Video: Tom Brady Talks About Balls

I was going to do this myself, but then figured the Internet would just save me the trouble. FOX Sports, to be exact. Here’s their mashup of Tom Brady talking balls. Balls.

Not gonna lie– as a guy with a 16-year-old’s sense of humor, this might beat the Iverson practice presser for me. Sorry. Balls.

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23 Responses

  1. Tom Brady is the 2nd greatest QB of all times and Bill Belichick is a top 5 head coach in NFL history. Jealousy is a sin against God, which in this instance is Tom Brady. Case closed.

    1. 1.Joe Montana
      2.John Elway
      3.Troy Aikman

      10.Tom Brady

      Get Tom Brady’s dick out of your mouth.

      1. Tom Brady #10? Hahahaha! You are a delusional fuck. Troy Aikman couldn’t sniff Dan Marino’s jockstrap, let alone Jim Kelly. Take your Eagles glasses off and give Brady his respect. 6 fucking Superbowls. 6. If he wins this one, I will probably have to put the man on the same level as Montana. I saw Montana from his 1st game in the NFL until his last with KC. Joe was great but NEVER went to 6 Superbowls. That’s the key stat. IF Brady wins this 4th one, he will tie Montana and will have all the superior stats besides it all. He will be at that level.

        1. Since we all know Bill Bellicheat and Tom Brady cheated from day one,there should be an asterisk next to all of their accomplishments,including their Super Bowl win against the Eagles.

          And yes I’m a card carrying member of the New England Patriots hate club.

          Seahawks 34
          DeFlatriots 20

          1. NE Patriots under Brady = 3 Superbowls wins
            Eagles = 0 Superbowls wins
            These are the facts. As an Eagles fan, I don’t lose sleep or fret over it. I accept it as fact because I can’t do anything about it and know greatness when I see Tom Brady play QB.

        2. I said “case closed” and kept hitting refresh for hours. Anyway, the Eagles have as many championships as the Patriots – 3.

          1. tom brady has not won a super bowl since he cheated on/dumped his pregnant girlfriend for jizzelle. these are facts.

  2. What if this is some scheme for the NFL to be relevant during this down week?

    This whole thing is so silly and stupid, it is full of speculation, bizzare facts, I can’t make heads or tails of it.

  3. God I hate working with know it all douchebags.
    And btw Nick stop giving out the phone number every 30 seconds.

  4. Two days Josh Innes called Rob Ellis “lazy.” Then Rob Ellis found out about it on air and whined about Innes. Rob Charry called him fat. About an hour later another caller brought it up and Ellis complained again.

    Kyle, you ugly slut.

  5. Ok ok fine… I admit it…. I beat off to pictures of chase utley and cole hamels. I can’t help it, I love dick. But I’m way too morally sound to cheer for the pats or anyone who took PEDs.

    Now where can I get some dick tonight???

    1. I hate “moral” sports fans. If Mickey mantle could have used PEDs he would have. If buddy Ryan had one tenth the IQ of belichek he might have won a title w Reggie. You moral sports fans are such dueches. Joe Montana left his wife in the middle of the night and just left a note behind. Babe Ruth was a drunk and a wife beater… So was Mickey mantle. Chase utley was a huge coke head and cheats on his wife regularly. Dan Marino is a self centered jerk who hasn’t spoken to his son in years …. Oh and by the way… Allen iverson use to fill up his suv w sneakers and jerseys and show up to inner city parks (with NO CAMERA CREWS!) and give poor kids tons of free shit. Also Marshawn lunch (gangster) does the same shit.

      1. Lynch.

        Remember, the person who is always telling you how moral they are , are usually the people w the worst skeletons in their closet. And there usually racist.

  6. I watched this 6 times and Brady was able to get me off with nothing but his face and balls talk. What a man.

  7. Brady withouth Belechick is a good QB but nothing more. Remember when Matt Casell played 1 season under that coach? I think he got 10 wins and then after fell off the earth. Clearly his system of cheating has helped them along the way.

  8. Sometimes, when no one in looking, I put my hands down my pants and rub my under-inflated hairy balls, and then sniff my fingers! I also like being punched in the onions!

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