Look at the Media Vultures Responding to This Photo of a US Airways Plane from Philly That Made an Emergency Landing in Houston

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Hey, your dad’s plane just crashed? Great. I assume he’s OK? Good. Now will you please give out his phone number so we can hound him before the shock wears off? Thanks!! Vultures, all of them. Except Winnie. Winnie can stay.

An American Airlines flight, operated by now-partner US Airways (or, if you’re Philly.com, you can just call it “American Airways“), from Philly to Houston made an emergency landing in Houston last night after the Embraer 190’s nose gear failed to deploy. There was only one minor injury. This… this is why I hate to fly.


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  1. You fellas have a lot of growing up to do, I’ll tell you that. Ridiculous. Completely ridiculous. Can you believe these characters? Way out of line. Way out of line. You know what hurts the most is the… the lack of respect. You know? That’s what hurts the most. Except for the… Except for the other thing. That hurts the most. But the lack of respect hurts the second most.

    I can’t believe these people didn’t just wait for Deadspin to post this. And then write an article about it three hours later. These guys think they are so cool just because they correctly spel 95% of the words in there headlines.

    1. Things could be worse I guess…. I could’ve gotten my nose bit off by a Saigon whore!

        1. Oh I get it! The Riley Cooper story. Hmmm. I don’t seem to recall Kyle placing adds trolling for the video and offering payment. Someone approached HIM. And he paid for the video (which you clicked and commented on over and over and over again).

          Who is the vulture again?

          1. Kyle chooses eschew a common media practice of not paying for stories in favor of drumming up traffic. Only reason he got to break the Cooper story is because no one else was willing to pay.

          2. Several thousand clicks seemed to be worth more than journalistic integrity. Then again, when you’re mostly just stealing shit off twitter and deadspin for a living, I can see how it wouldn’t count for much in the first place.

  2. If this guy’s dad took the time to take a picture after he got off the plane and then the son was able to tweet it at US airways, then obviously everyone is fine. If the kid didn’t want the attention, he wouldn’t have tweeted a photo to a giant corporation with 582,000 Twitter followers. Nothing to see here.

  3. I guess the media didn’t realix that he took a picture of the plane. If he wasn’t alright I’m sure he wouldn’t have stopped to take a picture to share.

  4. Philly is the shitstorm of all airports and all airlines. I have flown in airports out of Miami and NY and all in between . I would drive to NJ rather than put up with the skull-fuck of Philly. Jackson, Mississippi is a better place to fly out of. Think about that. ?

  5. I’ve flown out of Philly, book an early flight instead of being a lazy shit and you won’t have any problems.

    Or stop going on vacation when everyone else is, to places everyone else goes, d00sh.

    I hate to think that these are the exciting conversations that occur between our two antagonists.

  6. Also, Xanax and a ton of booze make any flight worthwhile. You’re so fucked up you don’t even care if you die.

    1. I fly for business, and book the very first flight to my destination. They tell you to get there 1 1/2 hours prior. On 2 occasions, I get there, couldn’t check bags, couldn’t go to my boarding, because it wasn’t open. Fuck that airport. The worst

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