Video: Keith Olbermann Pays Tribute to Stuart Scott

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27 Responses

  1. Stuart Scott’s death is very sad and I feel bad for his children who have to grow up without a father. But the guy read sports highlights for a living. He didn’t change the world. He didn’t even change the world of sports. So let’s honor Stuart Scott’ life. But let’s not make him a saint.

      1. “Hater gone to hate” . If only there was someway to identify somebody would use this phrase before hand so I could tell us their job applications in the trash. Are you a 14-year-old high school basketball player? No? Then using lingo like this makes you seem even dumber than you probably are.

        1. “So I could tell us their job application in the trash” bhaaaaaaaaa. Licking the screen on your computer doesn’t count as eating pussy. But its probably as close as you will get. Fucking moron.

    1. Hey Scott, the guy is simply getting some respect from his peers who worked with him for years. I’m sure when you kick the bucket, you’ll want your peers (peep show jizz moppers) to pay tribute to you as well.

      1. It’s true. Old Scottie could suck a load out of a peep show shag carpet like a Hoover vacuum

  2. To bad Stuart Scott and that piece of shit olbermann couldn’t trade places.

    Also, I agree with the first comment

    1. Ditto . This is kind of like the way the word hero is thrown out all the time even when actions done are nothing close to Heroic.

      He seems like a nice enough guy and is certainly feel for his family. However enough is enough

    2. Wishing a guy was dead wow even for you Ej from West Philly aka Eric Banks that’s pretty low.

      Your life must really suck.

    3. If you are going to steal my name, at least clean up your grammar and punctuation.

      You are supposed to be a doctor.

  3. Like anyone visiting this pathetic blog could understand an ambitious dude who actually understood the word “professional”.

    No please keep talking sad sacs, you’re validating everything we already knew.

  4. When he first left ESPN the word was no one was unhappy to see him go. I guess he mended some fences since.

    1. Much like that dick bag Misannelli, he’s failed at every job he’s had. Maybe that has given him some perspective. I doubt it but it’s fun to point out what losers those two cum dumpsters are

      1. If you are going to steal my name, cut it out with the potty mouth. You are supposed to be a doctor.

  5. oddly enough, i remember staying up as a little kid to watch sportscenter because i thought olbermann was cool…then when he got his talk show it was all downhill. This jerkoff thought he was going to be some kind of Edward R. Murrow by pointing out injustices and abuses of power but usually just distorted truths and pushed his own agenda while pretending to have so much compassion for people meanwhile people at ESPN and everywhere else he was couldn’t wait to tell everyone what a bitter miserable horror of a human being he really was.

    I was not a huge fan of Scott. I appreciate the fact that people adored him, both his peers and people that watched sportscenter, i just felt he never evolved from his catchphrases. Still such a shame, guy was so young

  6. Stuart Scott was one of the symbols of ESPN and he started ESPN2…I cant beleive even on a blog like this people are still acting like assholes.

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