is if you want to watch your football team you have to watch it once a week. Football is popular, maybe even more popular than baseball is, but that does not by any means make it “dead” or “dying”. Baseball teams are still making money hand over fist, players are still making money hand over fist, and everyone else involved in the sport. “dying”? Naaaa.

        1. Not to be that guy, but baseball is dying. It isn’t going to go away anytime soon, but the sports popularity has been shrinking for years. You don’t have to believe me, you can Google “Baseball declining popularity” and see for yourselves.

          Yes, they make money. Nobody said it didn’t. But they no longer hold the market share they used to.

          1. So true. These baseball fans are so sentimental. They are living in the past. They all prob think that Pete rose and Barry bonds shouldn’t be in the HOF because their dads told them that the Mickey mantel never took steroids or bet on games. Get real fruits, baseball needs to stop testing for steroids and hgh and let the fans see 700ft home runs and 120mph fastballs. It’s called progress and entertainment.

      3. you put the sixers over the union, nova and temple?

        I think more people watch smarty jones eat grass on tuesdays then the sixers at home

  2. More bullshit nonsense from a sabermetrics blogger, Grant Brisbee (what a name; his parents must have used analytics to come up with that name). He uses a cartesian plane to show his disdain for the Phillies because none of his fellow sabermetric butt-buddies have a role in their front office. This is what the sabermetric community does. They attack any team that hasn’t embraced their cult. The Phillies won a WS in 2008 and went back to another one in 2009. They had not ONE saber person in their front office. What creates a winner? Good scouting, not “advanced analytic” guys like Brisbee. Draw all the cartesian planes you want. It won’t change the fact that you hate the Phillies.

    1. Hmm… the value of pumpkins increased in August. They increased even more in September! And they pretty much tripled in value in October!


        1. You are trying to refute the point that the Phillies are old by proclaiming their success in 2008 and 2009.

          That was 6 years ago. It is 2015.

          Timing is everything.

      1. I don’t understand how things work so I’m just going to yell about how stupid they are!!! MAHHHHH!!!!!

    2. But Bob, you hating on this guy doesn’t change fact that his chart is accurate.
      Phillies suck balls and are going nowhere but backwards, like last year, like year before…..

  3. and the typical chase utley fan will still look at this and still say, “but we can’t trade chase. he plays the game right. he plays hard and he’s a leader! if they trade him, i am so done with this organization.”

    the phillies got the ball rolling with trading rollins. time to let the other dominoes fall as well. now get what you can for utley, hamels, and see if anyone is actually fucked in their head enough to take howard.

      1. agreed because the only way they will be able to rid themselves of howard’s contract is to package it together with a hamels trade. even then the phillies would have to kick in an exuberant amount of his contract for a team to agree to take him on in such a trade.

        1. *exorbitant exuberance it what causes shoddy stock market deals, as in ‘irrational exuberance’

  4. Honestly, this is a little overboard. This is a middling team with age issues, that will probably win 75-78 games and stay close enough to the second wild card that we half heartedly pay attention. This isn’t a 100 loss roster, but it’s not a. 500 roster either. There’s big league talent at every spot, it just so happens to not be good big league talent. But if you plan on rolling out Cole and Cliff, having Papelbon at the backend with the 3 kids, are building a flawed lineup around single skill big leaguers,.. You win 75+ games. And 75 wins puts you close to the axis of that grid, not off of it.

    1. That’s absurd.. Hamels, if he’s here, may win 12 games–mostly 3-2 or 2-1, Cliffo is guaranteed to get hurt (again) and have you seen the rest of that dogshit rotation? They’ll struggle to win 65.
      Fuck off Rube.

      1. “Cliffo” and “Fuck off Rube”? You must be another retard that sleeps in his shitty underwear. Probably a hipster with that originality.

    2. Big league talent at every position? Have you seen our outfield play? That’s three positions that don’t have big league talent right there.

      The fact of the matter is that this team may win between 70-75 games but no one with half a brain will expect them to even remotely compete for the second wildcard spot. But, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. There is no way on Earth this team will be competitive the way it is currently comprised. I’d much rather watch a 65-70 win team with young talent that will improve and make the playoffs in a few years (potentially) than a 75+ win team full of old guys who used to be great wasting everyone’s time.

      Its going to be a really long time before this team competes again, the sooner they start trying to acquire pieces for the future, the better.

      1. What you’d rather watch and what is true are two totally different things. I think they’d like to get worse, have younger, more exciting players, but it hasn’t happened yet. Frustratingly mediocre, that’s what your looking at as presently constructed.

  5. The fact that neither RAJ or anyone else in that front office got fired for putting the team in this spot is amazing. Complete and total incompetence.

  6. There are other words that can be used instead of “ostensibly” every single time. I can’t be the only one who notices how often you guys have used this term over the last 2 years (when you learned of the word).

    Oh and this post needed more links to previous CB posts for page views. Fail!

    All in for Yoan Moncada…..

    1. You think that word is over used? How about “mediocre”. Richard Sherman brought it back into the lexicon and the next thing you know every talking head at ESPN was using it. It just spread from there.

  7. Let’s make a Jimmy Rollins shirt!

    I was thinking something like “Keep Rollin! Rollin! Rollin!” A shoutout to Jimmy, and also a relevant reference to our favorite band Limp Bizket.

    Bet these sell more than the pickup the shield shirts.

    I know you have that Chocolate Covered Starrfish album in your iTunes favorites Kyle! Right behind the latest Nickleback CD.

    Anyway, who should be fired first? Sean Brace from 97.5 or Jim from CrossingDicks.

      1. Good one pal.

        Keep trollin trollin trollin!
        Move in now move out!
        Hands up now hands down!
        Back up back up tell me what you gonna do now?!

    1. No way bro, I love how each show with Skippy has a different agenda.

      On today’s show will talk about mikey miss 3 steps to aquire Mariota.

  8. Do you think when brace and marks get fired that they’ll actually go through the embarrassment of applying for an on air job at any other radio station in America?


    2012-2015 Hosted the worst radio show in the history of mankind

    2009-2012 Finger blasted Mikey Missanellis prostrate in hopes he wouldnt punch me in the face

    2001-2009 Cleaned and replaced urinal cakes at pitchers pub

  9. Flyers sell out every home game.

    When the 6ers are good they sell out every game. Philly on the whole is actually a basketball city who grew to love NFL football.

    Baseball has always been a 2nd tier sport in this city.

    1. and the phillies had a hell of a sell out record when they were good. whats your point? when the phillies won, everyone was all phillies.

    2. 2007 Flyers had the worst attendance in franchise history, attendance: 97% avg.

      The Eagles own this city and stand all alone at the top for what people care about.

      Sixers weren’t selling out this past decade during some PLAYOFF games.. What a joke

      There are no sixers fans.

      J-roll is right, Phillies fans are pretty bandwagon. Too many games played to sell them all out with how bad they are. You watch, they wont be able to GIVE away tickets this upcoming year.

      1) Eagles
      2) Eagles coverage for the NFL Draft
      3) Flyers
      5) Temple
      6) wing bowl
      7) Phillies
      8) People who people watch at love park
      9)Smarty jones eating grass
      10) The sixers (and i think this is generous)

          1. Reposting this since my post is The Flyers and Eagles own in terms of attendance – its not even close.

            The Flyers were the worst team in the league in 06-07 and were…7th in the NHL with 97%.

            The Phills fans couldn’t sell HALF of their tickets during the BOGO offers in fucking packs of hotdogs. They were averaging 20k a night. The ONLY times they ever broke that were when they were good, or a season after they were good –

            Google “Phillies Attendance Records Baseball Reference” and click on the second result down. Its painfully obvious that the Baseball fans in this town are a bunch of frontrunning idiots.

  10. 97.5 will hire me in the morning cause I will bring big ad revenue with Primo’s and my childhood friend, Bob Marino.

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