My Top 10 SI Swimsuit Issue Videos for, Uh, After Work

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Clickbait? Sure. But we couldn’t just let the fact that Sports Illustrated made all of their Swimsuit Issue videos easily embeddable — hint hint, NBA and MLB — go to waste. So hop over the jump to check out my personal top 10 videos from this year’s Swimsuit Issue. You might want to do so after work though, because these can maybe get you fired… except from my job. Turns out my job’s pretty awesome. Now if I could just get myspacebartostopsticking…

[May take a moment to load]

I wish I never quit smoking, because I could really use a cig… ah, never mind.


24 Responses

  1. Dull Jim. Quite dull.

    Does Kyle really have to fire you or will you finally get the hint and leave ?


    Kyle: “you handle the SI post today, Jimbo. That way we’ll throw people off your scent and they’ll stop calling you gay.”

  2. Josh Innis has bigger tits then the girls in these vids. Tony Bruno’s girlfriend wishes she had these tits and body.

  3. Miss Robin needs to take a back seat and let Bruno do his thing. She is all over every comment and tweet. She was a nobody and just following him around like a little puppy. If he didn’t support her she would be working for some low watt station in Iowa.

    Her fat face needs to go away.

  4. How about my boy Jose from Norristown @ 3:15pm reviving the what up Wednesdays with Tony Bruno on 94wip.

  5. Let’s all agree the guy we really need to thank here is the Photoshop elements dude airbrushing the shit out of those boobies. Keep it up.

  6. All those videos on this “sports” blog and yet you didn’t embed the one with the hottest actual athlete in the damn issue? Hello, Caroline Wozniacki. (Eat your heart out, midget golfer Rory.)

    I’d *highly* suggest doing an Internet search for “ Caroline Wozniacki featured in SI Swimsuit Issue”

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