Comcast Thinks They’re Apple with This Dumb Branding on Their Remote

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Pick up any Apple device you have and check the back: Designed by Apple in California. It’s a simple, and effective, slogan. [Google Glass-loving The Verge, painfully self-unaware, calls it “perhaps pompous.”] So of course Comcast – quite possibly the most hated company in the history of forever and all-time – figured they’d do the same with their generic-looking black plastic remote:

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Behold the beauty that is Comcast’s selection of fine-looking push-button things at

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Simply gorgeous. Unapologetically black… and rubbery. The remotes, boiled down to their essence in a way that the design almost feels inevitable, if not revolutionary.

As Travis Hughes of Broad Street Hockey put it: “Comcast, next time you embarrass yourself, please leave Philadelphia out of it.” But with perhaps a third(!) skyscraper on the way, I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon. Though the slogan should still work:

Designed by Comcast in Philadelphia
Designed by Comcast in Philadelphia

via Google Glass-loving The Verge


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  1. Stop bitching and use your phone as a remote. Oh that’s right I forgot Iphones can’t do that only galaxy phones.

      1. ummmmm last I checked they don’t have an ir blaster that can control any remote controlled device all they do is control the boxes over wifi

      1. I have an LG Flex and I can control any IR device I want to pretty much. Even old “not smart” equipment. It’s kinda cool actually.

  2. Worst company I have ever spent money on. If Al Qaeda had a cable company, I would switch to them.

  3. Different remotes have different functionality. There’s a reason this is the way it is. But let’s not let the facts get in the way of a few clicks to bad content.

  4. This probably isn’t worthy of a blog post. But you got me to waste time reading it, so I guess you win.

    1. That is unless they decide they want to sponsor this shitty blog. Then he’d be sucking their dick and telling us how they’re the greatest company in America

  5. Why does everyone hate Comcast?
    I get it, their prices are high, but so are their competitors. Programming is expensive, to carry ESPN it costs over 3 million dollars that Comcast has to pay to Disney. They are just any other retail company. For Christ sake, Cells phones are over $500.

    Everyone pays over $100 for cell phones, yet not a complaint to Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc…Talk about inflated rates!

    And the argument about Comcast not allowing other providers (DISH) to have Comcast Sports net…why would they? You cant walk into a McDonalds and buy a Whopper!!!

    Get over urselves, cable is expensive. Have you seen what PGW costs? that’s true robbery.

    Any they are not a Monopoly. People love throwing that word around, and half don’t even know what it means. Last time I checked in the city of Philadelphia, you can get Comcast, Verizon, DIRECT TV, DiSH.

    If you area does not have Verizon, blame Verizon as they selectively choose which area’s to deploy their system. Yes, they area’s they felt would make $$.

    Comcast is no different than any other company, people hate them b/c they are successful. Cry me a river, losers.

    1. An outdated, shoddily maintained, poorly supported infrastructure that works inconsistently at the best of times. Being “comped” channels for poor service, only to be billed for them the next month. Calling on a monthly basis when the promised credit/refund is not on my account 4 months later. Having some guy in Calcutta tell me over and over he “knows exactly how I feel” but still can’t do anything to resolve my problem.

      While there are lots of cable providers, Fios isn’t everywhere, so Comcast is the only game in a lot of towns for network. I’m not even complaining about the price, I’m complaining about a company that can’t even provide what I’ve already paid for.

    2. Verizon is consistently voted as one of the worst companies in America. Look up online reviews for Sprint and AT&T you won’t find many positive ones.

      Its not about prices, unless you’re ready to totally cut the cord you’re going to pay over inflated prices. Everybody knows this its about the service or lack of that you’re getting for that money. Go to Reditt and type in Comcast then get comfortable because there’s about a weeks worth of reading. And hardly any of it is about prices.

      1. Verizon treats its employees really poorly. They are always threatening to go on strike. Most of their technical workers resigned a few years ago because of their policies. My friend’s dad came out of retirement to work for them after everybody resigned. He only knows how to work on phone lines. He will come out to your house to fix your phone. But he has no idea how to work with cable and internet. They usually only send him to houses that have problems with land lines. Every now and then they send him to a house having internet and/or cable problems and he has to tell them that somebody else will come to the house to repair that.

        And he’s an old guy, so he doesn’t care when people complain to him about that.

  6. The title of this article should be replaced with the dictionary definition of the word ‘pretentious’. And this is coming from a guy who loves this site and doesn’t rip it for being off the wall.

    But there’s nothing worse than incessant whining from tech people, or the people who pretend to be tech people (IE most Apple nuts who still wax poetic about the aesthetic) about products they don’t like. Who gives a shit?

  7. Comcast is ok.

    The remote means nothing to me, as long as it works.

    BTW, I just seen Sean Brace shoving about a dozen chicken McNuggets into his fat face. That dude needs to get some control.

  8. Kyle I know its a slow sports period but what the fuck is this shit?

    You posting about TV remotes is almost as egregious as Obama costing the taxpayers $5 M to golf in Palm Springs while the world is about to end. I am nearing the end of times dumbass with my clown brigade of Putin,Kim jon Ung ,Khomenni, Baghdaddi,Netanyahu . I’m about to light this motherfucking globe on fire and you are posting inconsequential trite about tv remotes. Get your shit together, dickhead.

  9. At least it’s not one of Kyle or Jim’s typical witty headlines like…

    “Comcast’s remote branding is a thing because of course it is”

    That shit literally makes me grind my teeth.

  10. Bruno and Innis had a closed door meeting today with WIP Management. Raised voices could be heard in the WIP hallways. The one name overheard was “Robin” as in “Miss Robin”, Bruno’s girlfriend. Innis has had it with her. Yoko, I mean Robin, thinks she is part of the show as an associate producer. Bruno seems to want her around and Innis wants her out of the building.

  11. I can confirm that the closed door meeting is 100% accurate.

    When Bruno was at 97.5 she would go to Andy’s diner and just sit next to Tony and Harry, like she was producing, when, all she was doing was reading facebook.

    Bruno is a cool dude, but she is absolutely killing him…he is nearing the end of his career, and he is ok with that – But she will make his great career end early.

  12. The biggest entertainment corporation in the world highlighting the city of Philadelphia and you mock it. You ungrateful jerk. For decades the word Philadelphia has been taboo to corporate america and Comcast is trying to change that. Try to be more upbeat.

  13. I always wondered why this blog kept bankers hours. Now I know… Gotta prepare all weekend for interesting posts like this one.

  14. Typical Apple fanboy commentary on the look of the remotes. Forget functionality, it’s all about aesthetics. That’s why the iPod Classic was so great. Who wants a separate button for volume controls that would look so bulky? It’s much more practical to use the click wheel where you have to play a song first before controlling the volume. And right clicking on a mouse? Whoa, someone call the style police. We can’t do that.

  15. Too bad you don’t know about media like you act like you do and you definitely don’t know about technology and it’s the worst when you write about it.

    Try sports. Get the guys from Gcobbs comments section to debate about something on here for you.

  16. Just testing something here:
    When you were a teenager, would you call your mom at work and complain to her that the iced tea pitcher was empty? And that you couldn’t find the Pizza Rolls in the freezer? And then she would be all like, “Just make more iced tea. And they are right behind the broccoli.”

    And then you would just drink water and eat some cookies because you couldn’t find a baking sheet for the oven.

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