“[Tony] Romo met his mother and broke down into tears”

Voila_Capture 2015-01-13_05-48-30_PM Voila_Capture 2015-01-13_05-50-49_PM

This brings me great joy. Great, great joy.

The picture comes view All22Breakdown.com, where you can see the group hug portion of the post-game exchange on Sunday. Poor Romo. Maybe handing it off to the best running back in the league on 4th and 2 and with your season on the line would’ve been a better idea. Oh wells.

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46 Responses

    1. With all due respect Eagles fans are in no position to be laughing at Tony Romo.

      Eagles haven’t won a playoff game in 6 years haven’t won a home playoff game in 8 years and Eagles fans are laughing at Romo(fuck outta here).

        1. @ Maxie go change your smelly maxie pad,men are talking sports here which means stay in your place.

          January 9th 2010 nfc wildcard game:

          Cowboys 34
          Eagles 14

          Tony Romo 23- 35 244yds 2 tds 0 ints

          You Eagles fans aren’t too bright.

      1. The Cowboys have won like 2 playoff games in the last 19 years and are still clinging to Championships they won before most of this site’s readers were born. Keep living in the past…

          1. Agreed. But every time a Devils or Penguins fan talks shit to a Flyers fan, you don’t hear the Flyers fan bring up rings that were won before he was alive. Whereas it’s the constant fallback of every Cowboys fan.

  1. Two things: Eastbay , hahaha that’s awesome, he really does!!! and the fact that there are still Coockroaches trolling Crossing Broad, because they are still bitter about losing to Green Bay and figure it easy to pull out the old ” Eagles never won a Super Bowl line” or the “Eagles haven’t won a playoff game in six years” don’t you guys have something better to do? Aren’t the Stars or Mavs on tonight? Oh that’s right your not from Dallas, never understand that shit.

    1. I love the Flyers, Phillies, and Sixers but I hate the Eagles, and the reasons why are simple. First of all, fuck the organization. They seem to think they’re god’s gift to Philly sports. Fuck you, no. The Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers all have more historical success. If anything, the Eagles are the Philly sports equivalent of blue balls.

      Also, there are two main groups of fans I’ve noticed. There are Philly fans, fans who support all teams and are loyal to them at all times. Then there are Eagles fans. These are the fans that love the Eagles and can be quite knowledgeable of the sport, but know fuck all about any other sport and don’t even pretend to care until they’re doing well.

      I’ll take the Flyers, Phillies, and hell, even the Sixers over those self-aggrandizing fucks that the Eagles are. Fuck them.

      1. “The Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers all have more historical success.”

        Absolutely not true when it comes to the Phillies. The Eagles franchise (not counting yellow jackets at all) has been in existence since 1933 and has won three league titles and 13 division championships. The Phillies, who have been in existence since since 50 years before that (1883), have won only two league championships and 11 division titles. The Phillies all-time winning percentage is .473 and the Eagles is .486.

      2. Really, I just decided to root for a winner when I was a kid. Like the people I am writing about, I didn’t watch other sports. When I started watching the other sports the Philly teams were good – that is why I started watching. Anyway, what I am saying, is I hate myself, not Eagle fans.

    2. @ Mike T first of all you moron I’m not a Cowboys fan,and secondly how can you rip me for pointing out that the Eagles haven’t won a playoff game in years when you drunken Eagles fans used to rip the Cowboys for the exact same thing.

      You can’t have your cake and eat it too or in slobbering drunk Eagles fans case that would be a greasy,artery clogging cheesteak.

  2. The Eastbay line was classic. And Abdul is an idiot. Cowboys are in the same place the eagles are…home booking tee times.

  3. philly fans are morons! today some knitwit called that meatball eating spicanelli and said Marcus Mariota would be great for philly because he is Italian and for South Philly. Hey pasta eating garlic smelling dope-Marcus Mariota is not Italian! got it rocco the dope!

  4. your website just asked me what year it was, i answered 2015 and it told me i was wrong and to “take more time answering”

  5. It doesn’t matter how many super bowls the Cowboys have won and how many the Eagles have won. It doesn’t matter how many playoffs games the Cowboys have won recently vs the Eagles. None of that matters. The Eagles will always be better then the Cowboys no matter what. Always.

  6. no room to say shit about Dallas. “You guys cling to the past.” The fuck??? Then what are you Eagles fans clinging to? As a Cowboys fan, I know time runs away from you before you know it.. So I’ll hit you with reality… THE EAGLES HAVE NOT BEEN RELEVANT SINCE DONOVAN MCNABB WAS QB. So if you want to talk about past… Guess what? Ours is better.. We have rings.

    I’m not into that tho… I rather talk present…. Guess what… We got deeper into the playoffs than Philly ever did since early 2000’s. We lost on a controversial call to a team that BLEW YOU THE FUCK OUT. And we’re the division champs

    What’s that, you want to try the future argument? Okay… Well we return the same team, minus maybe DemarcoMurray (trust me, another runningback will fill his shoes fine) and get back our best defensive player. Meanwhile you still don’t know who your QB really is.

    In every aspect of time, were better. So keep laughing at a guy with his mother. Same shit you’d do yourself. Pretend to be tough guys when you really haven’t proven a god damn thing. Fuck outta here.

    1. Hahaha lost to a team on a controversial call? Hmmmm lions fans are wondering about that as well. Btw nothing was controversial about it because its literally a rule and was the right call. Maybe a dumb rule but not controversial. Not to mention how GB easily marched down the field on your cowgirls when they needed a stop but kneeled it to end the game. So the cowgirls scoring probably just gives you guys a letdown on a TD by Rodgers.

    2. The point is that were fans of our team even without a Super Bowl. Thru the good and the bad. A true fan is a fan thru thick and thin. But half of Dallas fans (a generous estimation on my part, it’s probably closer to 80%) are fucking front runners who jumped on the bandwagon when they were winning every year, or raised by front runners. Look at Chris Christie and family. The fuck? Were you even raised in Dallas or even Texas? Cuz if not you’re a fraud too.

      And every time you try to have an argument about football with one of your fraud-ass “fans” they cop out n ask how many rings we have, as if they were even alive to see theirs won.

  7. Eagles fans have created this idea that the Eagles are one of the top franchises in the NFL. Right up there with the 49ers, Steelers, Patriots, Packers and others.

    When you look at the Eagles history, do you know which team they have the most in common with?

    The Cincinnati Bengals. They both have made the Super Bowl twice and lost both times. They have made the playoffs a few times and had some years of success. But overall, they are not a very successful franchise, including long sustained years of failure.

    The Eagles are above teams like the Lions and Browns but below teams like the Saints and Seahawks.

    1. Shhhh! None of that matters!! The Eagles are the best team ever and buddy ryan was the greatest coach since Vince Lombardi himself! Remember bounty bowl?!?!?

  8. Love my Eagles but they are the same level as the Cowboys which means good enough to make the playoffs but sure aint beating Seatle or Green Bay let alone New England. The birds still don’t have a QB and the Cowboys with all that talent max out in the first or second round of the playoffs (if they even make it). Both fan bases taking shots at each other is fun but doesnt resolve the fact that both teams are years away from a ring.

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