A Flyers Fan Didn’t Get What He Paid For

Voila_Capture 2015-02-09_12-33-12_PM
pic via (@Mtrible) 

This is currently number three on the front page of Reddit— a picture apparently taken at the Flyers-Caps game yesterday. The funny thing is, that sign would probably work at a Sixers game, too.


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    1. Because Wayne Simmonds and Ray Emery, obviously. Joel Ward? Nah.


      I know he’s sitting next to Flyers fans, but there’s nothing in the picture that says he’s a Flyers fan. And the same guy was seen later in the game holding up a “Where is John Wall?” sign. So yeah, I’m gonna call Kyle out on this bullshit, too. It’s unlikely dude is a Flyers fan.

  1. Hey Bruno…I work in the shadows at WIP. Leave your girlfriend home when you come to work. Maybe there is a kennel that will take her.

  2. Nice one Ky! Saw this on Deadspin just before you posted it. Keep up the great copy / paste work!

    1. It is true. People just keep posing about me and making things that aren’t about me – about me.

      Thank you for the support. It is almost like I planned to use dopes as free publicity…..hey, that’s you.

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