Tony Bruno Remembers Stuart Scott

I think we had too many colors and fonts in the 90s and didn’t know what to do with them.

Tony Bruno, on his blog:

Thankfully, I have found the videos of many of those shows which ESPN recorded on VHS  for me from the G-5 satellite. They are posted  on this page and You Tube. Had not seen these tapes in over a decade and decided to spend the weekend watching them to escape the funk while mourning his loss at the young age age of 49. The one episode which really broke me down like a baby was the Sweet 16 show in 1994 where we having fun talking about young players making an impact in the college basketball tournament. Stuart was showing me pictures of his newborn baby and first daughter Taelor.  I realized she is now a 20 year old woman who saw her dad suffer and fight for so long, but left her and us way too soon.

There were other African Americans and minorities on local and national TV in the 90’s, but no one had the impact or inspired so many in broadcasting or sports. I said on my podcast Monday night that, to me, Stuart Scott is the Jackie Robinson of TV sports anchors. He broke down the barriers so few were confident enough to attempt on the biggest stage. Despite some early resistance to accept his flair, I believe ESPN suits eventually saw a man who was impacting not just young people of all races, but someone who was revered by the very athletes he brilliantly described every night.  Basketball players aspired to be like MIKE, generations of young broadcasters want to be like Stu and always will. Peace Out my brother!

Good read and more videos here.


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  1. I thought Tony Bruno was joining 94wip.
    What happened?

    And btw the Rob Ellis Josh Innnes show on Monday was easily the most forced/awkward show I’ve ever heard on sports talk radio.

    1. When I was first hearing about Rob Ellis with Josh Innes, I had Rob Ellis mixed up with Rob Charry. And I thought it might be kind of interesting. I didn’t understand all of the hate..

      And then I got off work, got in the car, and started listening. And then I realized “Ohhh, Rob ELLIS! The 3rd string sports guy on Channel 3.”

      It was brutal.

  2. Scott seemed like a good guy. But, betraying his race and his family for some young, stupid white whore and then parading her around on TV makes me sick. Keep your family together and have some self respect and stay with you own kind.

  3. cancer sucks and i am sorry it took yet another life from this world. rip scott! however, i have to admit…..i was not a fan of scott’s work. to me, he was just way too much of a kiss ass with many athletes, mostly the superstar athletes.

  4. Definitely worth reading the entire piece on Tony’s blog. Stu had a great impact on so many people including Tony and his passing is felt by many. Hopefully I can get more old videos up for people to see.

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