UPDATE: I’m Kyle Scott– Ask Me Anything!

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Hello, minions, haters, trolls and passersby. I’m Kyle Scott, proprietor of this blog. I’m going to dive into the weeds that is the comments section, since nonsensical complaints over just about everything have reached a fever pitch in the sports vacuum that is February.

We’ll keep this open for a little while. I’ll answer as many questions as I can. Nothing is off-limts. Come on down.

UPDATE: Q&A finished. Read the full thing in the comments.

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396 Responses

  1. would you trade 6 first rounds picks, 5 second round picks, nick foles, leasean mccoy, and the liberty bell for marcus mariota? #dothedeal

          1. Hey Kyle,

            Any news on when Brace will be gone? I assume Gargano’s arrival makes him the odd man out, does it not?

    1. I like the fake names the best. Candy From The Oak stands out. Iron Balls McGinty from the beginning, though I have no idea whatever happened to him. Is he dead?

    1. I seriously need more time to answer this. I will, at some point. If not in here, then maybe a spin-off mailbag type post for some more thoughtful answers.

    1. I’d love to do one. Actually, I’d rather do a commenter meetup, but shit like that takes time to plan. Gotta find a place to host it… find a date… that’s pretty much it I guess. Maybe next year. After the golf outing…

    1. Disagree. Most people I talk to – actual humans, in the flash or through a telephone – say they often can’t tell the difference between him and me. Is that good or bad? Who knows. Site’s doing well. Posts, visits, revenue are all up since I hired him. That said, there’s a learning curve, and I think Jim today is better than Jim in September. It’s a slow time– so that’s one reason for complaints. Other is I usually give him the lesser posts, so it’s not always his fault that he gets Sixers trade rumors. I just don’t want to do them.

    2. Follow up to this question. Does Jim just fire off in your mouth or is he a gentleman and provide you with a warning pat on the head ????

    1. Because it gets picked up by bots and will sometimes flag the site as such and get certain ads blocked. I went two weeks with no Google Ads because a post of Julie Lynn (formerly Dorenbos) in body paint got flagged once.

          1. Julie (used to be Dorenbos) is smoking hot! Why would the Magic Man give it up? Did she leave him for Susie (used to be Celek) The CB faithful need a full investigation into this one Kyle!

    1. I think he overdoes it sometimes with being completely over-the-top. I think he’s talented, and funny, but you have to pick your spots with being a dick, otherwise it’s repetitive.

    1. See previous answer. [I should mention that questions are going into a queue to filter out spam and keep this readable. But I’m not avoiding anything.]

  2. 1.) Do you think Sam Hinky will know when the time is right to start winning? I feel like he could get caught up in this shit. 2.) Will Mikael Franco see a significant amount of time at 1st this season or do you see a major split between him and Howard being he’s still on the roster and that there doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of that tunnel. 3.) When the hell are they unveiling the Joe Frazier statue? Thanks brotha

    1. 1) I’m more worried about the ownership knowing when it’s time to start winning and to spend money.
      2) No idea.
      3) Jim– this one was you.

  3. Did you not report Juli and Jon dorenbaus splitting up because juli is your friend.

    Ps having Adam as a source for radio wars was fantastic.

    1. She’s not my friend. I know her a little bit, that’s about all. But the only stuff I know about it, though, was told to me off-the-record… so, you know. But yeah, they’re donezo.

  4. How long did it take to monetize the site? How comfortable are you with the extent to which the site has been monetized and the level of success it has experienced?

    1. I quit my job after a year. It was probably making about $24k per year when I did that. So that is what it is. Took a step back to take a big one forward. It’s doing really well now. Still plenty of room for more if I actually had someone dedicated to selling ads.

    1. Nothing happened. There were a few comments that were really nasty (that I would’ve delete had I seen them for anyone). But yes, she did reach out– as have many people. I figured a few weeks moratorium would calm things. It… didn’t work.

  5. Mayor Nutter
    Jim Thome
    Malissa Mccarthy 20 minutes after 4, week old chicken soft tacos from taco bell.

    Fuck, kill, marry….. GO!

    1. F- Melissa McCarthy (she’d make me laugh afterward)
      M- Mayor Nutter
      K- Jim Thome He’s a great guy, but his stories would bore the hell out of me

  6. Hello, minons, haters, trolls and passersby

    You invite the hate with miss-spellings like MINIONS. Kyle, where did you go to school? The Sisters of I Can’t Spell Dick?

  7. Do you regret getting that guy fired from his job because of his comments on the blog? I still think it was a total douchebag move and it made me lose a lot of respect for you and turn into a troll commenter.

  8. When you were a teenager, would you call your mom at work and complain to her that the iced tea pitcher was empty? And that you couldn’t find the Pizza Rolls in the freezer? And then she would be all like, “Just make more iced tea. And they are right behind the broccoli.”

    And then you would just drink water and eat some cookies because you couldn’t find a baking sheet for the oven.

    1. No one reads Union posts unless they involve controversy. I’d like to do more EPL stuff, but again, they’re usually longer and take more time.

  9. If the Inquirer or Daily News offered you a job where you made twice the amount of money you do now and you got all the access to teams that a typical reporter gets, but you wrote for print and had to conform to what their editors wanted, would you take the job?

    1. There’s no chance they would offer me a job paying twice what I’m making, but no. I’d rather be my own boss and keeping making what I’m making, if those were the two options.

  10. Why can’t we say “horse” or “teeth” in the comments section of K@cie stories? Also why is she such a whore.

  11. Dear Kyle,
    In a bit of a moral dilemma here……….I have a 7 fingered 8 toed midget that continues to try to get in my pants. I am beginning to feel bad for him…what should I do?

  12. if you weren’t married to mrs. Cb, and you could have an adult relationship with any woman in the Philadelphia news media, who would it be?

  13. Do you regret contacting that one commentor’s place of employment and ultimately getting him fired? I still think that was a total douchebag move and my opinion of you and this site completely changed for the worst after that.

  14. If train A leaves Trenton at 9:45 am. And train B leaves torresdale station at 10:05 am. How bad of a writer is Jim?

  15. Habitually F*ck, Marry, Kill, One night stand:

    The Phanatic, Swoop, Franklin, Al Morganti

    Ball is in your court.

    1. F- The Phanatic
      K- Swoop
      M- Al. He’s easy going and a nice guy.
      ONS- Franklin. We’d play fetch, all night long.

    1. No idea how much I directly made. Not a lot. Ad revenue over those few days, etc? Maybe $2k. From a site standpoint, it legitimized to some degree what I do and gave us some exposure.

    1. Why because I criticized protesters and make fun of DeSean? I hate how whenever you say something bad about someone who isn’t a white guy in his 50s you’re automatically racist, insensitive, etc. etc.

  16. Do you think its lazy that 97.5 talks about the same topic all day everyday? (Mariotta/Foles). No new news for the other teams right now but there has to be something else to discuss, right?

    1. It’s a slow time, and sports talk radio talks about what generates calls, for better or worse. Usually worse.

  17. If an investor was interested (which I’m almost positive they are not), how much money would it take to buy your site today?

    Does the absolute rape of the 700 level after its CSN purchase help or hurt your business?

    1. Reverse order: Helps. The site has become a homogenized CSN property. It’d take at least $1.5 million, based on the total number of readers, revenue, domain value, etc. I honestly don’t think that’s even remotely unreasonable. Angelo Cataldi makes more than that in a year– there’s no way the site isn’t worth at least that much over say five years.

  18. Since Julie and her best friend Susie Celek are now both split from their men, will they become lesbian lovers and if so can we start a fund to get that video?

          1. Coincidentally, Julie is no longer listed as a co-owner of Skin Palette on their website (though referenced very casually in one bio) and they are no longer “friends” on facebook. Me thinks some shiz went down.

    1. Not saying Angelo is stale (he has his audience– it’s not the same as this audience), but, generally speaking, because it makes a lot of money and has a lot of listeners. I just think media in general, especially in this city, is all run by legacy media companies, so they do what they know. They have big, bloated costs and have to protect their interests the only way they know how (Philly.com with crazy ads and widgets, CSN with every segment being gimmicky sponsored, CBS Philly with page auto-refreses to inflate page views).

  19. Does running the blog non-stop make it impossible to sit down and actually enjoy watching / going to a local game? I would think doing this all day everyday has to somewhat de-sensitize you from being excited about anything.

    1. Sometimes, yeah. When the most exciting things happen, it usually means it’s time to work. I’d be lying if there weren’t times where I rooted for something mundane because I wasn’t near a computer or just didn’t feel like doing anything. It doesn’t desensitize, but you do learn things about certain people and players that you get a peek behind the curtain and it loses some of its luster. That said, still getting as exciting, if not more, being at a game and seeing something awesome.

  20. why does everyone keep speculating about ryan howard? everyone damn well knows that hes not going anywhere. just like ruben amaro, hes staying put.

  21. What do you think the new uniforms for the sixers are going to look like? Will the Eagles ever go back to kelly green?

    1. Me, John Barchard of BGN Radio, and Tony Bruno and Ms. Robin are the business partners in it. We’re just trying to get enough shows on-board that we can reach advertisers with a lot of listeners, make it easy for people to listen (through the website or through an app we have in the plans), and, you know, to make money.

  22. How do I get a job writing about rumors and gossip with some sports opinion sprinkled in?

  23. i have 3 questions. first, what philly team do you believe is on the best track to win a championship and in what year? two, who do you think lasts longer in this city: utley or foles? three, has crossing broad considered a meet-and-greet for commentators of this site? i am thinking perhaps a saturday afternoon summer gathering at the OD. shirts can be made with name tags of participants on the front.

    1. Villanova has the best show immediately (not saying that because I went there). I still think Eagles, though, could legitimately win in a year or two with the right couple of moves. Sixers are on right path but still 3-5 years away from even talking about it. Flyers, eh. Phillies make me sad.


      Yes, actually. People would have to wear their commenter badge, and I’d love to get targets (Sean Brace, Rhea, Mike, Tony, Glen) out to such a thing. Not sure on the latter though.

      Would have to be in Philly. Most people work..

    1. Eric Lindros. Not even close. I was in third or fourth grade when he came to Flyers. Got me hooked on hockey, got me playing hockey. Provided countless memories between age 9 and 17 or thereabouts

      1. And Pat’s. I actually like Pat’s better than any cheesesteak place. People hate it because it’s popular. It’s also good.

    1. I try to keep it to normal working hours. I’m generally in front of my computer from 8:30-6. But go with the flow sometimes. IF it’s a really slow day, I’ll walk away. Having Jim helps. But it’s always on call, people complain about weekend updates, but when there’s a lot going on a lot of posts are written on nights and weekends.

  24. Has working on Crossing Broad given you any insights into the behind the scenes activity in Philly sports that you could share?

  25. How many times did your teachers give you an F on a paper for plagiarizing, and siting your entire thesis with footnotes?

  26. Kyle do you think there’s room for one of the local broadcast stations to compete a little more directly with CSN by running a DNL type show in the afternoon. Maybe Tolly live from his cell, candy as the fan on the street, you and Gargano? Personally, I’d dvr that shit.

    1. No, I think it’s a tired format. One DNL (NOW PHILLY SPORTS TALK LIVE NBC UNIVERSAL COMCAST), which I don’t hate, is enough.

  27. Rank the topics in order of how well they do on the site. My guess

    1. Eagles
    2. Radio Wars
    3. @
    4. Jim writes something stupid and everyone makes fun of him in the comments

  28. 1. Do you like this comment name?

    2. Will you put something in me?

    3. Sixers Draft Party please? #TankSZN

  29. Do you ever wish you were a little bit taller? Wish you were a baller? Wish you had a girl who looked good and you could call her? What about a rabbit in a hat that for some unexplainable reason carried a Louisville Slugger? Or maybe a 6-4 impala?

  30. Knowing Chip Kelly is all about “culture”. Would the risk be worth the reward on drafting Dorial Green-Beckham if he slides out of the 1st or 2nd round? 6’6, 225, has been compared to Randy Moss and Calvin Johnson. Just curious your OPINION (I know that’s hard for you) because re-signing Maclin is no slam dunk, and he is an injury concern even if re-signed. Cooper should be gone after next season, Matthews was nice but need to improve, and Huff was a mess.

  31. Kyle. I think each week you should write a post for the people who take their time out of the day to read articles and write comments, yet they supposedly hate the site. Literally nothing has been happening in Philly sports world right now. Love the sixers updates. Don’t change a god damned thing.

  32. 1) Biggest regret with the site i.e. something you feel you missed out on early on?

    2)How often do you decide to not post a juicy story that may get a team/athlete pissed at you? can you share any industry secrets (Amaro does butt stuff) that is known in the sports blog/reporters world but not known to the average joe?

    3) New radio show. Revolves on your life. Every aspect. You have three choices for the host? Howard Eskin, Angelo Cataldi, or Phil From Mt. Airy. Say why or why not for each.

    1. 1) I would’ve started and stuck with a podcast three years ago and done more with video, earlier. Also, made the site responsive designed earlier for mobile.

      2) I don’t care if anyone gets pissed at me, but I got a lot of stuff that is off-the-record. The CB B-side would be a great site… if I all the stuff wasn’t off the record.

      3) Eskin. Because if I talked to him he’d kiss my ass 24-7.

  33. How come you incessantly complain about reporters pandering to coaches and organizations in order to get acess, yet right after Scott O’Neill was on your podcast you’ve completely stopped pejoratively referring to him as “Devils CEO?”

    1. I don’t think I stopped. I’ve called him that once or twice since. I also ran the risk of beating a dead horse. But fair point.

  34. Given the current Ukraine crisis, what should Obama’s foreign policy stance be vis-a-vis Russia in the last few years of his Presidency?

  35. How come we weren’t allowed to make comments about KC because she is young and has a family yet you were okay with posting social media photos of Asche and Biddle’s girlfriends and invited commenters to talk about which one we find more sexually attractive? Are they not young people with families?

    1. Not gonna say. It did well, and I made more than I’d make anywhere else locally short of being a drive-time radio host or something.

  36. A few weeks ago you said you were going to bet Godfather locks for the week and let us know your results. What were they?

  37. When will Ruben be fired, seriously how does this dude still have a job at this point. He must be giving out handies and blowies on a constant basis.

    1. At this point I think he gets until the end of this season until Middleton (Eskin may have been right it’s sounding like) comes in and fires him and hires someone who has seen a spreadsheet before.

  38. Do you honestly think the flyers would be in a better situation now, or actually have a Cup, had the richards to LA/Carter to Columbus deals never happened and they stayed? Or do you just do it as click bait?

  39. Do you ever hear from KyleIsTheMeatInaCartsRichardsSandwhich anymore, or however you spell it? I feel like he either changed his handle or was fired, and moved away. Or was this really just you trying to get page views?

  40. Hello Kyle, this is Bob. The real one. What can you do to stop people from impersonating me (gay Bob, Transgender Bob, etc.)? All I want to do is talk sports here, but many commenters are trashing me by impersonation.

    1. It impacts visits less than you think. 75% of readers our daily readers. So it’s plenty consistent. Would it go up if one or two teams were really good? Yeah, a lot. So it’s not so much that readership declines now, it’s that it spikes wildly when there’s something interesting going on. Between that and t-shirts, it’s like betting on your own team. My wife took a lot more interest in Eagles-Cowboys finale last year when she saw how many Fight shirts were were selling. If anything, though, the shitty teams affect me more. Some days it’s just frustrating that nothing is going on. It’s not for lack of trying. Some days there’s genuinely little going on, and it zaps energy.

  41. Hello Kyle, this is Bob again. I have a second question. Would you consider creating a login for those commenters that do not wish to be impersonated? You could still have people comment with fake handles as is, but also give those the option of creating a login so people reading would know where a legitimate comment is coming from and see that no one is impersonating said commenter.

      1. You didn’t really answer the question. Isn’t it possible to add a login feature option to the site, while maintaining the current anonymous comment structure? In other words, two comment options:

        “1: To comment, please provide name and e-mail or
        2: You can also login to comment.”

        Why would this be difficult to do?

        1. Yes, but no one would login. What purpose would it serve? You can still login now….. can’t you? [I should really know the answer to that]

          1. First, thank you for your responses. What purpose would it serve? To not be impersonated by other commenters if that’s important to someone like me. I’m sure some other commenters would like that option as well. Secondly, there is no current login option to Crossing Broad that I can see.

            Make a loyal reader and commenter happy and implement the login option, along with the ability to add an avatar. I would appreciate this, along with other readers/commenters, I’m sure.

        2. There is a way to login on some other website where the login gets transferred here. (see AL Tru- anyone with a pic next to their name does this)

          Maybe stop being so butthurt all the time tho, there’s a reason you (and all those who have been impersonated before you) get picked on…

        3. @Kyle. Thanks for looking into it. I appreciate it.

          @Not Bob I get picked on? Why, because I don’t say pussy or dick in my comments and try to have a legitimate thought without having to be a fucking internet tough guy? I’m not a 20 something year old punk. I’m in my early 40’s. A little too old for the bullshit nonsense but young enough to get what is behind loser commenters impersonating me and attacking me. I love baseball and don’t shit on Amaro because I know the history of that organization. Assholes that are group-thinkers attack what they are too stupid to understand. This is fact, not opinion.

          1. No. That last post is precisely why you get picked on. You get all butthurt about impersonators and respond to it. You don’t realize you’re just feeding the trolls. It has nothing to do with your opinions, and everything to do with whining about being made fun of/impersonated. Ask AL Tru how he does it (where he made an acct/logs in), or stop caring so much. You’re not the first person to be impersonated, and you won’t be the last. But they’ll keep doing it as long as you get all butthurt and respond when they do.

  42. 1. How long will Innes/Bruno last for? I give this thing less than a year.

    2. Where does Miss by his hair dye?

    3. What have the ratings been like.

  43. What happens next…?

    You, Kyle Scott, are at a media/charity/fundraiser/gala whatever type of event with local celebrities in Center City. You get hammered and stumble over to a sports bar nearby. You go into the men’s room to take a piss. There is no one in the men’s room. There are two urinals. You walk up to one and let it flow. Mid-piss, you peripherally see another intoxicated guy stumble in kind of cursing to himself and he rolls up to the urinal next to you. There’s a moment of silence and you both glance at each other and your eyes meet. He gets this look on his face that basically says, “Holy shit that’s fucking Kyle Scott.” You get this look on your face that basically says, “Holy shit that’s fucking Riley Cooper.” What happens next?

    1. We have a conversation about how it was fair-game and he thanks me for being fair and agrees to a podcast interview.

      Or I run.

    1. Yes. Without pounding chest, a good chunk of local media, sports or otherwise, read the site. You’d be surprised the people that have offered up nice comments about it. Athletes? Some do. I can only really go by who follows me on Twitter for sure, but I know players, teams, certain front offices (Flyers) read the thing. Some players, and one ex-coach, have bought shirts.

  44. Why is Delco the worst county in all of Pennsylvania? I’m from Montco but just recently moved to Delco and I think about killing myself every night of the week. Nobody leaves (except you…respect!) but everyone that lives there thinks its the “best” and “coolest” place ever. Please explain.

    1. I honestly hesitate to venture below Baltimore Pike. If I moved back to Delco, it’d only be Newton Square, Radnor, etc. Am I snob? Probably.

      1. I agree – the “other” side of Baltimore Pike might as well be a leper colony, but no love for Havertown, Springfield, Marple, etc? Come on Kyle…

          1. Why do I suddenly feel like I stumbled on the FB page of the women of “Garnet Valley”? Who soon after moving into their starter castles, realized to their horror and shame that they shared the same zip code as…Marcus Hook. Whereupon they lobbied joe sestak, congressman du jour, to get them their OWN ZIP CODE DAMMIT that doesn’t make it look like they live four miles from that smelly oil tank-park- by -the -river. Which they actually do, but that’s beside the point.
            So now they have their own zip code with no physical post office associated, but at least they don’t have to double down on the Xanax when their rich relatives type their zip code into the GPS.

            Come on Kyle, be a man’s man… Embrace the DELCO!

            p.s. Cole Hamels is a Delconian.

  45. You have to kill, marry, and fuck Ruben Amaro Jr. In what order do you do it?

    And while we’re here, what would you do with Ryan Howard if he were your problem?

  46. Would you make Hipster Jim eat a WAWA gobbler out of a homeless dudes ass if it got you 100,000 more views a year ????

  47. What’s with going by “Scott”? Is it because the last name is really long / difficult to spell / say or was it initially an anonymity thing?

    1. It was mostly an anonymity thing. I started the site sharing an office with my boss, so if he ever stumbled across it (he did… more on that in a second), I didn’t want him to know it was me. Scott’s my middle and a lot easier to remember and spell, so yeah.

      He asked me one day “Dude, you got to stop posting all these links on Facebook from that site you read– what is it, Crossing Broad?”


      “[Our bosses, company owners] see it and feel like you’re not working enough.”

      That’s when I knew it was time to quit– partly so I didn’t get fired, partly because I genuinely liked the guys I worked for and felt like an asshole.

  48. I’m listening to the Saul podcast now and hearing the word “lulz”. It’s hinted at in a lot of other places in your postings but how long were you a 4channer?

    1. Thanks! I enjoy writing it… until it’s taking two hours and it’s 9:40 and shit nothing is on the site yet.

  49. Is Jim’s Twitter handle @JimisLame because he is actually lame or is it ironic because he is so fucking cool? How come he never answers me when I ask him this???

  50. Are you and Jim familiar with the concept of proofreading? “Mike Schmidt Days?” Really? You have to admit, Jimbo’s articles are littered with spelling, punctuation, and word choice mistakes… Would you consider paying a freelancer just to proofread? If so, I’ll do it.

    1. No. The delay between finishing a post and proofreading would be too long, and I’m not paying someone to proofread beyond what we already do. When it’s your own work, you literally don’t see mistakes after two reads. Sometimes we proof read each other’s, sometimes we don’t. There will always be typos, must people get it. It happens. It’s not the end of the world. When we do longer posts, they’re usually much tighter.

      1. Copy and paste it into a Word document. Use the spell check.

        Then double space it with a 12 point font. Print it out. Read it aloud.

        It takes a minute and you will catch 75% of all typos and misspelled words.

          1. And that is why I recommend printing out your articles and then reading them aloud. It helps you pick up on the errors that spellcheck doesn’t catch. Spellcheck is for college freshmen.

            And to all you college students reading this, follow the same advice.

            Print it out.
            Read it aloud.

    1. It’s a slower sports time, for everyone. So it’s not a fair comparison. I honestly haven’t listened that much. I can’t write and listen to radio at same time, so I tune in when in my car, which often isn’t during working hours. And I was away for a few days since they went live.

  51. Is that rumor true that Richards & carter partially blamed this site & the commenters for being one of the main reasons they got traded a couple years back ?

    Btw them 2 were pure gold for this site back in the day.

    1. I don’t think they actually blamed it. I’m sure it didn’t help their case, but I highly doubt it’s the reason they got traded. That said, Flyers front office read the site…

  52. You ever hear of the local dude (cheltenham) Lil Dicky? If not, you need to watch some of his videos on youtube. Dude is funny a hell. You should put Ex-boyfriend and Stayin’ In on your site for people to watch.

  53. Ever been to Lancer Diner? If so, decent…agree?

    Also, plans to move from Horsham at any pt? Place is an armpit and has become WT capital of Montco.

    1. Yes… it’s fine.

      I want to move within a year or two. Our house is too small. I’d consider Horsham or elsewhere. Some parts nicer than others. Read an article other day about trying to rebrand themselves and attract more businesses. Overall like living here. Too far from city though.

  54. whats your confidence factor in Mr Smoothie (chip kelly)
    on a scale of 1 to 10, mine is a 4…..down from 8 after year 1.

  55. Props for finding any material for the site during these, the darkest of days in Philly sports.

    Rage. Rage against the dying of the light.

    Keep on keepin’ on.

    This handle will be stolen for the 9,472,33rd time in…3…2…


  56. 1. Favorite/least favorite post you’ve done

    2. Are you or Jim ever going to leave your respective basements and do some real reporting from a location….like Wing Bowl, a day in studio with MM or Innes/Bruno, etc.

    3. How big is your schlong

    1. 1) Don’t have just one. I love the media feuds. Morning Carts. Morning Wood back in the day (can’t do it now, there’s not enough interest).

      2) I’ve been to Wing Bowl three times. I’d do a day in studio. Innes brought it up with me on his show months ago, but something tells me Andy Bloom would have none of that now. Honestly? We’re more efficient without leaving computer screen. Press conferences, quotes all that stuff on TV and streamed. Easier to write posts from here. I would like to eventually do some features that require me to put on pants. Maybe if we get a third or fourth person.

    1. We don’t. If we see something on Deadspin first, or anywhere else, we link to it. They have a whole team of people working 24-7, sometimes they’ll get stuff first. Simple as that. A lot of times we get stuff first, too.

      1. I can show you 50 examples you stole a story minutes after they posted with no link at all. Keep on trimming those sideburns mrs CB

        1. Few more. I can also show you 50 examples of 50 websites covering the same category that posted a story minutes after another. Get a life, douche.

  57. Great Site Kyle. First sports stop everyday.

    Q: Would you trade either Claude Giroux or Jakub Voracek to move up to the first overall pick in this years draft for presumably Connor McDavid?

    1. Sold ads at Inquirer, Daily News.

      Sales job for manufacturing company.

      Worked in online marketing at GSI Commerce and for smaller agency after that.

  58. I respect you a lot Kyle come to the site everyday but how do your advertisers take you seriously with your profile picture that looks like your 16 and just had your first rum and coke at your uncles wedding?

    1. Advertisers get what the site’s tone is. They don’t expect it to be buttoned up, that’s why it works for them.

  59. Is there going to be a CrossingBroad Golf Outing this year? The league was fun last year, but will it be around this year and will it be more “put together”?

  60. I know you’ll need time to think, but tell me what your 2017 “realistic” Sixers 8-9 man rotation would be if you were GM, assuming they don’t receive the top pick in the upcoming draft and can sign a free agent or two.

  61. Kyle,

    Recently started a podcast with a buddy. Its going well, we’re enjoying it. DO you have some tips for two neophytes about increasing quality? Do you use a mixer? Now that we’re on itunes, I want to make sure it sounds its best. Thanks

  62. Are you looking for any more contributors? Nothing remotely full-time, but I’d like to add to the site. Plus, I don’t have enough people that hate me

  63. how you post from the future? your clock is all messed up. you last answered that last question at 3:23 even though its only 2:35.

  64. What are your thoughts on Andy Schreiber, the most positive commenter on here? Do you read Schreiber scribbles?

  65. Daily reader, enjoy the site – I have a few for you:

    1. Were you just trolling us with all that love of the new Taylor Swift album?
    2. Why such hatred toward Tollie? I mean, do you like kicking a man when he’s down, because that is basically what you did/are doing to the guy.
    3. Who’s your current and all time biggest man-crush (besides Lindros) of Philly athletes? Gonna guess Kelce/Burrell – am I right?
    4. Who is your least favorite athlete in town at the moment (i.e. one you would trade/dump off somewhere else) and why?

  66. Do you think mcw is a good pg? Would you trade him straight up for dragic considering your not gonna fetch anything more then second round pick for him anyway, maybe you can somehow keep dragic to sign after the season. Is heinkes ultimate goal to trot out 5 starters that are 6 10 or taller? Or do they plan on getting a guy that can shoot the ball? Mcw has got to best worst shooting point guard in the league.

  67. Do you think Sean Brace sucks as much as all of your commentors do? Has you ever asked you about why he gets all the hate from us on your site?

  68. What does Liberty Broadcast Company broadcast? Seems like you only re-serve podcasts. How do I listen to the broadcast?

  69. Nova in the tourney… pick one place to travel to assuming they make it to the final four.
    Carrier dome for regionals, or Indy for the Final Four? How deep do you have the cats assuming Kentucky is not in their bracket and Nova gets a 2 in the East?

  70. I don’t know if this was asked.

    Do you have any plans to revamp how people post on this website?

    Something similar to reddit to maintain anonymity or just provide more options, edditing options?

    If not, why not?

    I ask this because I feel more people visit/revisit this website to comment/read comments. To be honest, user generated content is still added content, and free revenue and traffic for you if you promote it and foster it.

    But what do I know, I’m just some guy

    *please take away mandatory email addresses, it is a waste of everyones time

  71. Horsham did turn shitty . Iron Abbey is the shit but cop’s chalk tire’s if you drink you’ll get popped. Eagle’s will win 6 game’s next year an kelly will jet back to college.

  72. How long will it be until my arm feels “a little tender”? Over or under for the first week of Spring Traning?

  73. I hope you do me the pleasure of answering one more… Why is Leila Rahimi on CSN? She is terrible, I can’t watch a full episode of SportsNet Central if she is on. Her voice is so forced to be that “broadcaster voice” and it is literally the most annoying thing ever. Also, she not even that hot to have to put up with her annoying deeper Kermit the frog voice.

    1. Agree, broad is weak. And what’s with all this babes who like to hold pieces of paper over their gunt when they aren’t behind the desk? It’s like they think we can’t tell they have a sloppy gunt.

      Jen Daniels voice is 10x worse than Rahimi. It’s nasally and she has the worst Philly accent. Actually, scrap that. The traffic broad on CBS 3 in AM has a really rough NE Philly accent. Can’t remember the name…she’s the one w the eyes on the side of her head.

  74. I know you have said in the past that there is an app in the works and you get asked too much, but can we expect a CB app at any time?

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