The Seahawks Tweeted and Deleted a Terrible MLK Day Tweet

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The Seahawks social media people are probably still on a little bit of a high after last night’s improbable comeback that earned the team a trip to the Super Bowl. That’s to be expected. And maybe the team should have given their social media team Martin Luther King Day off, because they sent out that tweet above, essentially comparing their football win to the centuries-long fight against societal racism. Not the best plan. They deleted the tweet quickly (but nothing dies on the internet) and issued an apology:

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Hindsight is 20/20, and in hindsight posting a pic of your QB looking like he came right out of the “American Sniper” trailer while equating your struggle to beat the Green Bay Packers to anything of actual historical merit is not a great idea.


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  1. More race baiting by the media and bloggers. You guys really love it, don’t you? Own it then.

    Seattle twitter account was dumb enough to do this, but you guys ate it up for clicks. Media blame all around is the truth. The originator and the bloggers.

  2. in MLK jr and Bill Belicheck’s cases first step means cheat.

    Seriously on this holiday, look up MLK and how he cheated on every thesis he ever wrote at Crozier and BU. Not to mention a commie. He is a fraud. I’d rather we worship a better civil rights leader like WEB DuBois.

  3. Well, at one time black athletes were shunned by pro sports so it could be appropriate. However, I think it was not intended to insult Dr. King; a lot of people use inspirational quotes in their lives. No big deal.

  4. is the over under on how long before Jim gets sent back to Starbucks full time for posting more stupid shit like this.

  5. WIP does not have a schedule up on its website and the mid day show was Fatass Josh, Boring Rob and someone named Jamal Jackson. STOP COPYING AND PASTING NEWS STORIES AND LOOK INTO THIS YOU FAYYYYGS.

    1. Relax my man tomorrow it’ll be Rob Ellis and Rob Charry aka the Rob and Rob show.

      And btw congrats to Eytan Shander as he will be the new co-host with the always boring keeps the people snoring,Harry Mayes who is the new cure for insomnia.

      Good luck Eytan you’ll need it to keep from snapping on that borefest Harry Mayes.

      B-West Brian Baldinger as WWE Chairman Vince McMahon would say YOU’RE FIRED!!!

  6. They need to get rid of all these “n words”. Pro sports would be a lot better without them. My kids need good role models like chase utley and cole hamels. Not these jungle bunnies like mike Vick and Allen iverson. I mean seriously… I’m not the only one who bought a Kevin kolb jersey. We all want foles to succeed cuz we all want a good white QB that will be a good role model. I’m 350 pounds, bald, unemployed, and I beat off 5 times a day.

  7. This is not a story. If you find this offensive, you’re what’s wrong with this country. Probably not the greatest tweet, but seriously who gives a shit? So they used an MLK quote, big deal. It’s over dramatic and misguided sure, but offensive? Nah.

    Putting race aside, I think we can all unite and agree on the fact that Jim should have been fired months ago.

    “I have a dream… that Kyle fires Jim.” -MLK


    1. Why didn’t Kyle hire a black writer?


      I’d like to visit France someday, I bet they’d create a public holiday for me!

  8. Sometimes white people can be so dumb. You know some white college grad came up with this bs. White people never learn…

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