New SportsCenter Commercial Buries Left Shark Once and For All

This is admittedly a pretty good take on it, but in the Internet age, the shelf-life on jokes and memes like this is days, not weeks. We’re long removed from “Left Shark” now, and maybe this will end it. Still… sharks driving a car.

h/t The Big Lead

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9 Responses

  1. What the hell are you talking about? The shelf life on jokes is days not weeks? Go on reddit and you’ll see that same jokes being reposted from 3 years ago for some of that sweet karma. Plus this is damn funny, not sure how any decent person would take anything negative away from this.

  2. J: Mr. Scott, my asshole is sore.
    K: Not my problem.
    J: Well….
    K: Post something, bitchface
    J: What do you have in mind?
    J: Is that still relevant?
    K: I don’t know, bring it up in the post as some kind of quasi-hacky meta commentary on the attention span of the American consumer.
    J: What?
    K: Ugh do I have to do everything around here?
    J: My asshole is still sore, dude.

  3. Jim, how do you have a job here still? Your posts are god awful, it’s like kyle just throws you leftover scraps. You are clearly not funny at all and the viewers hate you. The shelf life on you was about a week.

  4. Sorry Guys! Just something till 1pm when they introduce the new Sixers Mascot! I’ll be posting a story on that next

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