ESPN The Magazine, Which Ranked the Phillies Dead Last in Their Use of Analytics, Ranked the Sixers First

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In the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine — actually on newsstands now — ESPN ranked every professional sports team based on how much their approach is “predicated on analytics.” We already told you that the Phillies were dead last at 122, but we got the magazine today, and the Sixers finished first.

In the short paragraph that accompanies the ranking, it reads:

When Philly hired Sam Hinkie in May 2013, the team became a test case for the GM’s plan: dump overvalued mediocrity, lose (a lot) with cheap role players and load up on picks. With five staffers devoted to picking apart the CBA, mining player health and minting theories on roster construction, Hinkie has topped his former boss, Rockets GM Daryl Morey, as the NBA’s most ardent analytic master. “He has a vision,” says Sixers forward Robert Covington. “We’re going to turn this around.”

And that was all written before yesterday’s deals.

Only the top ten and bottom ten are ranked by-number, but the middle teams were all throw into categories. The Flyers are under the “One Foot In” category, while the Eagles are named “Believers.” Cool?


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  1. lol@ muckers and grinders.
    Clearly at this point they know its no longer the 70s. I’m thinking its mid 80s for them at this point.

    Not surprised to see the Phillies last. They rely so much on the eye test, they all need to get lasik asap , because it doesn’t seem to work often enough.

  2. He was at a steakhouse in Tampa where they put his name on a utensil to eat a steak. Like he is something special. He didn’t go down to spring training to cover baseball. He went down on 29’s dime to get a free vacation. Seriously, you sent a reporter to spend a week covering a team that may win 70 games.

    1. They give the guy a custom knife with his name on it. What turd posts a picture of that.

      1. Sorry, my parole officer writes my posts as I don’t know how to type. The fool spelled my name wrong.

    2. It’s 9:20 A.M. and the Burger King is in Clearwater interviewing Amaro and has his nose up Amaro’s butt. No credibility. What a brownnoser.

  3. Glad Howard Eskin ratted out Leonard Tose back in the early 80′,which prevented the Philadelphia Eagles from moving out of our beloved city,and into some no name spot in Arizona.

    1. Maybe we would have been better off. We would have gotten a replacement team anyway, maybe that team would have been able to actually WIN something in 30 years….

  4. Glad the Sixers are #1 at something. They can’t even be the best team at tanking. Would rather them be #1 at talent evaluation then maybe they’d be watchable already. I’ll care in 2018 maybe.

    1. Please give me an example where tanking has won an NBA championship. I’ll save you the trouble – there aren’t any. Losing just to assemble picks and then not being able to pick guys that you think can actually play or that you can build something around gets you where? Hinkie is a joke so far and so are the Sixers. Another year or so of no progress and Josh Harris will be tired of being laughed at and will fire his ass.

      1. Probably the best example and the one that proved to me tht the NBA was a joke was San Antonio keeping David Robinson on the IR when he was capable of playing so that they could tank and get Tim Duncan.

        5 Titles later,……

        1. That isn’t tanking and doesn’t resemble what Hinkie is doing at all. Spurs had one losing season only because Robinson was hurt. You think that compares the Sixers ‘plan’? Sorry, you couldn’t be more wrong.

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