Your Monday Morning Roundup

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Good morning. Sam Pagano and George Clooney make me feel inadequate as a man.

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

Don Tollefson will mount his defense today. His opening statement last week went off the rails pretty quickly…

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… so we’ll look forward to what he has to say today

Cody Parkey is going to the Pro Bowl. Somewhere, Alex Henery weeps atop a sack of sad somethings.

Hannah Storm swats away a makeup artist.

Urban Meyer wants to be more like the unofficial Chip of the NFL:

The Buckeyes wanted to become “the Philadelphia Eagles of college football,” Sports Illustrated wrote in August. So, music blares at practice, hydration is monitored, and each step is tracked at practice.

The Eagles “took a next step as far as player welfare, as far as the hydration, nutrition . . . They do GPS tracking,” Meyer said Saturday. “They do a phenomenal job on nutrition [in] teaching them and educating them.

They have also learned from Kelly’s communication. Coombs said Meyer came back with ideas about running special-teams meetings from how the Eagles do it. Buckeyes cornerback Eli Apple, a Voorhees native, said Meyer is always explaining the “why” – a Kelly hallmark.

House of Cards Season 3 trailer.

Email from reader John:

I’m not a conspiracy theorist at all….

but isn’t it worth wondering of Christie’s folks reached out to heavily GOP FOX (News) and asked them to “cut our guy a break – no more reax shots?” I mean… has there EVER been a Cowboys game that didn’t have umpteen Jerry Jones reax shots?

So… what explains no shots yesterday?

My thoughts exactly.

Cowboys fan and noted blowhard Skip Bayless has a bit of a Twitter meltdown yesterday (with good reason), and of course his position differed from the one he had in 2011 when a similar thing happened to Calvin Johnson:

Voila_Capture 2015-01-12_08-56-21_AM
pic via (@bencelestino)

Haha [included a picture of aforementioned non-catch]:

Voila_Capture 2015-01-12_08-58-39_AM

 Here’s a closeup of Pagano eating his cigar.

Prince (presumably not an official title) had to walk this joke back:

via (@fat_guys_say)
via (@fat_guys_say)

A story about The Goldbergs being set in Philly.

Local promoter (?) Mark Marek calls out Mychal Kendricks:

Voila_Capture 2015-01-12_09-13-19_AM Voila_Capture 2015-01-12_09-13-40_AM

Rihanna is not going to be happy about this loves a bad boy.

ESPN is experimenting with in-studio announcers for college basketball games.


97.5 is hyping their marginally-talented circus barker of a guest:

Voila_Capture 2015-01-12_09-02-42_AMVoila_Capture 2015-01-12_09-03-02_AM

Peyton Manning was (rightfully) booed by his home fans yesterday. I thought that sort of thing only happens here.


Liberty Broadcast


Will have even more announcements soon. Who’s that guy?

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26 Responses

  1. You got a lot of balls coming at 97.5 for those weak ass SalPal shirts. Need I remind you, “Pick up the shield!”

    1. Kyle’s just pissed that they made the shitty T-shirt before he had a chance to. And that 97.5 is encroaching on his shitty printed Hanes T-shirt monopoly.

  2. “Will have even more announcements soon. Who’s that guy?”

    Let me guess. You will be doing a podcast with Anthony Gargano. Correct?

    1. I’d rather listen to forks screeching across multiple chalkboards before wasting time listening to that know it all douchebag Sal Pal.

  3. They are giving that shirt away for free?

    It’s just a shirt with a green 8 on it!

    It should be worth $12.50.

    They could draw an S on it and sell it for $25!

  4. WIP has turned into a Dallas Cowboy radio station. They do not talk about the other NFL games this weekend and their simpleton callers don’t bring it up. Between both stations they suck.

    1. Exactly! No mention (at least when I had it on) of the Baltimore/NE game which was great or how Seattle is practically holding the Lombardi Trophy already. Got so sick of the “catch/no catch” debate.

      1. Yep Maxie. This is why WIP needs a makeover. The station is so one-dimensional it’s sad. Same bullshit topics, same bullshit callers. It needs to come out of it’s own stench and into 2015, talking about all topics.

  5. My Monday morning roundup:

    Peyton Manning is a washed up has been.
    Phil from Mt. Airy’s trade proposals are idiotic.
    Sal Pal is on 97.5 entirely too much.
    And the Dallas Cowboys got shafted by Roger Goodell’s goons in pinstripes.

    And finally can we move on from the Marcus Mariota talk,because we know damn well Tampa Bay will not help Chip Kelly by trading him the #1 overall pick.

    That is all good night.

  6. A few weeks back Kyle said he would bet Godfather locks for a week and let us know how he did. Did he ever post the results? (and i’m not being my normal smart ass self, I just don’t read every post so I am actually curious)

    1. Just kidding. I have no life….this is all I do. I read every post. Going to bang refresh for a while and post as soon as someone responds. If not I will respond to myself again, shortly.

      1. Your obsession is borderline stalkerish. Also, where do you do standup at? You are so funny. Roll on the floor, side splittingly funny. I can’t imagine with such great humor that you are not headlining comedy clubs throughout the nation. Is it my handle that aggravates you? Oh well, there’s always next year you dumb kenzo. Now go ahead and respond with one of your gut wrenchingly funny parodies you fucking tool.

      2. I’m still mad about this so I’m posting again here. You must think you’re so godamn funny. All-pro class clown. Well to me, you’re just a clown. Suck it, nerds.

  7. “Sam Pagano and George Clooney make me feel inadequate as a man.”

    Chaz Bono leaves you looking inadequate as a man. Just saying.

    1. now thats piss your pants funny…..Richard Simmons….Ru Paul…

      Kyle, why worry about other men who make you feel inadequate ?

      be proud of who you are.

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