Jay Wright and Villanova Get Some Love in NY Times


Here, I’ll let someone else call them a Final Four contender this year. From the New York Times:

After Monday night’s game at the Pavilion, Villanova Coach Jay Wright and Seton Hall Coach Kevin Willard exchanged back slaps and compliments. Willard laughed at a joke by Wright but then turned serious.

“Keep it rolling,” Willard told him. “You’ve got a Final Four team here.”

Willard’s team was dismantled by No. 6 Villanova, 80-54, as the Wildcats gained some revenge for a loss to the Pirates on Jan. 3. Five Villanova players scored in double figures on Monday, led by the senior Darrun Hilliard, who had 18 points.

Not many teams in N.C.A.A. Division I have more victories than Villanova (24-2, 11-2 Big East). Yet the Wildcats, one of the top-ranked teams for the entire season, have attracted little national attention. As the N.C.A.A. tournament approaches, Villanova is expected to do what it did last season — win nearly 30 games and earn a top-three seed.

And yet some people still give me shit for not giving as much attention to Drexel.

UPDATE: Sterling Gibbs got a two-game suspension for that elbow to Arcidiaconononononono.


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    1. Hey Kyle,

      How come you can’t type p*rn star on this site? Are you protecting Lisa Ann???

  1. Jay Wright seems like a huge d bag. Most college bball coaches have that d bag vibe. Doesn’t seem to transfer to the NBA though. I’m not a nova hater, but there’s just something about him that screams d bag.

      1. why are college coaches out of their seat the whole game yelling and screaming? also, why are they drawing up plays on the whiteboard? aren’t there set plays they can call?

      1. Coach K seems cool, but the Coach Cal’s/Jay Wrights/Bill Self’s/Rick Petino’s of the world seem like total scumbags.

  2. Better hope Nova doesn’t cross paths with the buzzsaw that is Kentucky. That team is one for the ages.

    1. Ummmmmmmmmm. When we get the #1 seed we won’t see them until the title game. Let me guess, St. joe’s????

      1. Nope, went to Kentucky. But seriously, if you have followed college hoops for more than 10 minutes you would recognize how special the team is this year. Im not saying you have to cheer them on, but call a spade a spade.

          1. Even as a Kentucky homer I’m not ready to go that far but could wind up being in the discussion as one of the best. Way too many variables to declare 1 team the best of all time. But Nova is clumped in with many of the middle tier clingers, the Gonzaga’s and such of the world.

  3. People probably give you shit because all last season you wouldn’t shut the fuck up about how everyone couldn’t objectively analyze nova basketball even though many of us were exactly right about how (not) good they were. And not only that, like the little bitch you are, you didn’t acknowlede how completely wrong you were about them and how it was you who were uncapable of objectively analyzing them.

  4. Made the worst decision in my life buying one of those shirts. People just kept asking if I was a huge Nixon fan when I wore it.

    Also just looks like a hand is coming out of my dick. Just sayin’.

  5. …like all Jay Wright Nova teams, they’ll sputter in the tournament, maybe win their first game, maybe even win two games…but then we’ll all again realize that Jay is a good recruiter and not a good x’s and o’s guy….

  6. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I was at the ER yesterday getting checked for a burst artery. Everything’s fine.

    Why can’t we talk about actual SPORTS? Instead of Del Zotto’s girlfriend or new uniforms. Why can’t we read about it HERE?!?!?

    1. …in case you didn’t notice, we are in the darkest of dark ages in sports in the city. Sixers, lol, Eagles (there is nothing, I mean nothing more annoying than talking about Mariotta in February), Phillies, lol, (it’s been 7 f’ing years and we still have how many of those guys on the team?), and the only team that is getting their act together has started out so poorly, that no one is going to pay attention unless they make the playoffs, and then it’ll be one round and done…… So I’d just be thankful that you’re not Bruno and Innes and trying to launch a sports show and earn a living in this mess….

      1. you’re a retard. The mariota chatter has nothing to do with the eagles and they’ve been good the last 2 years. There’s literally 4 dudes left from the 2008 Phillies.. so we’re not sure where that idiot angelo snub was goin. And the Flyers are 4th in the NHL in attendance which means they’ll come out no matter what. Lots of people care whether they flop or not. The only remotely accurate thing you said was LOL at the Sixers and that makes you sound like a pussy 13 year old. Slap yourself in the tinybits, pussy

    1. It was bound to happen. I’ll admit I’m surprised it happened this fast. But you knew it was gonna happen someday.

  7. Final Four contender says the guy who called Steve Mason a top 5 elite net minder.


  8. I’m so far and my ratings are so bad.

    Someone help me oh HI Miss Robin…..12 seconds later……I feel better.

  9. My La Salle Explorers have won more NCAA Tournament games than Nova since 2010 (in 1 single tournament appearance). Gloat on all that regular season success.

    1. you’re also 150x more likely to be murdered on the sidewalk of your campus, but who cares about murder and horrible stats, and your horrible observation.

  10. I work in the advertising dept for IP and the ratings came out today.

    Once again things are relatively close between the 2 stations 1-6. Bloom just loves that fatty sooooooooooooooooo much. When Kyle is done jerking off to pictures of @ he can actually do some reporting and get them.

  11. As long as there are four 5″ 11 white boys waving their silly ass towels at the end of the bench; Nova ain’t winning shit.

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