Video and Audio: K.J. McDaniels Alley Oops off the Backboard to an Open K.J. McDaniels

And Sam Hinkie had no reaction. He needs to be on the mic every game. And people are noticing:

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 7.44.53 PM

Sam Hinkie was reportedly trending too, but he’s already in the wind.

Audio of Tom McGinnis’ call – it’s awesome and ridiculous – after the jump.


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  1. That was a nice play, unfortunately the rest of the offense sucked. This team makes such dumb mistakes and turnovers constantly. Can’t wait until when/if these tanking seasons start paying dividends so this D-league squad can go back down to Newark where they belong.

    And lastly, Nerlens Noel is lost. Can’t rebound, can’t shoot and wants no part of the paint while the team is on offense.

    1. With a team filled with undrafted players and d-league journeyman what you expect the “1967” 76ers?

      And lastly you moron Nerlens Noel is a 20yr old rookie big man who is showing great potential defensively,but is raw offensively which was to be expected but still he is getting double digits in points or close to it almost every game so cut the kid some slack you pedophile.

      Go back to beating off to the Flyers like the rest of you hockey clowns.

  2. That was a nice play. Hinkie actually talked it down on air. Mark Zumoff, of all people, chose to politely disagree.

    Noel is lost. I wondered about him the day he was picked. He has confirmed what I thought. I have a much better feeling about this years number 1. Next year, I want progress with this team. I know Rome wasn’t built in a day but is 30 to 35 wins too much to ask for? The year after next I expect much bigger things.

    1. Nic Vucevic looked “lost” his first year too. Noel is as raw as they come. Wait until he gets some size and a complimentary big piece inside and watch out.

  3. The nba as a league sucks there should be mandatory at least 2yrs of college minimum. You should not be allowed to play until your 21 years old. Then you would have a better league to watch. this nba blows

    1. Imagine the teams Kentucky would field if guys had to be 21. The bench would be the 2nd best team in the country.

    2. James L,


      IN THIS COUNTRY! We have a free market

      ITS JUs like stern and silver that are trying to socialize us

      IN THIS COUNTRY!! If your good enough, you can play

      NO AGE LIMITS! Ju boy…. Let the market do what it thinks is best.

      1. Yea , if your not good enough for the nba they won’t draft you. Besides its not like the kids are going to class anyway, or even if they get a bullshit degree, what are they Guna do with it? Become doctors or lawyers?? Doubt it.

  4. I really don’t see the appeal to NBA basketball. Boring! Wouldn’t you rather watch a major league baseball game for 5 hours???? I would. And I’m pretty sure the rest of the country agrees with me based on TV ratings.

    Wait what’s that? Baseball TV ratings are horrible and networks are scrambling to get out of the contracts?!? And nba is just the opposite???

    Oh I guess I’m an idiot then….

      1. Can we eat Big Macs and down 44oz Diet Cokes while we give each other some handies? It eases the tension for me knowing I have something to eat.

  5. I am quitting my job and becoming Tom McGinnis agent. Most underrated asset in Philadelphia media today.

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