Mike Schmidt Says Ryan Howard Should Be a DH, Wishes He Was

Photo Credit: Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

We know Ruben Amaro just recently figured out that Ryan Howard shouldn’t be here anymore. By then, it was too late to actually do anything reasonable about it (it was actually too late as soon as he signed his last contract), but that’s the past. And also the present. But at least one person is jealous of the treatment Howard has gotten here: Michael Jack Schmidt.

Schmidt told Mike Missanelli:

“[Howard is] myself in the late ’80’s. There was Von Hayes. And there were a bunch of young kids who were just trying to learn how to play the game and compete in the Major Leagues. I really needed to be a DH on a contending team. That’s where I really needed to be. No one said that to me.”

If only, Schmidt says to himself, I had been able to collect so much money while batting .223 and then just bounce over to some contender to go on a pennant run I don’t deserve. That’s the dream.

It’s a sad state of baseball in this city when Mike Schmidt, one of the all-time greats, is wishing his career went a little more like Ryan Howard’s. Schmidt continued, stating the blatantly obvious: “It might be better for everyone if Ryan Howard were somewhere hitting 30-35 home runs and driving in 100-110 runs for a contending team.”

Believe me Mike, we’d all prefer that.

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30 Responses


    Mike Schmidt Days? Is that some planned celebration during an upcoming home stand this summer?

    Or did you mean Mike Schmidt Says….?

    Stop trying to be so fucking clever and just get it done CORRECTLY Jim, you hipster asshat.

    1. Jim is just trolling everyone. I refuse to believe that someone that co-writes entries for a blog is this fucking stupid.

      Having said that, I skip his articles as well. Kyle takes all the good stories anyways.

  2. never forget when Michael Jack Schmidt turned me down for an autograph when I was a young lad. He told me “not today kid”

  3. What, more – proof, do you – need,Kyle?


    Jim obviously doesn’t care. How much longer will you?

    1. Why would Kyle ever get rid of Jim? Jim makes him look so good in comparison. Remember the days before Jim how much people ragged on Kyle? Now that barely happens cuz everyone hates Jim.

  4. Back to the topic at hand…
    Schmitty is supposed to be a consultant/hitting instructor for the team in a few week right? He keeps talking like this (the truth) and he’s going to be un-invited.

  5. “If only, Schmidt says to himself, I had been able to collect so much money while batting .223 and then just bounce over to some contender to go on a pennant run I don’t deserve. That’s the dream.”

    Of course because we all know the opportunity to make a few extra million just to hit for 3-4 AB and rest on the bench the rest of the game for a full season is something everyone making $25k to $100k a year in their job would happily turn down.. gotcha..

  6. All kidding aside …. Jim, you are the biggest fucking incompetent moron. How in the fuck do you let that happen? Seriously. Do you have ANY pride in your work, you retarded toolbag??? This site is run by idiots. All the enjoyment comes from the replies, which means this could just as well move to some forum and you and your d-bag boss can go bag groceries somewhere.

  7. Ding along wid me now..

    Glory Says…padd me by.. with the wink of a young girl’d eyed…glory says, glory says….

    Back in High Dchool I was a big dadeball player, I could throw that dpeedball ya now…..

  8. I like did dorie about what Mike Didt daze. Did id a dood dorie.

    I would jut like to day that I apprediate Dim Adair and hith artigulls. I dink he id de bet writer of all dime. He bing a fret perpective that nobody eld bring. Dim allow Dyle Gott to have free dime. Wid hi free dime, he can inbedigate important dories like Radio Whores. Dim Adair id a gredit to dodiety

    If you don’t like him, I will punt you indo Bolivia.

    Finally, Wiley Gooper it an asshole.

  9. Kyle,

    Why don’t you just hire the original partner for Harry Mayes and be done with it? Are you paying him with dog bones or what?

  10. Wasn’t this interview on Thursday? Crossing Broad now has the timeliness of print media. That’s what I day, anyway.

  11. As long as these kock phags keep getting mentions by the yuckers on crossing broad,nthe site will never go away.it doesnt matter how horrendous it is

  12. Jim is a tool bag who doesn’t deserve to be an author of blog posts.
    Jim doesn’t even check back on his own post to see how much of a tool bag he really is.
    This is what you get when you hire a waiter Kyle.
    Ryan Howard pretty much sucks and is probably not even going to make a decent DH.
    Ruben Amaro is a Fucktard.

  13. I would take Schmidt RIGHT NOW instead of the big piece of fucking monkey shit KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK machine.
    Fuck off Rube.

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