New York Daily News Slinger Hops on the “Foles to the Jets for Mariota” Train

Photo Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

So far, only Sal Pal (and Angelo Cataldi) have been obsessed with trading up in the draft for Marcus Mariota. I’m sure most people wouldn’t mind the “doing the deal” — others wouldn’t want to “mortgage the future,” or another zingy catchphrase — but only Paolantonio and Cataldi have made it their one and only charge. In this slow sports season, they’ve latched on to it like kids who want the newest hot thing for Christmas but aren’t going to get it because they won’t stop pestering their goddamn parents about it. You’ll get what they get you and you’ll like it.

But the New York Daily News‘ Manish Mheta, a student in the Sal Pal school of shit-slinging nonsense, is now hopping on the train with his own unsourced theories stated as fact– speculating about the Eagles trading Foles to the Jets for Mariota, who hasn’t yet been drafted by the Jets:

Kelly would prefer to use Foles to supplement (and thus lighten) the draft-pick compensation package needed to move up for Mariota, who might not throw at the scouting combine this week due to a sprained right shoulder suffered in the National Championship game …

A win-win for the Jets and Kelly: The Eagles give up 2015 and 2016 first and second-rounders for the No. 6 pick.

Of course. Kelly would prefer to use Foles to trade up for Mariota. How do we know this? Did Chip Kelly, or anyone who knows Chip Kelly, say this? Nope. It’s based on speculation and what Mehta and Sal Pal would do if they were Chip Kelly (and his job was to sell papers and get ratings?). But they’re not Chip Kelly, as evidenced by their careers made throwing shit at walls to see what sticks.

In reality, it works very much like that kid’s Christmas: We’ll get what we get and we’ll like it, and Sal Pal will move on like a moth to a flickering light to the next hot take.


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    1. The NFL Draft Value Chart has #6 Pick at 1600 points. #20 is 850 points.

      A fair deal is # 6 Pick for Eagles #1 in 2015, #1 in 2016. Throw in Foles if you really want Mariota. No 2nd round picks.

      1. At least you did an analysis of the value but speaking for the Jets, here is the deal.
        1) It has to be done right now we are not waiting until we are on the clock.
        2) Absolutely require the Eagles 2nd round pick in 2015 in addition to the 2 1st rounders.
        3) The throw in is Jordan Matthews, Foles is in the last year of a contract he is worthless.
        So….are you in or out.

  1. Hey Rhea, lets get 30 drunk idiots and go to the NFL draft. If the Eagles don’t pick MM, we can boo and give the great city of Philadelphia another black eye.

    1. Not cool man. Very irresponsible of the media to report that. The girl changed her story 5 times to the cops. No charges. Very irresponsible. I hope we keep Nate Allen , he wasn’t that bad this past year.

  2. it’s not a story if only sal pal and angelo cataldi are the sources. oh, i forgot, mikey miss is onboard with it too…must be true.

  3. Wow! Might be Jim’s best article of all time? Wonder if Kyle threaten to fire him so he got his ass in gear.

    1. Nah, too busy looking up census date to prove that black people are evil at the core.

    1. Whoa whoa. You can’t say that here. We don’t allow full freedom of speech. How do I ban people from saying

      N I G G E R ?

        1. I kinda understand why Innes hates black people. I mean it’s horrible to be racist, but he did walk in on his mom getting triple teamed by 3 HUGE black dudes when he was a kid. So he’s a little scarred.

  4. How many times can this website talk about SalPal throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks? Apparently about 5 times for every article meant ironing Marcus Mariota.

      1. *mentioning

        N they use that phrase multiple times (It’s used twice up above) in every article talking about Mariota.

    1. This website will throw enough shit at others until it sticks n be the first to say i told you so.

  5. Kyle: Yo jim, Im a fucking tool n dont know how to have an opinion. Wanna just make fun of other people who actually speak thier minds?

    Jim: Totally!

    Kyle: Cool glad your on board with that business motto. N if anyone makes fun of us we will make gay jokes about ourselves because Im a Nova alumni snob.

    Jim: Sounds like a plan bro.

  6. I have unconfirmed reports from unconfirmed sources that Marcus Mariota will be drafted into the NFL this year by a team and it might be the Eagles

  7. Hey Jim, can you tell me who the Eagles drafted in the first round last year and relate that to a kid’s Christmas morning somehow? Because I don’t know anyone that’s ‘liked it’. Hopefully he turns it around…but you don’t have to like what you get.

  8. O my god!! A Hot take??? Throwing shit at the wall and seeing if it sticks??? Are those new terms? I’ve literally never heard them before. Especially not on this site.

    Kyle Scott logic: All this mariota talk is so annoying and reporters have nothing better to do that talk about him (makes another post about how other writers are talking about mariota)

  9. king douche missinelli also is a member of ‘lets trade everything for Mariota’ fan club…

  10. The shit-at-walls methaphor is the best I’ve read in this blog. Brilliant! Cheers from Spain!

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