ALERT: Sam Hinkie Sighting

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16 Responses

  1. Rips the team every chance he gets because GM won’t give him interview.

    1. The problem with Eskin is he shows his biases when it comes to his opinion, so he can never be objective. Its a shame because when it comes to straight reporting, he usually gets his information correct from his sources.

      But when it comes to his opinion, he is no better then Angelo. He obviously doesn’t like Hinkie (probably cause he wont grant him access like Andy Reid did), so he will crap on the Sixers plan everyday until they win a Championship. Sadly, he defended Andy Reid for 14 years, despite him not winning a championship, simply because Reid made friends with him and Hinkie didn’t.

      Truly unprofessional journalism.

  2. Hinkie sucks, he’s not building anything with the Sixers. He trades his best players every year, drafts guys that aren’t going to be on the court for a year after he drafts them. When he was at Houston, he drafted that Royce White fool that told them he wasn’t going to fly anywhere (and then didn’t). So he burned the first round pick. This guy doesn’t know shit.

  3. Assassination likes hit to 17% (for the poisons) and Mastery (for more poison damage.
    When these 3 streams will be imbibed in our daily life its nature too will become thus.
    This is because when pulling Pythas, two Druids of the Fang
    and a Deviate Shambler come with him.

  4. his appearance on CSN this AM was ridiculous…went into a 5 minute diatribe on why Embid can’t play, needs to be brought along slowly, bla bla bla…there’s a reason this guy doesn’t talk to the media…THEY’RE LOSING ON PURPOSE! /thread

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