A Pictorial: Everyman Jason Kelce Was in Sea Isle for the Polar Plunge Wearing His OD Shirt

Voila_Capture 2015-02-16_10-09-13_AMVoila_Capture 2015-02-16_10-09-46_AM

No shortage of tips and Tweets about Jason Kelce being delightfully inebriated in Sea Isle for the this weekend. He’s like Jeff Carter circa 2009 if Jeff Carter circa 2009 was cool and likable.

Pics after the jump.




You know… we have a much more Eagles-centric shirt for this sort of thing. Need to get Jason one. A couple of his teammates bought some:

Voila_Capture 2015-02-16_10-16-53_AM

Get one.


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  1. Who saw the pic that miss Robin posted over the weekend?

    Hey sweetheart, ur not hot, so stop trying to be.
    Actually, u are disgusting. So please stop.

  2. The Flyers won last night and are now only 5 points back from the Bruins for a playoff spot. Also Raffl returned last night and scored the game winner.

    That was probably the only relevant thing that happened in Philly Sports last night.

    You should probably write and article about that instead of trying to sell your fucking awful Kelly Drive t-shirt.

  3. 4 more selfies of me on my Instagram account this wknd alone! I challenge anyone to find a pic on my Instagram that doesn’t include me!!!!

    P.s. Would anyone like to buy that gorgeous “Murray 7” sweater I wore alongside Aaron’s mom – y’know, before she squeezed me outa the pic?

    1. Oh she has. She wanted Nick Foles in his rookie season after Vick got hurt. Went up to him after the game and everything. Nick kinda blew her off. I was there…it was so see through.

    1. Culture doesn’t win dick. Star QB’s and REAL coaches win Super Bowls, not mediocre QBs and gimmicks.
      Gold Standard–Fuck off di_c-K Licker Jeffy you fuckhole.

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