Jimmy Fallon Remade the Fresh Prince intro with Carlton, Jazzy Jeff and The Roots

Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, often more variety program than talk show, took the show on the road to L.A. for a week. To celebrate, Fallon and cohorts recorded an homage to the opening of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air that featured Jazzy Jeff, Alfonso Ribiero, The Roots, and even a little joke about the length of the Fresh Prince intro’s cab ride (though everyone knows the extended version details Will’s plane trip). These things can usually border on great or cringe-worthy, but this is firmly in the former camp.

On the other side of late night, sitcom actor Adam Pally hosted an audience-less, awkward, and totally engrossing Late Late Show on Friday.

Chris Christie falling off a chair at WIP also made Fallon:


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  1. this belongs on a philly sports blog because will smith is from philly? or because fresh prince is from philly? or the roots? confused.

  2. Jim, your contributions to this site are awful. Kyle, time to face the fact that Jim is useless and needs to be sent back to his Starbucks job.

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