Either Ben Davis or Kevin Stocker will Replace Jamie Moyer in the Broadcast Booth

Back in November, it was announced that Jamie Moyer was asked to leave/would not be returning to/all of the above (circle your answer) the Phillies broadcast booth. The seat next to Tom McCarthy and Matt Stairs was suddenly empty. And though Mike Schmidt worked Sundays (and was actually kind of terrible), we didn’t know who would replace Moyer. Thanks to Todd Zolecki, now we do.

The seat will be filled by either Kevin Stocker or Ben Davis. Davis, a local product who has on-air experience with CSN, is likely the favorite. But Stocker actually played for the Phillies and has spent two seasons doing color-commentary for the Pac-12 Network.

We’ll have more when the role is filled.


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  1. “And though Mike Schmidt worked Sundays (and was actually kind of terrible)”

    Are you joking Jim? Schmidt was the only bright spot to listen to in an otherwise terrible pairing of Moyer/Stairs all last year. Jim, how many Phillies games did you watch last year to make a ridiculous statement like that?

    As for Moyer’s replacement, my money is on Ben Davis. He’s paid his CSN dues and at this point is much more recognizable in the Philly TV and radio market than Kevin Stocker. I watched Stocker play years ago and really don’t remember much of him other than he had a decent glove at SS and was a callup in 93.

    1. I totally agree on Schmidt. At least he gives some honest input and isn’t afraid to criticize. I enjoyed his innings. Plus, he has just a bit of credibility.

  2. Couldn’t be pulling for Ben Davis more. Great guy and not afraid to be critical. Stocker would be another yes man

  3. Why not have me in the booth?

    Instead of talking about the game, we could talk about my small penis and my girlfriend’s boobs! RATINGS GOLD #DitchBitchanelli #ImReallyImportant

  4. How does Ben Davis get consideration over RickyBo? Does Ricky simply not want the gig due to travel?

  5. Well, if Stocker gets the job, I guess I’ll remember him for more than being “that guy who we traded for Bobby Abreu.”

    1. Could the one who does not get the Phils gig, be it stocker or Davis, replace Jim?

      No experience necessary.

  6. Somewhere, Mitch Williams is angrily breaking things in his living room while reading this news.

  7. how about rhea since she is great on quick slants and lunch break? nevermind, weekend work would cut into her drinking time at her shore house.

  8. Jim,

    I think you’re pretty much alone in your opinion that Schmidt was “actually kind of terrible.” He was pretty much universally lauded for what he brought to Sunday home games.

    YOU, on the other hand, are “actually kind of terrible” and your career in sports blogging should last no longer than Moyer’s career as a broadcaster in Philadelphia.

  9. Ben Davis would be perfect.

    I can’t wait to hear about how Chase Utley bobbling a ground ball was Obama’s fault.

  10. No one is mentioning reea hews for the job???

    That mug of hers would look great in HD. They would just need to sandblast those dentures to cut down on the yellow glare it is.

  11. I just moved here from Beverly hills, the first thing I did was put on CSN philly only to see this lady reea hews… Holy shit I didn’t think they made them that ugly. I guess u east coast people don’t care about looks cuz out in LA we would never put something that ugly on TV.

  12. Ben would do a GREAT job. A local kid that grew up a Phillies fan. He played the most important spot (catcher) on the field in the Big Leagues, and knows every position on the field as a result. I have heard his batting analysis on CSN too and it is aways spot on. He points out things that the Average Joe would never see or even consider. He has returned home and is still a Phillies fan. I hope he gets the gig!!

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