Your Daily Cole Hamels Update: Still Here, Because Ruben is Trying to Save his Job

I don't know what I'm doing!
I (still!) don’t know what I’m doing!

Tale as old as time, true as it can be: Ruben Amaro is “trying” to make a trade, but executives from other teams really doubt his commitment. It was the theme of last trade deadline, and now, it’s continuing.

Just yesterday, we heard a report that Cole Hamels would likely begin the season in a Phillies jersey, but that hasn’t stopped teams from trying to make a deal. Maybe, though, Amaro is just waiting for the perfect deal that probably doesn’t exist. According to Ken Rosenthal:

A rival executive interested in Cole Hamels was puzzled by a recent conversation he had with Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr., wondering if Amaro truly intends to trade his prized left-hander.

The Phillies say they are open to moving Hamels for the right package. The problem, the rival exec speculated, is that Amaro wants to make the “perfect” deal — and perhaps needs such a deal to keep his job.

Unless I’m missing something, I don’t think a Hamels deal can really make or break Amaro’s employment status. The fans all hate him, sure, but the organization has said over and over again that he has their trust. If he ends up dealing Hamels for a pile of rocks, yeah that’s a problem. But a group of prospects who we might not see pan out for a couple of seasons aren’t going to move the needle either way on the organization’s feelings towards Amaro.

Common sense tells you that if Amaro thinks this is a make or break deal for his career, he’ll make the best one he possibly can. But then again, this is Ruben Amaro. His brain doesn’t seem to run on common sense.


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  1. You need to wait and make the right deal, you can’t give him away like we did with Schilling.

  2. I don’t understand why national writers keep reporting that Boston sources say the Phillies demands for Hamels are unrealistic, outrageous (fill in new adjective each week) day after day, week after week. OK, we get it. Ben Cherington and the Sox brass love to talk to the press. But if the Sox don’t want to pay the asking price for Hamels then walk away, and please do so quietly. We are all sick of hearing from the Red Sox that the asking price for the Phillies only star and only real trade chip is too high. If you don’t want to pay up, then pursue a different pitcher. We don’t give a damn. The Phillies will clear off their entire payroll, other than Hamels, in two years and have $150-million to spend to get back in the hunt. If nobody blows the Phillies away with an offer, than keep Hamels and rebuild around your homegrown ace.

  3. why why whyyyy let him start the season in a phils uniform!?
    I’m scared to have him start throwing when pitchers catchers report. “Damn something hurts in my elbow” -Hamels
    We then get no where near what he’s worth now

  4. Ruben sucks. Ruben sucks. Ruben sucks.

    OK, we all get it.

    I know the site needs new posts for more clicks and all that, but how about we wait until after a deal is done to jump all over Amaro this time. Last I heard there are now one or two more teams in the mix (e.g. Texas, St. Louis). That’s a good thing.

    I’m still hoping for a deal with the Padres. (Full disclosure: I live in SD.) If the Phils could acquire Wil Meyers, Austin Hedges, and a couple more prospects for Hamels (and maybe even find a way to unload Howard in the process), that’s a win.

  5. The Harry Mayes Brian Westbrook show on 97.5 the fanatic leaves a lot to be desired.
    They’re about as exciting as a root canal and is it me or does Brian Westbrook sound like a robot.

    Time for the fanatic to scrap having ex-Eagles on with Mayes everyday,switch it up do something but please no more Westbrook and Baldinger at 10.

    1. I’m available if you wanna hear a guy with a fake south Philly accent ramble on and on about his kids all the time.

  6. RAJ has made a lot of mistakes, but demanding a ransom for Hamels isn’t one of them. He said all along he doesn’t need to trade him and will only do so if it makes sense.

  7. What we as fans should really be pissed about ( I am) Is the lack of fruit from the labor of the Phillies scouting system. Even the “prospects” the phillies traded away for players while on their run have turned out to be nobody special either. The Phillies basically can’t scout talent while teams like St Louis never seem to run out of talented young men to move up to the major league level. This is the biggest problem, this is why they feel the need to overpay players to keep them even when they shouldn’t. Nobody to take their spot.

  8. I don’t “hate” Ruben Amaro, Kyle. I think he’s a crappy GM and I’d prefer he not be running my team’s front office, but I’ll save my hatred for people who actually have a real impact on my life.

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