Kacie McDonnell Will Be the New Host of Sporting KC TV

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In career moves that continue to be lateral at best: Kacie McDonnell has accepted a job to be the host of Sporting KC* TV (SKCTV!). From the release:

Sporting Kansas City announced today the hiring of KSHB-TV, 41 Action News reporter Kacie McDonnell as SKCTV’s new network host.  McDonnell will anchor Sporting Kansas City’s pregame and postgame shows and conduct in-game interviews from the sidelines during locally televised matches in 2015.

“This is a dream come true,” McDonnell said. “I’ve always thought that if I could get a melting pot and throw sports, news and entertainment into it, I’d have my dream job. Now, I have that and I look forward to working with the SKCTV crew this coming season.”

While working for Sporting Kansas City, McDonnell will continue to work in her current position on KSHB-TV. She can be seen weekday mornings from 4:30 a.m. to 7 a.m., providing traffic updates and reports.

This is a dream come true. I bet.

*In Kacie you’re wondering, Sporting KC is an MLS team. That’s soccer. A soccer team from Kansas City.


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    1. Definitely not MLS players, unless you’re a European star coming for one final payday or Landon Donovan.

  1. I wouldn’t hate it if Jim made a flowchart of K@cie’s poor life decisions so far.

  2. Oh wow, whoreseey toofers is killing it in the middle of no where. I give it 1 month before she is tweeting out pics of her and another D level athlete.

  3. so this was her huge cliffhanger announcement she teased us with that video of her in ashes. thought she was coming back to philly. she sucks

  4. Leave this poor sweet innocent angelic young woman alone and let her live her life the way she wants to.So what if she’s a jock sniffer,it’s no different than you guys fawning all over Chase Utley and Claude Giroux and furthermore if when and I catch up with just one of her many haters,expect a pummeling for your vile mistreatment of this beautiful angel.

  5. She’s an idiot for leaving philly. She had a good thing going on at fox29 good day working 3-4 days a week & most Friday’s off. Girl had more vacation days than a government worker

  6. Hey you guys, stop busting on my hoarse faced cousin! You never busted on our grandfather misster eddd!

  7. I be like that ship is whac. She be doin all those games and playin us like we bob barker or somethin. To all my shizzam boyz lets holla up in this hood.

    Yo chick out my boy josh innes on WIP. He be keepin it real.

  8. She shacks up with a Royals player (-1000)
    She gets revenge and lands a Chief’s player (-150)
    She Twitter stalks another random athlete (-800)
    Del Zotto realizes he will never do better and proposes (+25,000)

    1. I’m thinking she goes baseball for her next conquest . She wants her pussy to be smelling like pine tar again

  9. Destination: Complete Obscurity.

    Soccer is pretty much ignored, even in major markets. Yes, it’s a big niche for suburban families whose kids play it because they enjoy the bright color socks, cleats, and the European panache of the jerseys. But other than that, it’s irrelevant.

    I can only imagine the complete wasteland it is in a place like Kansas City.

  10. ““I’ve always thought that if I could get a melting pot and throw sports, news and entertainment into it, I’d have my dream job. ”

    Great minds think alike.

    1. “I’ve always thought that if I could get a melting pot and throw sports, news, entertainment, and a bunch of smelly jockstraps into it, I’d have my dream job. ”

    1. You see because Kyle once actually thought he could get his penis in that, which makes her a running gag now.

  11. *In case, you’re wondering, Sporting KC is an MLS team. That’s soccer. A soccer team from Kansas City.”

    Yet, Crossing Broad is the one reporting on it.

    Advantage- Not Crossing Broad.

    Also, Sporting KC averages 20,000 a people a game and has over 50 straight sell-out games.

    1. Who gives a fuck how many sellouts they’ve had? It’s Kansas City, what else are they going to do?

      It’s the equivalent of saying Iraq has better sand than New Jersey. Any way you spin it, it’s still fucking Iraq.

      1. Really?

        You had anywhere in the world with sand to choose? And you went with New Jersey?

        Dude, travel some time.

  12. Now that she’s in “sports” maybe she’ll start dating news anchors. With all the lateral job changes, she’ll be able to retire as an intern.

  13. Yes, that’s Kansas City.. a city superior to Philadelphia in its teams, its fans and its sports blogs

  14. I guess K@cie found a cheap apartment to live in. She better hook up with a sugar daddy from the Royals or the Chiefs pronto.

  15. We set the over/under line at July 15 that she’ll be off this gig and out of KC.

    Smart money is on the under….

  16. I really have to choose my words wisely because of the strong filter that appears when the post is about this hor-…..I mean mar-. I mean Philly. Can I call her a Philly? Is she one? Maybe she’s a mudder. I don’t know. She’s definitely a fucking h 0 r—se.

    Anyway she’ll be eating carrots out of the stables at Philadelphia Park soon enough.

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