This Wells Fargo Center Worker Dances Like Everybody is Watching

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3 Responses

  1. This has been happening regularly all season. not exactly news.

    While we are on breaking flyers news that isn’t related to the team in anyway:
    Hey did anyone hear the flyers hired that dancing fat guy from the upper decks?

    1. The “dancing guy” in the mezz has worked for the Flyers / Phantoms for years. He used to be part of the old Phantoms Phun Patrol back at the spectrum following around the mascot Phlex. When the Phantoms moved to Adirondack he got hired by the Flyers.

      The new dancing guy dressed up as one of the building event staff, is not event staff. He works for the Flyers and is just up there during that one stoppage of play to dance and then he’s gone.

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