I Might Be Wrong, But This Dez Bryant Video Thing Sounds like a Bunch of BS

Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

So there are reports of a tape which shows Dez Bryant doing something five times worse than Ray Rice (killing a small child and eating it?). It’s Twitter’s rumor du jour. Actually, it’s the rumor du mois– it’s been going around for a few weeks now. Is it true? Maybe. Maybe not. As an Eagles fan, I kind of want it to be. As a human, I want it to all be just a big scam. Either way, I wouldn’t put too much stock in the “reports.”

The main one comes from uber-gossip-blog Terez Owens, which makes this site look like The Atlantic. When Mike Missanelli decries bloggers as being misinformed, irresponsible jackasses, he might as well be talking about Terez (who runs an entertaining site, but whom I’m guessing would admit to routinely throwing shit at walls based on barely-vetted tips, rumors and day-old gossip). Here’s what TO wrote:

The incriminating video of Dallas Cowboys superstar receiver Dez Bryant doing something supposedly Ray Rice worthy is being released today or tomorrow. According to our source, the Cowboys haven’t done a huge deal with Dez because of concern over the video. Unfortunately Bryant’s team won’t be able to stop the tape from getting out to the public. Of course Cowboys COO Stephen Jones denies knowledge of such a video. This is going to be a game changer for the Cowboys future. UPDATE: We’re being told the Cowboys have warned Dez the tape is going to be released, and from someone who has seen it, that it’s five times worse than the Ray Rice Video. His football career is in jeopardy according to our source. Also a Dez insider tells us he is being brainwashed by Jay Z and Roc Nation Sports.

Now, actual news outlets are running with that “report,” including the Seattle Sun Times and, predictably, CBS Philly. And Sean Brace, just now on the radio, blamed websites and blogs for fanning the flames because they have no one to answer to and it’s all about “page clicks”… meanwhile, they’ve spent the last 10 minutes talking about it on 97.5 and are bringing on someone from Dallas to discuss further.

Worse, Mike Florio, ostensibly a reporter, went on the radio in Dallas and said the tape is a big deal and everyone is talking about it… but he doesn’t know if it exists.

The media is so, so desirous for this to be an actual thing.

Further: Today, some hip hop producer (always reliable) tweeted the following [aggregated]:

Voila_Capture 2015-02-25_11-52-07_AM

This is what the general public doesn’t understand about the Dez Bryant video: The video was recorded by his now former friends. He was hanging around some pretty dark people. Now they aren’t friends anymore. So his ex-friends decided it was time for a pay day. However, no one is going to have possession of that tape until they pay. Whoever it is. In conclusion, to Cowboys Nation: We don’t have the tape. We have screenshots. And we’re not leaking anything. Dont need a Cowboys lawsuit. A deadline was set by Bryant’s former friends/extortionists for today for either TMZ or Bryant’s team to purchase the tape. THAT is why there are reports of the tape leaking today. What happens from here on out is between Dez, TMZ, and his former friends. Legal says I’m not at liberty to comment on the content of the screenshots yet.

ESPN just contacted us. Looks like you’ll be seeing me on ESPN later today if terms are met and legal approves.

Latest I’m hearing is the following and it’s oh so fitting: WALMART. SURVEILLANCE. VIDEO.

BACKGROUND: Mike Florio was a guest on 105.3 The Fan last week and was asked about the possibility of a video. His response was shocking. “It’s one of the best-kept secrets in the media,” Florio told hosts Shan Shariff and R.J. Choppy. “A story that all of the major insiders know about, known about it for months, involving a video tape. And the Cowboys are aware of it.”

“Dez Bryant is part of “shakedown” led by two former friends that claim to have proof of a domestic incident involving a young lady.” -IBN


To recap, that guy, who claims he has screenshots of a video that he’s “hearing” was taken at Walmart (actually, yeah, that would be fitting), says his lawyers have instructed him not to discuss it. I bet. But my favorite part is that the hip hop producer cites Florio’s rumor-mongering and Incarcerated Bob (IBN– an infamous Twitter gambling and rumor account) as background. Time is a flat circle, or something like that, right?

Even Adam Shefter, who told a Chicago radio station (46:50 mark) that he has been working on some vague Dez Bryant story since September, says hasn’t seen any video, isn’t sure if one will come out, and believes Bryant will be playing for Dallas next year. Derp.

I might be wrong, and I’ll be the first to admit it if I am. But I wouldn’t put too much stock in these so-called reports of a video.

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35 Responses

  1. Dez Bryant is a great WR. I hope there is no truth to this video rumor. The man apparently has been trying very hard to turn his life around.

    1. i am going to pretend this is a serious and genuine post by you and dignify it with a response….it doesn’t matter if “he had been turning his life around.” if, and big IF, the tape does indeed exist of a wrongdoing on his part, the question then becomes when did he do this? was it high school? was it college? was it when he became a member of the cowboys? in the end, i think it’ll simply be an extortion attempt. however, there is certainly a lot of smoke for what is supposedly “a no fire whatsoever” situation.

  2. This reminds me of the time that kid dunked on lebron and Nike confiscated the video because the nba was/still is marketing him as the next Jordan

    1. HAHAHA Mike!! That was the funniest thing i ever heard! no one is funnier than you! I agree 100%. I could never disagree with you Mikey. Cause what kind of show would we have if I had a mind of my own and could come to my own conclusions without your tyrannical power that you show over every person who comes on our god forsaken show. You the man Mike. “The Wire” for life bro! YOUR SISTER!

  3. Heard the vid is him at the mall n shows him tipping, crossing at a light and walking above a snail pace.

    1. Check your sources Candy.

      I heard that the video shows him talking on his phone while riding public transportation with speaker phone TURNED OFF. Even more shockingly, once the phone call ended, he started playing a game on his phone with the volume turned down all the way.

    2. No candy you have it wrong heard he was caught on video holding the door for someone

      1. They just released the video. It clearly shows him and his friends at a movie theater watching it calmly and silently. Part two of the video shows them at a coffee shop where they finally discuss their thoughts on the film.

  4. Putting together the crumbs from the clues in the story.

    The video is of him and a buddy raping a girl or beating her up in a Wal Mart?

  5. Sick and tired of these piece of crap people hoping the video is not true.. screw you! Most NFL players are violent, mindless thugs and often that violence does not stay on the football field.. its often transferred to one’s girlfriend/wife and/or children. The women rarely say anything for fear of losing the money and access to the NFL life and in this country, children have no rights.

    And just because someone entertains you during your lackluster life, doesn’t mean you should ‘hope’ reality is something different. The quicker the video is released the better

    1. The violent crime rate among NFL players is much lower than society as a whole, but please keep running with your factless rant. Yes, the NFL does have a serious issue with domestic violence but it is not worse than anywhere else.

  6. “Bob (IBN– an infamous Twitter gambling and rumor account)”

    is there also any history of him trollng nonsensical drivel on irrevelent sports blogs?

  7. The video is of him inserting a weedwhacker into my anal cavity and then starting it. It was orgasmic and I certainly hope it comes to light.

  8. If you losers want to see Bryant beating someone repeatedly on video, watch a replay of the last Cowboys/Eagles game. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Gold Standard!!!!

  9. Mike Florio was just on with Crazy Ira and the D@uche. He said that the video very clearly shows Dez Bryant throwing a plastic bottle in the explicitly marked “waste” bin…is there nothing sacred in this world?

  10. Has K to the C been in the Dallas area in the past? One could only hope that their worlds have collided. Two birds…one stone.

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