Chase Utley Opened Spring Training with an F-Bomb and an Ankle Injury

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Note to Chase: Hashtagging emojis doesn’t really work out.

Chase Utley showed up for his press conference – part of the Phillies’ annual ritual of rolling out their aged veterans to the press – at Spring Training in Clearwater today and did two things he’s good at: He cursed and he told people he was injured. Utley stepped on a baseball while fielding grounders in January and is currently still healing from the resulting ankle sprain. But his knees, which are the knees of a 75-year-old man, are doing just fine.

But it’s not just his legs that scream “old man”– it’s also his use of technology. The video after the jump, via CSN, shows Chase trying (and failing) more than once to take a panoramic shot of the assembled media on his iPhone. When he couldn’t, he let out a hearty “fuck,” before asking if they he was on live TV yet. He wasn’t, but it’s not like that mattered before. Hashtag winkyface. Still handsome, though.


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  1. It’s pathetic listening to those “reporters” desperately trying to make Chase Utley laugh or be buddy buddy with him while he takes the pictures. Top notch crotch sniffing.

  2. When almost all sports teams in this city are apathetic at best (not holding my breath for the flyers playoff hopes), I am sure sites like this and many other blogs a sports media takes a massive hit.

    Need to manufacture stories somehow, so I don’t know what i expect aside from utley being an A-typical middle aged dude foreignly holding his phone like it is a piece of glass attempting to take a picture.

    Kyle, I hope even you realize the actual content on this website has next to no value. The only current value, in all honestly, is sadly the comment section. …Yeah that is saying something.

    Even people who only read the comments and don’t post, it is constantly menioned. Even if it is a giant cesspool, if you foster it then it will be an asset. I mean you frequently steal… I mean link.. content from them on a monthly basis and they are solely dependent on user input for content.

    SOOOOoooo, if you want less work in the long run and more money, i would suggest looking into an upgrade to this comment section.

    1. I was reffering to Reddit when it comes to user generated content.

      I didn’t see I that I edited it out by accident, and have no way of updating my previous comment so I am kinda stuck just doing this

        1. Yep, that awesome mindset is great long term thinking .

          can’t think of any downside to that logic

          1. He could start by kicking you in your vaj. I’m sure the rest of us can speak for ourselves in terms of what’s of value and what is not,Bob…I mean “real”..

  3. Josh Innes show a breath of fresh air my ass!
    This nitwit is talking about Bruce Springsteen concerts and greatest hits,and little to no sports and none of you young skippies are complaining.
    I guess it’s true wip is transitioning away from sports and your manboobs Messiah(Josh Innes)is leading the charge(dopes).

    1. Hey Cuz, How come you’re not returning my calls anymore? Remember, we’re lifelong friends. Don”t tell me it was just the ad dollars.

    2. Josh Innes is an absolute idiot. Cannot stand him for the life of me. And I used to love Tony Bruno with Harry on 97.5 – they had true chemistry and were entertaining. Whether they contributed any sports analysis of value is another question, but both the fanatic and wip rarely do. So, all I could look forward to was being entertained.

      Innes and Bruno together is just awkward. I get the impression that Innes lives in the basement of his parents house and has permanently, orange-stained finger tips from a steady diet of Cheetohs.

  4. Turned on 97.5 and Murray from Mayfair was telling Miss how Mariotta isnt gonna happen and its silly to talk abour. Flipped ovet to 94.1 and Innes is talking about and playing Billy Joel. Think Ill stick to podcasts.

    1. You must have missed the two hours of Phils talk (which no one cares about) prior to the 5 minutes they talked about Billy Joel. Nice selective memory. What else do you really wanna hear about? Better than Missenelli talking down to the same group of idiots everyday who can’t string together 2 consecutive coherent sentences.

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