Video: Gigantic Cowboys Fan Not Named Chris Christie Celebrates Win Like a Real Jackass

This guy must be a lot of fun at parties or whatever Arby’s line he’s in. But hey, at least his jersey is spelled right.

h/t Barstool


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  1. Are all dallas fans incredible pieces of degenerative trash, or are all incredible pieces of degenerative trash dallas fans?

      1. Although, after reading Cowboy Dave’s latest brain fart, I think I’ve come up with another theory. They’re all filthy good for nothing trolls. I mean, think about it. Every Cowboy’s fan in the area usually started rooting for them because of some stupid family/friend nonsense, in other words, to “annoy” someone close to them who was a big Eagles fan. Every Cowboys fan I’ve ever met anyway. Also, you only every hear from them when the ‘boys win or the Eagles lose. They don’t really like the Cowboys, they just like to annoy us. Why else would they hang around a Philly sports blog so damn much?

    1. You do realize that if the Eagles were successful and actually won a playoff game there would be identical videos to this one except it would be a McCoy jersey. The only difference would be the Eagles fan would show off his calf tatt.

      Since Lurie is a weak willed pussy who lets others bully him into running the organization we will not have to worry about an Eagles playoff win for a loooooooong time. Gold Standard!

      1. Thanks guys. I spend a lot of time posting stupid stuff over and over. I don’t have a life and or friends. My family is not real happy with me either. I appreciate the Internet support. I will start hitting refresh now. Post something to me soon.

    1. You’ll be drinkling the docuhe juice when they tank son. No be a good boy and give momma a piece of your philadelphia hoagie!!!

  2. It’s the fat guy who does radio show at 6-10pm on the second place station

  3. I hope the Cowboys keep winning. It’ll keep that fat fucking calzone with legs off the top of me

    1. For as bloated fat as that walrus-looking piece of shit is, his shrimp dick couldn’t break a Cheerio. I’ve felt more tension from a violent queef than from that pathetic specimen between his weeble-wabble legs

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