NATIONAL RADIO WARS: Dan Patrick Shreds Colin Cowherd After Blowhard Herd Questions His Work Ethic

It’s not just the local guys marching onto the RADIO WARS battlefield.

The always mouthing-off Colin Cowherd took Dan Patrick to task — as Patrick and others had ripped into Skip Bayless for calling Johnny Manziel an alcoholic (he was right…) — for not having much of a work ethic. Cowherd, on his show, said:

“I’ve worked in this business 35 years. Skip outworks all of us. The hardest working guy when I got into this business was Jim Rome … That guy grinds it every day. You don’t know anybody that works like him. This radio business I’m in is full of guys who read the sports page and rip crap off. I’m here three hours a day. So is Rome-y. Dan Patrick doesn’t work as hard as Rome — not even close. That’s why I’ve always respected Rome-y. He puts the time in. Patrick needs 35 producers to fill a segment.”

Few sportscaster sling (or attract) more shit than Bayless. He was right in this case (and I’m not saying he’s never been right before), but his whole schtick is still that of a rabble-rouser. Cowherd is cut from the same cloth. It makes sense he would leap at the chance to defend Bayless and knock somebody else down. Hell, that’s part of the game. But you can probably figure out that Patrick had a problem with this.

Right before that clip from the Dan Patrick Show above, Patrick’s old colleague Rich Eisen called in. Eisen brought up Cowherd’s comments and offered to “bring a blowtorch” if it came to a back-alley brawl. After Eisen’s call, Patrick went all in. The best part is below, but the whole thing is worth checking out. Patrick said:

“Colin needs to work harder at understanding how hard we work on this show. That would be my suggestion. And what was it? A couple years ago I wasn’t on his radar. Now I’m on his show, so I must be doing something right. And he’s watching the show, which I appreciate. But hey, you wanna criticize? You criticize. You wanna use your airtime? Go ahead. You criticize all you want. You’re criticizing me because of the Rob Gronkowski moment on the podium? You have every right to do it. Guilty as charged. I criticize myself. But you know what Colin, I’m good enough to be able to make a mistake in front of a hundred million people. Are you?

And here’s the thing: We all have ESPN muscles. I had ‘em for 18 years. Leave ESPN. Get out and do what I do. Try it. Try a radio network. Try a simulcast. Maybe a column for Sports Illustrated. Oh that’s right host the Olympics and Football Night in America and do Sports Jeopardy as well, Colin. Try that, and then we can discuss work ethic. Until then, enjoy your show. Enjoy your life, because it’ll be over one day and nobody will care. Just like nobody’s gonna care about what I’m saying right now.

I gotta take a nap. I’m exhausted from working so hard on this show.”

Ho. Lee. Shit. Insert a video of Kyle playing air-violin to the Game of Thrones theme here, and then set that air-violin on fire and blow up the air-violin factory and every one that came before it. Patrick, obviously annoyed at Cowherd’s analysis of his work ethic, went full existential on him. Not only does Patrick not agree with what Cowherd had to say, he doesn’t think anything he’s ever said matters. At all. None of it does. And if Cowherd wants to hang his hat on a smirk and a hot take, that’s fine by Dan Patrick. Because Dan Patrick doesn’t matter. And Colin Cowherd doesn’t matter. And one day we’ll all be dead.

That’s one way to win an argument.


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  1. We need a Youtube video to post for National Radio Wars…Sopranos intro?

  2. ” guys who read the sports page and rip crap off”…rhea, is he talking about me?

  3. This is quality radio. You can find it on Dan Patrick’s podcast. I’ve been saying it over and over, our local Philly Sports (and I use that loosely as long at Innes is employed) Talk Radio is atrocious. Notice how refreshing it is to hear Dan cover sports without screaming, talking about his penis, sex life, etc.

      1. Good point. Many of reasons it’s dead, but Innes has bothered me the most since he’s occupied my evening drive home and forced me back to national shows. Too bad for Rob Ellis that he was shit-canned back to the evening spot, but at least he’s worth listening to on most nights now that’s he’s solo again.

        1. going to innes just shows how lame sports radio is in philly. why isn’t there any real, new talent? people are actually hoping gargano comes to 97.5…WTF! we are a top 5 market, not pittsburgh!!!

          1. Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaa haaaaaaaa heee he ….

            The typecast of being “Philly” bro..

            Yo, hey. try a Primo’s bro.

            MMM Cheesesteeaks cuz..

            You, diss and dat.

            Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaa haaaaaaaa heee he ….

  4. Guys the conversation isn’t about me enough.

    Talk about me! Complain about me! Do anything so long as it’s about ME!!!!!

    1. What do you mean??? Didn’t you see how Dan went all existential? God, it was such a hot burn. Let me put it in you Howard.

  5. The super bowl is fixed the nfl is rigged and roger Goddell is a woman turning football into shit it is tag wrestling now

  6. Somewhere in Alabama, that redneck Alabama fan must be laughing her ass off over someone else taking shots at “Colin Cowturd” as she countlessly refers to him on Paul Feinberg’s show

  7. I actually seen the cowherd show when he went at Dan Patrick I had no idea why either. Patrick has been working his ass off for years, I’m sure Cowherd works hard too, but Patrick has been doing it for so long now and he does so much it was kinda dumb to go after him. As much as bayless gets on my nerves, I’ve heard many people in the journalism and media world have a lot of good things to say about bayless and his work ethic and how long he’s been doing it. I actually like Dan Patrick’s show a lot he bring a lot to the table of his show, Cowherd’s show is good, I think I would like Bayless more if he just turned down the energy and if he debated someone other then Steven A Smith, Steven A Smith makes me turn off first take. I used to enjoy the show a lot.

  8. Love Dan Patrick and have been a listener for years. This was an amazing comeback to a loudmouth gasbag who isn’t relevant now and wouldn’t be relevant if he left the mothership.

  9. This troll Kyle Scott and his prepubescent minions are the worst. Cowherd is the man. Dan Patrick is so 1997.

    It’s the 21st century, ladies. Join us, won’t you?

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