Marcus Mariota Ran a 4.52 40, Chip Kelly Watches, Longingly

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I’d give it about a 32% chance that unofficial Chip wasn’t wearing pants as he watched Marcus Mariota run a 4.52 40– best among QBs and absolutely smoking Jameis Winston:

grab via (@Vinnyviner)

H/T to (@Banditmax) and (@ripits247)


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  1. So it appears that TEN is not as dumb as we think :o( and the consolation prize is Hundley who reminded me of Geno Smith.

    The Eagles are doomed :o(

    1. how are the eagles doomed? chips has gone 20-12 with vick and foles at QB and a terrible defense!

        1. i know this is purely hindsight, but cant help but wonder how things would have panned out had the eagles passed on marcus smith and instead selected teddy bridgewater. bridgewater would be an ideal fit to run this offense and we wouldn’t be entrenched in all this bullshit mariota talk.

  2. Eagles are not drafting a QB…who gives a fuck, Mariota blows and i feel sorry for whatever coach ends up with Winston. The browns will prolly reach on Hundley and take him before our first pick

    1. finally, someone with some sense. the only people talking about the eagles getting mariota are sal pal and cataldi. that should be your hint that they are not getting him.

      1. I think for the right amount of money I could get him to fall in the draft some. Ehhh, I might just do it for free, I love hearing people scream and cry “why?!? why?!?!why?!?!”

  3. And with the 1st pick in the 2015 nfl draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Marcus Mariota.

      1. It’s a commercial that’s constantly aired on 97.5 the fanatic over and over and over again.

        That and the “I’m having a stroke” commercial,which equally annoys the hell out of me.

  4. Some dope compared JW to Peyton Manning in terms of football I.Q. What an insult to Manning and that guy should be canned

  5. I believe that Chip Kelly having “control of personnel” means that Lurie and Roseman will actually just stand there and let a guy (who’s halfway back to college anyway) trade a Dikta-sized fuckton of draft picks for a middling quarterback prospect.

    I also picked the Eagles to go 13-3 with a hedge to 12-4 last year.

    I’m a fucking idiot.

  6. The Eagles aren’t getting Mariota. Can we stop talking about it already? Everyone makes the guy sound like a lock and he’s never taken an NFL snap. Sounds a lot like how people hyped up RG3. He’ll be lucky if he’s better than JaMarcus Russell. Can we talk about someone the Eagles can legitimately take in the draftv and stop dreaming? Thanks.

    1. No draft picks have taken an NFL snap yet. But besides that you have a good point. This FVCKING guy is not going to be attainable by Philadelphia through the draft.

  7. Two guys named Marcus in back-to-back years as first rounders wouldn’t be a good idea anyway.

    The good news is, our equipment is in fine shape these days under my watch.

  8. Completely unrelated, but equally important…Karen Hepp is a smokeshow. Hands down.

    1. Agreed, she can work that lip gloss she wears all over my pole. Her vag probably looks like roast beef though after squeezing out 4 kids.

      1. Well, I was just going to say I bet she smells like springtime and her hair shimmers in the sunlight, but, sure…we can go that route too.

        1. This is the CB comment section. We all know that “Smells like spring” isn’t a description that gets used when describing our better looking TV personalities around here.

          1. She’s “everyone’s all gonna die in this ice storm unless you stay home, I’m warning you” weird.

            She’s also undoubtedly a Nazi-type dom in the bedroom. Her eyes have that “I’m a complete control freak bitch” glaze about them.

            She probably calls her husband Rosie, or something equally humiliating.

            No thanks. I’d rather supervise the medical staff and pull in $1.7 mil per.

    2. Before doing weather, she used to be a dom in lesbian BDSM movies.

      100% true

  9. Great now tomorrow morning Cataldi will be unbearable – insisting Chip is going to get Mariota at all costs. Good day to avoid listening.

  10. Rumor has it that Sean Brace got thrown out of the e2000 lounge on Friday night after requesting a Ludacris song for the 8th consecutive time while wearing a flat brim hat and “bro” hugging everyone he thought looked even a little “blackish” — his words.

  11. Kevin White, the 6’3″ burner WR from WV and the next Megatron should be their #1 pick.

    1. Should be but probably won’t be. He’ll be gone long before 20. I can see Oakland picking him to give Carr a legit #1 target. That being said I would love to see him or Cooper from Alabama in a Eagles jersey.

  12. Marcuth Mariotah hath thuperb football intangibalth. Pluth, hith knowledge of Chip Kellyth’ thythem is thenthational.

  13. I feel that I have a very good understanding of the Philadelphia fan base, and I reay don’t think that this city cares about the NFL … It’s really a baseball town. Sorry guys.

    1. Bob, you are the biggest deuche is the whole world. You should move to St Louis and become a cards fan. You would fit in great there.

      1. The Eagles have never won anything!
        At least the Phillies have a few titles. Hence , philly is a baseball city, not football.

      2. I tried out for my high schools football team. It went ok, but then afterwards, we had to all take showers together. Wow, seeing all that dick made me harder than I could ever have imagined… I must have gone up to 3 inches that day.

    1. I know you are just saying it to get a reaction, but Vick is DONE as an NFL QB. Sanchez is a way better option at this point. Time for Vick to move to the arena league.

  14. whoo hoo…Mariota ran a 4.5 40. How will anyone be able to stop the kid…..WTF…..I can’t wait until this draft is over and we can stop hearing about this soon to be overrated QB, Marcus Mariota, here in Philly. Those fast 40 times, how that working out for ya RG3, Kaepernick, Johnny Football….This aint the sorry ass, no defense playin Pac 10. It’s the NFL, where the LBs are just as fast as the qbs and RBs. That runnin around shit might work in college and it may make espns top plays, but it doesn’t consistently win football game in the NFL. This team needs Defense, and a lot of it.

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