Jimmy Fallon and Mark-Paul Gosselaar Performed a “Saved by the Bell” Skit Last Night and It Was Amazing

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Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show are in LA this week, and last night they recreated the Saved By The Bell set for a skit with Mark-Paul Gosselaar and a few others. I won’t ruin the cameos for you, but I will say that pretty much the only thing missing was Dustin Diamond, who most recently was accused of stabbing someone in a Wisconsin bar.

Could you imagine Letterman or Leno ever doing something like this? There may not be a better champion of Millennial pop culture than Fallon. This is awesome. Not lying when I say I got a small lump in my throat watching this.

Must-watch video for anyone under 40 after the jump.


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  1. To bad Lisa Turtle completely fucked her face up with plastic surgery and Screech is a murderer, or it could’ve been complete.

    Things like this are why Fallon is the man.

  2. Where all we do is talk about shitty radio programming than nobody listens to and post funny YouTube clips and the occasional Hot Taek or two

    1. This site gets gayer and gayer with each passing day. Whether it’s a post about Kylie almost crying about some dumbass SBTB parody, or his obsession with Taylor Swift. Next thing will be an announcement that we all saw coming, that Kylie and Jim are getting “married”.

      Also, I would love to drop a load on Elizabeth Berkleys face, then use her curly ass hair to wipe it off, then make Tiffany Amber-whatever suck it all out of her hair. That would be awesome.

    1. -Innes will still suck.

      -Bruno will still be lost without his soundboard

      -MM will still ignore the whole thing publicly. He will still be an arrogant douche who is remotely entertaining sometimes and fairly knowledgeable, but he has nothing to worry about as long as Innes is part of that show.

      -Bonus: Marks and Brace will do another awful show today.

      That is all.

    2. The best part of the Tony Bruno and Josh Innes show came around 5:30 when XPN played “Handshake Drugs” and “Impossible Germany” back to back. And that was preceded by “Rock and Roll All Night” on MGK.

      1. If I ever was myself I wasn’t that night…

        The three guitar interplay at the end of Impossible Germany is some of the best guitar work of the past 20 years.

  3. I used to love masterbating to kelly & sometimes Lisa turtles big black ass when I was younger. I still want to eat Kelly’s ass hole like it deserves to be eaten

  4. You can find me at The Pool at Harrah’s a few times a year as the celebrity-guest. Always shitfaced and two coke-ridden whores around each arm

  5. were way better than cataldi’s lame act. too bad they got replaced by mike&mike. really my local sports radio options in the morning are cataldi and mike&mike!

  6. NBC/Comcast must be paying you to promote this unfunny, effeminate, celebrity-dicksucking man-child’s show.

  7. Damn, Kelly Kapowski has still got it. She makes Sheena Parveen look like Josh Innes. You hear that, Sheena? Tight shirts and fat tits ain’t all that, lady.

    Speaking of Innes, good to see him getting some work as Mr. Belding. Didn’t know he lost all that weight. Good for you, Joshie!

  8. Not pleased with this post not being about me, but glad to see some of the commenters steered the conversation in the correct direction.

    Everyone ready for more Bitchanelli jokes today? Masterpiece radio coming right up!

  9. As hot as Kelly Kapowski was and still is, I think I would rather bang Jessie. After seeing her in Showgirls, I bet she would be down for the dirtiest shit (ass to mouth and such). The kind of stuff where Kelly would say eeeewww, Jessie would say harder.

  10. I never noticed it until the “I got Kelly Kapowski pregnant” line, but anyone else notice the resemblance between Zack and Pat Burrell? I’m guessing even the delivery of the infamous Pat the Bat post-coitus line was about the same too.

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