Video: Claude Giroux is Fine After a Skate Nearly Sliced Through His Leg

The Flyers lost again, so they’re in mid-year form. But it was a skate across the back of Claude Giroux’s leg that is the story.

Justin Faulk’s skate blade came down in the general area of Giroux’s left Achilles. G appeared to be in a lot of pain and was carried off the ice, but the cut was only surface deep and just required a few stitches. He may have been saved by the cut-resistant Kevlar socks he wore beneath his equipment. Whatever the case, he expects to play on Saturday.

Frank Seravalli has G’s version of events.

Video is after the jump. Credit to Chris Therien for picking up on what happened almost immediately.

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  1. Copy and paste copy and paste…..Crossing Broad in mid season form!

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