Old, Ink-stained Scriptuals Have Real Problem with Girl Getting Her Own Sports TV Show

I’m going to get such joy out of the inevitable backlash hurled at NY Post and NY Daily writers Phil Mushnick and Bob Raissman, both of whom apparently have a problem with FOX Sports 1 giving genuinely funny and original online star Katie Nolan a show.

I’d be lying if I said these grafs weren’t taken directly from Awful Announcing, who found them, but they’re too good to ignore. First, Mushnick, whose dig at Nolan, buried deep within a larger article about sports broadcast production, completely overshadows what was an otherwise good piece:

Vulgar continues to be the substitute for clever or funny.

Thus it figures that FOX Sports 1 can’t get enough of Katie Nolan, who will now star in the self-indictment, “Garbage Time.” Last we checked, young Nolan’s smug delivery and crude content included a self-satisfied ditty in which she rhymed Jets with Tourette’s.

A FOX Sports news release headlines Nolan as blessed with an “Irreverent Style and Biting Wit,” code for coarse and cheap. And not that Sundays are now content-different than TV Mondays through Saturdays, but “Garbage Time” will be seen/obscene Sundays in prime time.

And Raissman, who is gunning for the title of oldest, whitest sportswriter on Earth with this drivel:

Through the years we’ve seen many foolish decisions, most by us. Yet a recent one by the brainiacs at Fox Sports ranks high on the list.

Next month on FS1, the Foxies will debut a show called “Garbage Time” staring Katie Nolan.

For starters, why would anyone feel compelled to watch anything to do with “Garbage”? And, as even the Foxies must know, “Garbage Time” is the worst part of any game, usually when a team is getting blown out. It always results in viewers changing the channel or turning off their TV.

“Garbage Time”? Maybe this is a show about irrelevance.

If you’re unfamiliar with Nolan, she was a YouTube sensation – from Boston, which seems to be the case for just about every groundbreaking national sports personality – known for her witty, sarcastic takes, who got hired by FOX Sports and who will now have her own show on FOX Sports 1. She has a unique style which – like it or hate it – is wholly different from most of the slop currently on sports TV, and, as you can see, old-timers just don’t understand it. She also happens to be one of the few women in sports who has seemingly made it on her own outside of playing the typical roles of sideline reporter, anchor or pretty-girl-who-reads-Tweets. At best, Mushnick and Raissman sound really old here. At worst, they come across as sexist. And yet, I imagine both men will find themselves watching Nolan on mute like the dirty old hags they are.


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  1. No one watches that shit network anyway. But riddle me this, if she wasn’t an attractive woman, would she still have her own show? Probably not. The only reason she has the show is her looks. Her sports knowledge is minimal.

    That being said, I would much rather watch her show than watch Jemelle Hill or Michelle Beadle. Both are fuckin morons.

    1. Kyle of course fails to see that there is no chance in hell – zero chance – that this chick actually wrote this rant. So she’s not like the reporters Kyle’s slamming at all. And she’s not even like Peter King. She’s just a tittied shill for Fox. For fuck sake Kyle, call it like it is.

  2. Any time a Liberal has a chance to take a swipe at anything Fox news related, well you know.

    Not that it isn’t a two way street.

  3. “And Raissman, who is gunning for the title of oldest, whitest sportswriter on Earth…”

    Why do you liberals continue to blame everything against white males? What does this subject have to do with race?

    Kyle, last time I checked you are white. Are you planning on renouncing your color and taking some tanning pills?

    1. Of course he blames white males. They are responsible for everything that is wrong with the world, ya ingrate. If you disagree with me, you’re racist. Look within, bro.

  4. how has no one commented about how hot this chick is?! So dissapointed in this group of trolls…

      1. She’s a solid 7 in Boston standards which makes her a 8 in Delco and a 10 in Kensington and Port Richmond.

          1. I lived in NE and visited Boston and when I make the trip to Philly the first thing i notice is how hotter the girls are in Philly. but i am a white male that think pale white girls look gross.

            Honestly though travel around the country more. all girls look the same anymore. Yoga Pants. low cut shirts and huge sunglasses that cover the whole face. I can’t tell the difference between a 40 year old mom or a out of shape 20-30 year old.

            you guys just hate becasue she is the type of girl who is to smart for all your bullshit and would not give you the time of day.

          2. don’t care which city has the more-attractive women; there’s not much here to find attractive. and she’s certainly not “to smart” for me or anyone else here though she’s seemed to cultivate quite the fan in you. i don’t find any of her observations insightful or the least bit witty, and her delivery is awful. i’m a fan of the format and presentation; just not in this poorly executed incarnation

    1. We don’t want another Keighcie incident. She’s probably 23 with a family, and we’ll end up getting the words “snaggle” and “Delco 8” flagged for moderation.

  5. The phrase “garbage time” was also used perfectly in an episode of the League this year, talking about garbage time in fantasy football, garbage time in life (e.g. “after 11am, the rest of the work day is garbage time for me…”). If that inspired the title of the show, bravo.

  6. “For starters, why would anyone feel compelled to watch anything to do with “Garbage”?”

    I sold over 17 million albums….

  7. There’s no way in hell she writes any of this! Did you hear the dude laugh at the ISIS joke? That’s a guy who’s proud of what he wrote and her delivering it… not very well either.

    If she truly does write this crap, then I’ll drink all the wine that dribbles down Panaccio’s chin.

    1. 1. i only ever opened the youtube link because she was hot

      2. i’m sure she was writing her own stuff 3 or 4 years ago when she started on Guyism (whatever that is). Genuinely funny stuff.

  8. The only thing vaguely amusing about that unwatchable vomitus is seeing her faltering delivery as she tries to read her lines. There wasn’t a shred of wit or humor in the entire presentation. Surely there must be someone more deserving of a larger media platform?

  9. I’m just glad Boston sports fans are finally getting some kind of national recognition. It’s a great sports town that never gets discussed. We need some more crime movies and TV shows that take place in Southie too.

  10. How is this sexist? They are criticizing the fact that she sucks and isn’t funny or entertaining in the least. They didn’t criticize her for being a woman. This shit annoys the hell out of me. It’s the same premise of someone calling someone a racist because they criticize our fearless leader, Obama. So essentially we can only criticize straight, white, middle-aged men because criticizing any other demographic could be construed as biased, racist, and politically incorrect? Bullshit!

  11. It’s a wonder you and MM don’t get along better. You’re a 30 some male with a white quilt hang up and that’s what he desperately want’s to be.

  12. Seriously though, it says a lot about shitty big-money sports media that ESPN said “fuck it, let’s put Dan LeBatard and his dad in a fake kitchen and let the guy ramble” and it ended up being the closest thing to a successful new show they’ve had in over a decade. Then the dad figured out what the hell he was doing after a while and it stopped being funny.

    I don’t know what her being a girl has to do with this being stupid, though. Her shtick apparently being just a garage-produced homage to Keith Olbermann (who himself is just putting sports spin on the 30 year old monologue comedy show act). Also, would readily hit it.

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    Her beef curtains are large and sloppy (-5,000)
    She has an STD (-1,000)
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  14. She is smarter than Barkass, Funnier than Barkass, Cuter than Barkass and she doesn’t yell.

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