ESPN The Magazine Ranked the Phillies Last among Major Sports Teams in Their Use of Analytics

I don't know what I'm doing!
I don’t know what I’m doing!

In Jim Adair’s ESPN The Magazine‘s “Analytics Issue,” on newsstands now apparently, the worldwide leader ranked the 122 teams in the big-four major sports by their use of analytics. And you probably saw this coming:

The magazine has the Philadelphia Phillies ranked 122nd out of 122 teams, the New York Knicks ranked 121st, and your Redskins ranked 120th, meaning last in the NFL.

(Of course, you can’t apply analytics to intangibles, which is why this whole enterprise is not at all fair.)

Not all that shocking for a team whose GM doesn’t understand the difference between plate appearances and at-bats.

We’ll update this post on more once I go buy 15 copies of the magazine and hand them out to strangers on the street.


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  1. i don’t care if they use a ouija board. they need to get a GM who can turn this around before 2018.

  2. they’ve gotten to the world series exactly 4 times in my lifetime. twice by developing homegrown talent over a 5-7 year period and twice by putting together a team of vets and journeymen. so of course they’re doing neither yet again.

    and do they ever even use the shift? (i stopped watching 2 years ago.) you’d think they would considering it’s part of the reason their big slugger is a shell of himself.

  3. That just proves Rube’s not a NERD like that weasel Hinkie!

    See the difference between Rube and Hinkie is Rube’s actually seen a baseball in his life! Rube’s just a moron, dope, idiot, moron. But not a pencil pushing geek. But definitely a loser fraud.

    Rhear, when do the big breasted beauties from Oasis get here?

  4. when the owners are senile old fools this is the type of gm you end up with…..hate this team until monty and roob the boob are ‘outa here’

  5. Who’s hated more, Ed Wade in 2005 after eight consecutive seasons without a playoff appearance or Ruben Amaro in 2015?

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